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C13 Thirteen

"F*ck, it was a dream!" he grunted as he sighed in disappointment.

Denzel had just dreamt of where he had sexual copulation with Kate. It had looked so real. He reached under the blanket to his boner, It was still hard and already had pre-cum.

"Shit, this is crazy," He muttered.

Almost immediately, the phone rang. He answered it and it was Kim.

"Yes Kim," he said into the phone.

"Good morning, I'm on my way to the hospital to pick up Kate and I also wanna remind you of your schedule for today," she replied smartly.

"Okay, Go ahead,"

"You are meeting with the production team to discuss about the new dairy product that's supposed to hit the market soon. You will be having a meeting with MASHAM Inc to discuss about the products they want to supply. Then there is a dinner banquet slated later for tonight," she listed out all his appointments for the day.

"By who?"

"By Josh Darell, The CEO of JAREL Foods. He is hosting his retirement party tonight and you were specially invited to the occasion. They are one of our strong partners and ally."

"Yeah, right," He scoffed.

"Your first meeting is scheduled for 8:45 am. I should drop off Kate in time to join you at the office".

"Okay, I'll see you in the office then". He said and ended the call.

He sighed as his erotic dream came flooding back into his memory. It felt so real that it could pass to be one of the most romantic couplings he had ever had. She kissed, caressed him made the burning desire within him to rekindle and made his hairs to stand upright. Her face looked dazzling like that of the sun. It seemed like a whole new Kate.

He shook his head trying to get rid of the silly thought of Kate. There was no way he was going to have anything to do with his housemaid. He got off from the bed and headed to the bathroom to prepare for his boring job, his boner still drooling of pre-cum.




"You don't seem happy. What's the problem? You sure you are okay?" Kim asked, glancing at her for a few seconds and back on the road. She was driving.

"Yeah, I'm good". Kate replied with her face still gloomy.

"Seems like you ain't happy at where we are going? I can see it written all over your face," Kim inquired.

"Well, yeah... Maybe I'm not so excited about going home to that monster. I can't believe that I'm actually doing this," she hissed.

"Come on Kate. We talked about this yesterday. It was just a mistake. He had already promised he would never do it again. Believe me, Mr. Denzel doesn't go back on his promises."

"I hope so," Kate replied under her breath.

"Don't worry dear, he won't. I'll make sure he is always in check".




It didn't take them long before they got to Denzel's mansion. Kim helped Kate get out of the car and took her straight to her room, and she wasted no time in lying on her bed.

"Try and get some rest, you will be fine, I am sure of that," Kim said patting her shoulders.

"Kim, I'm fine, really". Kate replied not wanting to be baby-sat.

"Oh okay, if you say so dear. I'll have to leave you now and head to the office. I've got a lot to do today".

"Okay, have a nice day at work".

"Thanks, Kate, do take care of yourself". Kim said, tapping her shoulder before she left.

The house felt empty just as Kim left. She sat there looking around with nothing particularly in mind. Gradually, the thoughts of what had happened the previous day began to creep into her mind. She began to feel tense; anxiety and fear gradually took over her.

"I can do this," she said almost as if she panted for breath.

She took a deep breath and exhaled gradually.

"I can do this". She said again, taking another deep breath as she exhaled gradually.

"I am strong. Nobody can break me". She said trying to boost up her morale.

It actually worked for her as she got up from her bed and headed to the kitchen to fix herself some breakfast. There in the kitchen, she tried her best to avoid looking at the dining room which was just within sight. She didn't want the previous day's event to haunt her.




"Hey Kim, the dinner party you talked about, what time is it again?" Denzel asked Kim as he made his way to his office.

"20:00 sir," Kim replied with a slight smile.

"Okay, clear my desk. I'm done for today. I need to get home and rest a little. It's almost 16:00."

"Okay boss. I forgot to tell you. You are supposed to go to the party with a partner". Kim suddenly announced.

Denzel stopped almost immediately.

"Wait... What?".

"Yes sir. And I was thinking just the perfect match for your dinner party". She said with a smirk.

"Are you kidding?"

"No, I'm not"

"Who could this perfect match be?"

"K… K… Kate," she mumbled.

"You must be out of your mind," he said angrily, entering his office and shutting the door.

Kim followed him almost immediately, she knew it was definitely a good idea if he wanted the whole event to die naturally without nobody getting to know about it.

"Mr. Denzel, it's just a dinner party. It's not gonna hurt. Besides there's no better way to offer your apologies to her. It would actually create the impression that you've got a good heart after all".

"Get the hell out of my office!" he barked.

How would she dare think of such a thing? He thought. Kate is his housemaid and that's what she'll ever be. Already pissed off, he headed home to cool off.

"Make sure you clear the desk. Bring home my laptop and other things you think I might need at home when you're done from work". He said without waiting for a response and he left.

He arrived home just in time to meet Kate preparing dinner. He headed to the kitchen where she was cooking.

"Kate?" he called out. He gasped just as Kate turned to face him. She looked so beautiful. It had been the first time in almost a year he had taken out time to look closely at Kate. She was just an alluring display of beauty. She had a blond hair that tumbled over her shoulder. She had charming eyes, just like the color of the sky; blue. Shiny skin which would definitely shimmer in the sun. She had a killer shape just like he saw in the dream.

"H… H… Hello Mr. Denzel". Kate mumbled, she never expected to see him home that early.

He stared for a few more seconds admiring each and every part of her beautiful body.

"H… h… hey," He replied.

They both stood there for a minute, perhaps trying to recollect and regain their composure. Denzel tried to leave but on a second thought, he felt he was just being naive.

"Thanks for coming back. I never knew you'd still agree to work here after all I did to you".

Kate nodded, not knowing the perfect way to reply to him.

"I'm really sorry about everything that happened. It was just so foolish of me."

"If I haven't forgiven you, I won't be here,” Kate replied finally.

"Thank you very much". He said and headed out of the kitchen but stopped halfway.

"I'm attending a dinner party tonight; I'd like you to join me. I'll tell Kim to get you a dress. The dinner is by 20:00 but we'll leave by 19:45"

"But sir... "

"No buts, I just want to show you that I'm actually a good man. Just finish up with what you're doing then go get ready, Kim will be here soon with the dress". He smiled at her and left, leaving her astonished.

Getting to his room, Denzel quickly called Kim.

"Kim, I need you to do something for me"

"Okay sir, what would you have me do?"

"I need you to do some shopping for Kate. I'll need you to get her a nice dress and a beautiful pair of shoes that would go well with the dress. She is going with me to the party and I'll need her to look really classy,"

"Wow she really did accept to go with you? How did you do it? Besides, you thought it all to be a bad idea". Kim said giggling over the phone

"Hey come off it. It's just a harmless dinner, besides, you advised that I be a little nice to her so she won't go screaming to the whole world about all that happened yesterday". Denzel said sarcastically.

"Yeah, I did tell you sir and I'm glad you took my advice".

"Please get going, I need you here as soon as possible with the dress and the things I asked you to bring home".

"Okay sir, I'll do as you just said". She said and hung up the phone.

It was just a harmless dinner, it'd never hurt anyone, not him nor her. It was just his own little way of showing her that he wasn't a bad person after all. At least, that was what he made himself think but deep down inside him, he knew that things would never get to be the same after the dinner date.

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