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C12 Twelve

She hung onto him, her back against the door as he fumbled to hold on to her. She was kissing and sucking on his neck, his arm around her waist as his breathing was ragged, his skin hot wherever she touched it. He held her tight. His lips caught hers, both of them shuffled and stumbled into his room. She heard the door shut behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist.

He pulled her up, her legs wrapping around his hips as her arms rested on his shoulders. He held her thighs, his hands and fingers firm against her as they continued to kiss. She kissed his neck as they walked up to his room through the stairs. She felt a door bump against her back then fall away. Before she could kiss him or ask if this was his room, she felt his leg push up under her. And then he lowered her down, her body easing into a soft and warm blanket.

"Wait here," he whispered, kissing her lightly. She took a deep breath, throwing her arm over her eyes as she heard him walking quickly away. Shortly after he was coming back, his footsteps were softer without his boots on. Kate lifted her arm, looking down in the dark room to see him reaching out and grabbing her leg. The touch of his palm on her thigh above her knee sent shivers up her spine. His hand and fingers slid along her calf, getting to her shoe. He worked it off her foot, pulling it up a bit. she groaned when his thumbs rubbed the bottom of it. Her cheeks burned as she watched him lean down and kiss her ankle, his hands sliding back up her leg as he leaned down to continue kissing along her leg.

His fingers brushed up against her skirt before switching to the other leg. Doing the same thing, he had her shoes as her heart raced as if a fire consumed her. She felt the bed sink between her thighs and looked to see his knee pressing down first. His hands grabbing one of hers. She watched as he kissed and sucked lightly at her fingers, her stomach churning with anticipation as he worked to her palm. His hands and lips worked up her arm slowly, electrifying tingles coursing through her spine. Once he reached her shoulder, he set her arm down over her head, switching to the other one.

"Damn, you're just so good". She gasped under her breath as the sweet sensation sweepers through her.

"Thanks for the compliment". He smiled, continuing almost immediately.

Again, the same slow, tender caress of her hand and arm. At this point her head was swimming, her body felt like it was buzzing. She felt electrified from head to toe. His hands slid up her arms as he leaned down, his breath not as his lips pressed against her neck. Their palms slid together, my fingers separating around his. The firm pressure of his hands on hers, the way he sucked and nibbled at her neck, the weight of his knee just inches away from her body felt out of this world. All of it was drove her wild. She felt his chest brush up against her breasts as he bit the curve of her neck and the most erotic manner.

"Nhaaa!" she exhaled heavily, a gentle moan escaping her mouth as her body arched toward his. His hands closed tighter around hers, his other leg sliding up between hers. He pulled away with a heavy breath, switching to the other side of her neck. As he kissed and sucked on her neck, she felt his legs shifting, pushing her thighs apart more.

"Huh... huh..." She panted with each breath, feeling her flesh stretch and spread between her thighs as he continued to work his legs closer and closer to her. Her panties clung to her mound, a cool breeze occasionally causing a tingling sensation to dull the throbbing fire between her thighs. He didn't have any idea the effect he was having on Her. He had only touched and kissed her a bit but she was already losing her mind!

"So soft," he mumbled, his voice sounding strained as he ran his hands down her arms. His hands ran along the sides of her breasts, along her waist, and over her hips. Her skirt had fallen away from her legs entirely, her skin completely exposed to his touch now. As soon as his hands slid up the outside of her thighs his lips captured hers. She whimpered, reaching up to hold onto him as they kissed deeply. She gasped, her lips falling from his when his fingers tugged on her underwear.

"We can stop if you want us to," he huffed, his eyes looking like he had other things in mind as he spoke. She took a deep breath and shook her head, pulling him in for another kiss. He groaned, his tongue and lips vibrating against hers. She wiggled her hips, letting him pull them down over Her thighs. He pulled away, adjusting a bit as she pulled my legs up. He dropped them off the bed, turning to her. His arms slid up under her back, pulling her up off the mattress.

She knelt over his lap as he sat down on the bed, both of them holding onto one another. "Denzel, I love you," Kate whispered and he sighed, smiling as his hand grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. They sucked and licked at each other's mouths, the desperation, and passion overwhelming.

"I love you too," he muttered when she pulled away. His hands brushed across her shoulder blades; his fingers tucked into her sleeves. He pushed them off her shoulders, her bra straps following as he looked down. She reached between them sliding her arms out of the sleeves entirely, she pushed her dress down in the front, his eyes glued to her chest. His arm wrapped around her waist, his free hand cupping her breast. She gasped, her head falling back. Every touch felt like a zap to her already tingling body. He caressed and squished her flesh, his fingers teasing over the lip of the cup. It was maddening, her skin burning. She clung to him, her fingers digging into his back as she panted.

His hands eventually teased her back, running along the strap of her bra several times until finally, he unclasped it. Painfully, he took his time as he worked her bra off her. She closed her eyes, blushing as she felt her nipples pucker into the air.

"Stunning," he whispered, his arms wrapping around her. His one hand pulled her dress down in the back, the other gripping at her back and neck as he pulled her close. She felt the hot, wet flick of his tongue on her pert nipple. Instantly she cried out. His lips closed around her flesh, sucking and caressing her skin. She had felt his tongue, his lips, and his teeth all over her breasts and nipples as he clung to her.

Her hands gripped his collar, holding on as she was consumed with wild pleasure. She wanted to feel more of him on me though. She ran her hands down his chest, trembling slightly as she started undoing each button. He slowed down, his hot breath washing over her skin. Her hands made it to his pants, his shirt still tucked in. She bit her lip and undid his belt buckle. His mouth froze, parted over her nipple as he huffed and panted. He leaned back a bit when her hands grabbed his jeans. The angle helped her unbutton them. She swallowed this dry, sticky feeling in her mouth as she unzipped them. Her hands pushed his shirt out, letting it fall open.

"God, kiss me," he grumbled her stomach clenching and throbbing at the sound of his voice. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her lips collapsing under his. They panted and moaned, their mouths locked together as their tongues teased and caressed one another. His hands ran down her back, along her legs, and then pushed up under her dress. He caressed her legs and mounds slowly, the pressure and firmness of his grip as he'd occasionally grope or massage her would make her blood boil. Soon enough she found her hands caressing his body as he touched hers. They were desperate but savored every touch... every kiss...

"I can't take it anymore!" Denzel groaned as Kate kissed and licked at his chest. She didn't stop as he adjusted, his hands disappearing from her body. she heard some minor rustling before he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her up for another kiss.

"Kate, I need you," he muttered, kissing her a few more times.

"Then have me," she whispered against his lips, kissing him deeply. He groaned, their lips parting as his tongue overpowered hers. His body curved away from her body, his arms between them.

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