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C4 Her New Job

"Grrrrrrrrrgggghhh!". Went the alarm. Kate stretched out her hand picking the alarm to stop it almost immediately. It was 6:30 Am. She frowned and grunted as she remembered she was going back to work today. She wished there was any other way she could skip work.

If there was anything she had wanted more in this life, that was definitely to stop working with Mr Denzel. She had been working for him for almost a year and she could say that it has been one of her most difficult job ever as a maid.

To her, Mr Denzel was a bunch of trouble. He was arrogant, rude and above all, he was a chronic cassanova. He came home almost every night with different ladies. She feared that perhaps one day his sperm would run dry. He always wanted to sleep with almost every woman.

"Grrrrrrrrrgggghhh!!" went the alarm again, snapping her out of her thoughts, reminding her of the horrible day ahead. She dragged herself out of the bed and lazily headed to the bathroom, her face gloomy as the thought of being humiliated by Mr Denzel crossed her mind.

Thirty minutes later, she was already dressed, ready to face the day's challenges.

"Hey mum I'm heading for work". Kate said as she came out from her room and headed to the sitting room.

"Mum". She called out again

"Yeah Kate, I'm over here". Her mum replied from the kitchen.

Kate headed to the kitchen where she met her mum preparing breakfast.

"Hey baby, ain't you gonna stay for breakfast? It's almost ready". She said trying to set the table.

"What's for breakfast mum?". She asked, as she sat down to pour herself some milk.

"I'm making pancakes baby". She replied dishing out the pancakes on a plate for Kate.

"Mum I really don't wish to go to work, I really hate having that arrogant Man humiliate me again". Kate said out of frustration as she munched her pancake.

"Baby, if you don't wanna go to work then all you need to do is just quit. I don't wanna have anybody treat you in anyway that isn't right."

"But mum if I quit, how are we gonna get money for your drugs. You know we need the money".

"Yeah, we need the money but that's not the reason that rich bastard treat you in a way you don't deserve".

"Don't worry mum, I'm gonna do just fine. You don't need to worry. I'm not gonna let him get under my skin. I'm off to work". Kate said as she gave her mum a kiss on the cheek and rushed out of the house.

Kate felt like working for Mr Denzel was more like a challenge than a job. He really took delight in humiliating her at any given opportunity. She remembered a day Mr Denzel made her stand with a bottle of champagne and two glasses on her hands. He made her stand there while he made out with one of he numerous lover's. She was quite embarrassed that she felt like quitting her job though she had a rethink because of her mum's health.

It took an extra 30 minutes before she could get to work. Arriving at Mr Denzel's house, she felt cold shivers ran down her spine. She suddenly became timorous. She didn't know what to expect from Denzel. Perhaps he might have turned the whole place up-side-down on purpose just to get at her.

She opened the main entrance door and stepped in. She looked and saw how quiet the whole place was. Mr Denzel must have left for work early, she thought. She looked around, she saw how neat the whole place looked. That wasn't a good thing. Has she been sacked and replaced by another maid without her notice? That damn bastard! She cursed under her breath.

"you're late Ms Kate". Came Mr Denzel's voice out of no where.

"Shit, he's still home". Kate muttered, more like a whisper.

"Hello Mr Denzel". She said, searching the house to know where his voice came from.

She saw him seated from across the table in the kitchen with steaming cup of coffee in his front as he fixed his gaze on his laptop in front of him. He appeared to be so engrossed with what he was doing and yet fixing his mind towards Kate's direction.

"Why are you late Ms Kate?" He asked again, still engrossed in what he was doing

"I-I g-guess I-I l-lost t-track of time. Besides I had to take the subway. You know how crowded it could get in the morning". Kate said trying to explain even though she was just a minute late to work.

"I had to wait all morning just to get a cup of coffee and I had to make one for myself because you decided to show up late at work today. I do not pay you so much just for you to come to work late". He said without raising up his face, his eyes still on his laptop.

"I'm so sorry Mr Denzel. It's not gonna repeat itself again". She said with an apologetic tone.

"Yeah, I'm sure about that. Coz if it does repeat itself again then you're fired". He said, this time he picked his cup of coffee and his laptop, heading to his sitting room. He stopped just in front of Kate as he started at her in the face.

"Don't just stand there like a statue, get yourself busy. My room needs cleaning and you need to fix me breakfast". He said snapping his fingers at Kate's face who stood unmoved.

Snapping out of her thoughts, scampered into her room and quickly changed into her work clothes, took her cleaning tools and headed up to Denzel's room to start cleaning.

As she cleaned, she pondered on what Mr Denzel had said to her earlier. She knew him too well to know when he was serious and when he wanted to just humiliate her. From the tone of his voice, he knew he was Damn serious. She had never seen him that serious and he wondered what could have been the reason.

Kate never like Mr Denzel ever since she started working for him. She never wanted to work for him but the pay check was just too good to refuse and it also went a long way to foot the bill for her mum's medication

She remembered vividly how she got to start working here

* * *

"Mum, I really need to get a job as soon as possible so that I can help to foot some bills here at home and also to get your medication. You're gradually losing grip of your health and that's not good". Kate said as she watched her mum who looked pale.

"I thought I've told you not to bother about it, I've got it covered. All I need from thou is to concentrate on getting a good job. Besides you just finished school and you need some rest too". Her mum replied

"That's what you always say. Have you forgotten what the doctor said. The cancer Would start spreading if you don't get some rest. I saw this ad on facebook and I applied. I'm sure I'm going to get the job so that you could quit yours and get some rest".

"Baby stop treating me like I'm an invalid. I can always work to take care of you and myself, cancer or no cancer". Her mum reiterated.

"I'm sorry to make you feel that way Mum. I didn't mean it that way and you know it".

Just then, Kate's phone rang and she quickly picked it up.

"Hello". She said.

"Hi, my name is Kimberly, am I speaking to Ms Kate Reeves?".

"Yes, I am. Please what can I do for you". Kate asked.

"You applied for a job at Mr Denzel's Mansion. You've been offered the job and you're expected to start by Monday". Kim announced.

Oh my God! Just like that? No interview?" She asked, not believing her luck.

"Yes, Mr Denzel needs a maid as soon as possible. The other major just got laid off because of some misconduct so he would want you to start immediately so there won't be any need for interview. I'll drop the house address immediately I get off the phone with you." Kim replied.

"Thank you so much. I'll definitely be there on Monday". She said filled with so much happiness.

"Okay, Bye". Kim said and hung up

She couldn't believe her luck. She actually got a job at Mr Denzel's mansion. She felt so happy that at least her mum would stop working and concentrate on getting better. All she needed to do was to convince her to stay at home. She knew it wasn't going to be easy convincing her mum to quit her job but it would be for her own good. Her mum was actually dying and she was definitely going to do everything she could to save her.

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