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C3 A Bad Idea

Effortlessly, he carried her petite but now sweaty body up the stairs to the room.

"Where are we going?" She asked, her sweaty body clinging against his.

"This one." He said with a grim on his face, clutching at the door frame leading to his room. He slammed her up against it and the grunt pulled from her by the impact flowed into a groan as he pressed hard against her, rolling his hips into her. Maiming her lips with his, massaging her ass through her thin pants, crushing her breasts against his chest. She clinged to him excitedly, moaning encouragement whenever he did something just right and trying to grind her sex against his.

Without warning he turned and they tumbled to the bed in a mess of flailing limbs and breathing heavily; both craving for a touch. They fumbled between struggling out of their own pants and trying to help the other with theirs. She gave out a small gasp as he cupped her mound and began stroking her slit. He groaned in a low tone as her hand encircled his throbbing shaft and the two of them slowly fondled each other, pants forgotten still tangled in their knees. His fingers traced her swelling labia, coaxing more and more heat from her center. Her small hand struggled to circle him, slowly pulling from root to tip and running her fingers over his head. They kissed messily, panting and trembling whenever the other did something delicious.

She sat up quickly and struggled to pull off her pants. She helped him remove his and the last of their clothes made a pleasant pile on the floor. Kneeling on the bed between his thighs she grabbed his jerking cock in one hand and bent low to kiss his head, already glistening with precum. She lapped it teasingly, but was already getting frustrated thrusting in and out of her checked hands and her own raging lust cut the teasing short. Her flowing hair cascaded across his body in the moonlight through the open window as she bent low and took him into her mouth. Deep and slow, the way she knows he would like. Up and down her lips travelled on him. He hummed in a low tone, rolling back his head, his fists spasmed at his sides as he rolled his hips up to offer her every inch of him.

Her tongue caressed and stroked, swirled and flicked. His hands reached to grab her, then clenched in mid-air. Clenching and unclenching, slowly forcing his hands back to his sides he rolled his hips needily and she hummed her pleasure around him, further tormenting him. Without warning she slammed him to the back of her throat and holds him there for a second. She slammed him to the back of her throat a few more times and held him again, over and over, driving him all the way back and letting his swollen girth fill her. His back arched, hips fully thrusted and he gripped fistfuls of covers as a long low groan escaped him. She pulled back and kissed his tip, taking the head into her mouth again, before sweeping her hair behind her and smiling up at him with watery eyes.

He growled at her with a devilish smile and sat up, gripped her hips and pulled her onto his lap, but rather than keeping her there he continued the motion on and roll her over onto her back beside him where he then rolled on top of her. She opened her legs to him but instead he trailed kisses down her collar, teasing each nipple for only a moment before continuing to kiss down the valley of her breasts. Down to her naval where he lingered a few tender kisses, before slowly crawling down to where she really needed him. He opened her legs a little further with heavy hands and she trembled beneath him.

His breath was hot and tantalizing as it danced across her wet lips. He planted a hot and heavy kiss directly on her cl!t, drawing a gentle moan from her. His tongue began to slowly explore her swollen folds. Teasing and tasting her. He began to trace his tongue up, and down between her glistening labia before softly lapping at her wet entrance. She rolled her hips gently in ecstasy and sighed at his movements. With her legs over his arms, he set both hands firmly on her pelvis, holding her still, as his tongue ventured up and began to attack her sensitive cl!t. She jerked and trembled, trying to buck beneath him but his heavy hands held her still as he teased, taste and torment her burning bud. She stopped thrashing for a moment as his tongue pressed heavily on her cl!t and very slowly, he pulled up. The flick of her cl!t across the tip of his tongue sent a violent jerk through her and she gasped. His tongue trapped her again, slowly, slowly drawing up again then flicking her to produce the same uncontrolled spasm. He did this over and over before suddenly rapidly licking her and pulling her into his mouth and suckling her oversensitive cl!t.

"F*ck me." She pleaded when she couldn't take anymore tease, her fingers tangled in his hair as she tried to pull him up her body. "F*ck me." She pleaded yet again. He looked at her with a smoldering grin, slowly stalking up her body then cupping her slippery p*ssy in one strong hand making her gasp then easily sliding one finger into her, changing the gasp to a moan. He slid his finger back and forth a couple of times before guiding a second finger into her. Her back arched and she made fists in the sheets as she let out a sultry moan. He chuckled as his fingers curled up and pressed hard on her g-spot.

"Oh, f*ck." she let out. He leaned low and took one hard nipple into his mouth as his fingers positioned through her, applying a constant and hard pressure on her sweet g-spot.

"Oh, f*ck! Oh f*ck! Ohhhh." She wiggled beneath him. He continued to finger her furiously, feeling her clench and ripple around his fingers.

"No, wait. No, stop. No wait, I'm gonna... I'm gonna... I'm... Oohhhhh..." Her head rolled back; mouth open wide with a silent scream. Her hands clenched the covers, gripped him, clenching the covers again. Her back arched, her legs shook and he continued to torment her sweet spot as she spasmed around him. He grinned down at her as warm juices covered his hand and arm and soaked the bed.

Her eyelids fluttered when she saw him again.

"F*ck me." She whispered. His grin spread wider as he looked around, reluctantly pulled his fingers out of her. He glanced around uncertainly. She rolled over and pulled a new box of condoms out of the bedside. He tore the box open in his haste, grabbed a rubber and quickly rolled it over his length. She lay back on the bed and opened herself up to him. He gazed down at her hungrily. Leaning over her, he trailed the fingers of one hand up her thigh, across her hip, over her ribs, across her collar and behind her neck. He leaned and kissed her deeply, gently pulling at the nape of her neck and encouraging her to kiss him just as passionately. The same hand slowly releases her, traveling down to cup one breast lightly, then down her smooth belly, to grip himself and guide his ridged cock to her entrance.

Slowly he eased his hips forward and sank inside her. The moment his slow penetration started, she broke away from the kiss with a gasp and wrapped her arms around his back as he sank deeper and deeper. Reluctantly he retreats, the two of them moaning lightly at the rippling sensations taking them over. Back and forth, sinking a little deeper with each thrust, until finally his pelvis pressed hard against hers.

"Mmm... Home." He mumbled, kissing her hair. She gave an experimental clench around his girth, drawing a guttural groan from him and his involuntary flexing inside her tight passage pulled a breathy gasp from her.

She gave out yet another squeeze and he shuddered then leers down at her.

"You hellcat." He growled, then pulled back and slammed deep and hard into her. She smiled in appreciation, clenching around him again. He growled and thrusted hard into her again. Another gasp, another tight clenching around his swollen length. He bore down on her and began to thrust a savage rhythm into her soft body. Crushing her against him, his throbbing cock dug in and out of her, her gasps and moans fueling him on. He trailed light bites along her neck and her nails dug into his back, her legs wrapping around his hips and she clinged to him, spurring him on with her breathy moans.

With a snarl he reached back, catching a leg in the crook of each elbow and pulled her legs up toward her head. She gave a frightened gasp as she got opened up further and he sank completely inside her, pressing hard on her soft cervix.

"Oh, God. No. No, no. No no no. It's too much. It's too much! Ooohhhhh ggaaaaawwwd." Her pleas turned to a throaty groan as he pounds into her. She flinched with every slam of his swollen head into her cervix but she wraps her arms tightly around his heavy shoulders and pant into his ear.

"Don't stop. Don't stop! I'm gonna. I'm gonna..." Nearly folded in half, every inch of him slams into her violently. He leaned in low, trapping her beneath him, pinning her legs nearly beside her ears. Her mouth hung open and she forgot to breathe, when suddenly

"Oooohhhhhhhhgggggaaaaa..." Her abused p*ssy clamped and trembled along him; clenching and spasming. Her groan drew out and out and with a savage grunt and one especially deep and hard thrust, he went ridged above her. She clinged to him, her breath catching then coming in long groans then catching again. With every pulse of pent up cum that erupts from him he rolled his hips slightly, constantly trying to drive himself deeper. Their breath became ragged. Sweat glistened along their bodies, their hair is disheveled and as they both came down from their incredible high, they smile almost drunkenly to each other.

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