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C11 Eleven

Denzel opened his eyes, he looked around and it was still dark. He tried getting up but felt someone lying on him.

"Shit!" he let out.

The memories of what had happened earlier came flooding into his memory. What was he doing with this bitch that almost ruined his reputation back in the University? The shame of what had happened almost made him feel like taking his life when the stigma was just too much to bear. He was kicked out of the football team because coach Steven felt he was a disgrace to the team. He almost withdrew from school because his father had wanted to withdraw his monthly stipends and here he was, stark naked with the same girl that almost cost him a lot.

He looked at her sexy figure, silk skin, firm rounded buttocks, and the good s*x she had just given him.

"Damn, she's so good". He breathed as he ran his fingers down her spine to her ass.

Eva felt the sensation as she wriggled and snuggled back into his arms.

Just then, the flashes of what he had done to Kate earlier came into his head. He quickly picked up his phone and dialed Kim's cell phone, pushing off Eva as he sat up

"Hey, Kim, what's up?" He asked as Kim answered the phone.

"I'm good, still at the hospital".

"Okay good. How's she doing?"

"She's much better now. She'll be home by morning".

"Oh. Did she agree to keep her mouth shut? Did she agree to the pay raise?"

"Well, I guess she did but you'll definitely have to apologize to her".

"Yeah, I guess I do. I just wanted to check to know how she's doing. Got to go". He sighed and ended the call.

He checked the time, it was still 21:15. He quickly woke Eva up but she ignored him and slept on.

"Hey Eve wake up". He said tapping her again.

"Hey Denzel," she said as she opened her eyes.

"Come on, you've got to go. I need to get some rest"

"What? But we ain't done yet. I came so we can talk things over". She said, sitting up.

"Eva there's nothing to talk about. I'm going to call a cab for you now. Just get dressed and go home". Denzel said as he threw her clothes to her forcing her to get dressed almost immediately.

"Hey take it easy". Eva said trying to get him to chill a little but he wasn't going to have any of that.

She reluctantly got dressed while he quickly wore his pants. The cab came just right in time as she got dressed. He quickly dragged her by the hand out of the house into the car.

"I'd appreciate it if you don't come to my house again without my permission. Good night," He said as he closed the door and the cab drives off.

* * *

"I just got off the phone with Mr. Denzel. He called to know how you are doing. Also, he had wanted to apologize for his rude behavior". Kim said as she entered into the hospital room.

Kate frowned when she mentioned the name of her boss or perhaps, her ex-boss. She had already quit before he gruesomely mistreated her. She felt like not going back to that monster but not only if Kim hadn’t talked to her. She knew her boss is actually a good man who had been through a lot in life but that doesn't mean he'd have to let out his pain on other people. He had tortured her in every way possible since she started working for him but all she could do was to endure it. Perhaps he had learned his lessons the hard way and might want to make amends. Besides, the pay raise was just too much for her to reject. With such an amount of money, she could actually take care of her sick mother comfortably and also have enough to take care of her personal needs.

"Hey there, are you okay?" Kim asked, seeing she was lost in thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't you wanna go home?" Kate asked.

"I'd love to though, but I just wanna be here, just in case you need anything".

"Oh no, please you've got to go. You look so worn out like you could use some rest. Please just go, I'll be fine." Kate said holding her hand.

"Are you sure you're gonna be fine?"

"Of course yes. I'll be fine. Just go and get some rest".

"Okay then. I'll be here tomorrow morning so I can take you home."

"Okay, thank you".

"Just stay strong and take care of yourself," Kim said as she patted her head

"Yeah, I will. Good night". Kate said

"Good night dear". Kim replied and left.

* * *

His lips crushed hers, then his hands holding her face. Her eyes went wide in shock, her body frozen for a moment. And then she melted. Her hands held his waist, his firm body pressing into hers slightly as their lips moved together. He pulled away; their lips wet as he stared into her eyes. The warm, rough texture of his hands on her skin felt incredible. He slowly smiled then, laughing lightly.

"What?!" she demanded as she covered her mouth. "Am I a bad kisser?" She grumbled and he bit his lip, shaking his head slowly. "Then what?" She pressed and he took a deep breath, sighing happily as he leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"Kate, I have been trying to figure out all day how to tell you that I," he hesitated, closing his eyes as he pressed his forehead to hers. "I love you. It's always been you for me," he whispered and She gasped, her insides turning and clenching almost painfully.

"Wh-wh-what?!" She Stuttered then and he laughed, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her up off the ground and spinning. She held onto him tightly, closing her eyes as her heart raced. He stopped, not letting her go through. She pulled back, looking into his eyes, and felt her throat close up. The look in his eyes. It was that look she always read about in the silly romance novels her cousin wanted her to read all the time in high school. She had always sworn about how amazing it would be to have someone look at her like that. Kate never understood it. But that was because She was convinced, she had never seen that look, at least not from the one who meant the most to her.

"You look upset," Denzel muttered then, his face falling with disappointment as she stayed frozen. He set her down slowly, her hands still on his shoulders. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come right out and say it. I just-"

"No! No, I just, I'm shocked!" Kate insisted, grabbing his hands and smiling. "I never thought you'd love me back," She breathed and he smiled too. This was the ‘warm butterflies in your stomach’ kind of romance She had read about. It had to be. He reached up and pulled her closer to him. They held one another as their lips locked again. His arms were firm, his hands pressed into her back as their lips molded and brushed against each other. Without thinking, she let her lips part, her tongue brushing his bottom lip.

"Come here," he turned and fell back, pulling her on top of him. Her body swayed, falling into his arms.

"Denz-" his lips covered hers as he held her tightly. Their legs were pressed together, his stomach and hips feeling so hard against hers. There was a panic that consumed her as they kissed, her mind fretting that it was definitely a bad idea to fall in love with a Casanova.

"Kate, you are so beautiful," he whispered and she exhaled sharply, her eyes flashing open as she stared at him. He was running his fingers under the straps of her bra, his eyes almost glimmering in the bright light that just hung above them as he smiled up at her.

"Don't say silly things like that," Kate grumbled, smiling and he bit his lip as his fingers coerced the straps off her shoulders.

"Silly? It's true," he muttered and she blushed, shaking her head. "And every time I see you, the more beautiful you become," he whispered then, his eyes seeming to study her whole face. She felt his fingers brush along my exposed collar bones and trembled, feeling embarrassed again as she pressed her face into his.

"Well, you are really handsome too!" she complimented then and he laughed happily, his hands slowly running over her shoulders and along with her braids in a way that is sent shocking waves down her spine. He tugged on them a bit, and then she felt her hair give in as he started running his fingers through it. It fell over her shoulders and around them, waving and curling in an unruly mess.

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