Submitting To The Alpha Billionaire/C2 Being the CEO sucks!
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Submitting To The Alpha Billionaire/C2 Being the CEO sucks!
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C2 Being the CEO sucks!

"Hello Kim, how are you.? What's my schedule today?". He asked his secretary who walked behind him as he made his way to his office.

"Ehmmmm, you've got an appointment with Our partners from Cyprus by 9:45" she said to Denzel as she searched through her iPad. "A call came from FILUX confectionery. They asked if they could meet with you today to finalize the factory truce deal. You're also supposed to meet with the production team by 11:20 to get acquainted with them and also address them on the new production strategies. Then there's a board meeting slated for 15:00 which you supposed to be in attendance. Then you..." she gets cut out abruptly.

"That's okay Kim". Denzel said as he didn't want to hear the long list of appointments lined up for him for the day. "I'm gonna take the 9:40 and the 11:20 appointments then you move all other appointments for another day. Tell Stan to meet me at the office now."

"But you know you've really got to attend the board meeting. They're all kinda concerned that you ain't handling the company the way it ought to be". Kim tried to make him see reasons.

"Kimberly, you're my secretary, at least that what I pay you for. You ain't my godamn parents or my adviser so shut the hell up, get out of my office and go get me Stan now".

She kept quiet and left the office without uttering anymore words.

"Get me a cup of coffee on your way". He said as Kim made her way out.

"Okay Mr. Denzel". She said, hey face not as happy and enthusiastic as it was when she had entered the office earlier.

Denzel sat there at his desk scanning through lots of files that lay on his desk unattended. He scanned through the documents one after the other with an indifferent face. If there was one thing he hated most, then it would be paper works. Before he took over from his dad as the CEO of CULID Beverages plc; the leading brand in Milk and Beverage production. He barely knew anything about the corporate world and business was more like a burden than a message livelihood. He had clearly made it known to his parents that he wasn't set to take over from his father but Mr. Wesley was one who doesn't take 'No’ for an answer. He had a way of manipulating everything and everyone.

It took a lot of pressure and persuasion before Denzel could drop his career as a model and a sport analyst to take over from his father.

"Looks like someone is already having a bad day this early". Stan chuckled as he entered Denzel's office, snapping him out of his thought.

"Shit, men, I really hate this bullshit". He said with a feeling of frustration as he slams the document was holding on the desk, falling on his executive chair.

"Come on man, it's just a document not some kind of puzzle". Stan said as he stretched out his hand to grab a document flipping it open to see its Contents.

"This is just a financial analysis for the past month, it came through your desk so that you could look it and have an insight of the company's Income and expenditure for the past month before sourcing your signature and send to the company's database. These things ain't a hard nut to crack. You know you're capable, that's why Mr. Wesley handed this company over to you."

"Just take this whole Shit to your office and sort them out. Please do this for me man, I'm definitely gonna owe you one. I've got a lunch date this afternoon". Denzel said with smirk.

"Woah!" Stan replied with a wicked smile on his face. "Who's getting laid tonight?"

"Well, it's just an old-time friend. She used to be my classmate Way back in college. She just came into town and asked if we could do lunch. I'm sure he just wants a piece of cake". He said and both guys laughed out loud, shaking hands.

"I really don't like her though but I'm sure I'm gonna like what's gonna pop up in between her legs.

"Damn, men you the real MVP". Stan said as he stood up to salute Denzel sarcastically.

"Mr. Denzel, our partners from Cyprus are already seated at the conference room. It's 9:50" Kim said as she opened the door unexpectedly.

"Shit" Denzel said as his jaw dropped "I'm coming". He completed

"Stan please take care of these documents and do your thing". Denzel said

"Don't worry man, I gat this". Stan replied as they both shake hands.

* * * *

"Please I need you back." She whispered over the phone

"Don't be like that. You know we could never make it work again." He chastised her with a sad smile, his fingers tangling in his long hair as he scratched the side of his head.

"I could do anal again or anything you'd love to try" she said, pressing further as she persuaded him. "At least once a week."

Denzel smiled. She had actually made him an offer that was just too hard for him to refuse.

"Don't do that." His flat voice shakes slightly. "That's what cost us this relationship back in college. How could we ever trust each other again? We both deserve better. Don't say that." He said, remembering their days at the college and how their relationship crumbled just within

"We can do this. We can make each other happy again. There's so much to work through, but I can help you and you can help me. I can do this for you again. I want to do this for you again. Let us try... Let us try?" The last word came out as choking whisper.

"You deserve better..." He whispers, flashes of what had happened that night kept coming to his head.

"Can you look out of the window?" she asked all of a sudden.

Denzel quickly walked to the window; he met her standing by her car just by his beautiful garden. He had dropped her off after their date. It was supposed to be just a lunch date but they had a lot to catch up on. They talked till it was late in the evening. Denzel abruptly ended the date when the conversation gradually to the direction of what had happened during their college days.

Eva really wanted him badly but Denzel wasn't sure if he actually felt the same way. He knew how he loved women a lot and how he was willing to f*ck anyone at any time but he felt nothing for Eva, no attraction whatsoever.

"What are you doing here?". He asked as he kept staring at her from the window.

"Can you please let me in, it's damn so could outside here". Eva replied ending the call.

Denzel reluctantly opened the door for her, letting her in as he throws a coat over her body when he saw her shivering.

"You know you are not supposed to be here?" he said looking into her eyes.

"Maybe. But this is where I want to be. This is where home is. This is where I belong." she said to him as she draws him to an unexpected. He flinched. Struggling visibly, his hands slowly slipped from her shoulders and his arms wrapped around her delicate body. She released his shirt and held him fiercely. He bent over her slightly, enveloping her in his strong arms, squeezing her too tightly, crushing her against him, with never a complaint from her.

"I miss you. I miss you, but this isn't a good idea." He whispered into her thick, soft hair.

"I'll win you over. I'll show you. I'm going to find a place in town. You'll see." She murmurs faintly through crushed lungs. His arms let up slightly but she grips him tighter and keeps them firmly close. After a moment's hesitation his grip tightens slightly again.

"This is a bad idea." He whispers, so quietly it might have only been meant for his own ear, yet at the same time his arms squeezed around her protectively.

Her fingers began trail down her midriff as she grasped her shirt and drew it up over her head. He shifted excitedly as her supple body revealed itself inch by inch. Her skin was beautiful, soft, inviting. His hands clenched at his sides. She drops her shirt in the hall and cups her own breasts through her bra. The swell of her curves, the way they filled her hands. They looked heavy and lonely. Her hands slowly reached behind her and released the catch of her bra, dropping the straps from her shoulders and letting the flimsy piece of cloth drop to the floor. Her full globes bounced free of their confines and her nipples tightened under his hungry gaze.

Before she could take them in her hands again, he crossed the threshold, slamming the door behind him and backed her up against the wall. He kissed her savagely, grinding his hips against her and cupping her smooth flesh, palming and teasing her pert nipples. Her breath came fast as he let himself go. In a frantic hurry he tore his shirt away and threw it to the floor, the two of them rejoiced in the feel of skin on skin. He cupped her ass in both hands and she wraps her legs around him. The two of them struggled out of their heels and boots as he grinds against her, crushing her between his hard body and the wall.

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