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C5 F I V E

"Mum, I got the job at Mr Denzel's mansion. It's a live-in job". Kate said to her mother as soon as she gets off the phone.

"What?! Forget it, you ain't going no where" Her mother mouthed.

"I knew you would react like this but listen mum, you're sick and there isn't much you can do for yourself now or to get the bills around here. I'm going for this job so I can provide money for you and I. You've done your best to raise me and cater for my needs ever since Dad left us. I think its high time you allow me return the favour and besides I'm already an adult. Mum let me do this for the both of us. I just can't help seeing your health deteriorate and I sit and do nothing about it". Kate said, trying to convince her mum.

Her mum kept mute for a moment, pondering over what her daughter had just said and she sighed.

"Okay I trust you. Go ahead and accept the offer but I really want the best for you, doing odd jobs like this isn't what I want for you."

"I know mum, I love you". Kate said as she hugs her mum.

"I love you too baby".

* * *

Kate felt so excited about this job. She spent most of the weekend packing her clothes and some other stuffs that were of importance to her which she would need during her stay in Mr Denzel's mansion.

Soon it was Monday morning. She got out of bed feeling very excited about her day at work.

She quickly got out of bed even before her alarm could ring. She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, had her bath and got into the outfit she had arranged for herself. She was almost set for her big day.

She double checked her room just to make sure she wasn't leaving any valuables behind. Just then, she heard a knock on her door.

"Mum is that you?". Kate asked

"Yeah baby, it's me". Her mum replied as she entered the room.

"I see you're already set".

"Yes mum I'm ready. The uber driver will be here any minute". Kate said.

"Okay baby but promise me you'd come check up on your momma from time to time. Okay?"

"Sure mum, I'll definitely do that. I'll call thou everyday too to check up on you. And mum you've got to promise me too that you'll quit your job, stay home and take your pills so that you can get better for me".

"Of course baby, I'm gonna get better. You know how strong I've been and how hard I've fought all these all these years.

"I love you mum". Kate said as she hugged her mum passionately.

"I made you breakfast. I didn't want you to leave hungry". Hey mum said, cleaning off some tears that had gathered in her eyes.

"Awwwwnnn, that's so sweet and thoughtful of you mum but I guess that uber driver will be here any minute. I don't want to be late."

"Honk, Honk" sounded a car outside.

"Oh he is here already". Kate said as she tried to gather her things.

"I'll miss you baby" Her mum said as tears rolled down her eyes. She had never been apart from her daughter and she knew how hard it was going to be for the both of them.

"I'll miss you too mum". Kate said as she hugged her again, her eyes filled with tears.

"Take good care of yourself baby".

"I will mum".

"Honk Honk" came the sound again from the uber driver who was waiting patiently outside.

This time, Kate hurriedly left her mum who was in tears and headed outside to meet the uber taxi driver who had been waiting for 5 minutes.

* * *

Kate got to Mr Denzel's mansion with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. She had gotten a new job to support her mum but at the same time, she didn't know what exactly to expect from Mr Denzel and his family.

Alighting from the taxi, she went straight and knocked at the door as she was instructed by Kimberly on her way here. The door opened and a young lady, neatly dressed opened the door. She instantly knew it was Kimberly.

"Hello my name is Kate, Kate Reeves."

"Hey, Hello, my name is Kimberly but you can call me Kim. It's nice to meet you. Please come on in". Kim said as she shook hands with Kate, ushering her into the house.

Kate entered the house, she was thrown aback by how beautiful the whole place looked. She had never seen anything like that before. The whole place was so magnificent to say the least.

Most of the things in the house were made of glass and she knew that no matter how hard she worked and for how long, she would never get to afford any of that.

Kimberly took Kate on a short tour round the house. She showed Kate her room and also briefed her on her job role and made her know how efficient Mr Denzel always want his workers to be.

"You'll be paid $4000 monthly. Is there any questions?". Kim asked after explaining Kate's job role.

"Oh my God!!" Kate screamed inside her head. She couldn't believe her ears. Who pays so much for the job of a maid?

"What about Mr Denzel's family, are they on vacation or something?". That was all she could manage to ask.

"No, Mr Denzel doesn't have a family yet. He is yet to be married". Kim answered.


"Well, you should go change and get to work immediately. Mr Denzel will be home soon from work. You can feel free to call me whenever you need anything. I'm off to the office. Take care of yourself." She said leaving Kate all by herself in the house.

* * *

Denzel sat in his office. He looked perplexed. He glanced at his wrist watch again then at the pile of papers that was just at his front on the desk. He stood up pacing about for a few minutes. He went to the door to check again. Kim was yet to be back. She had gone to welcome the new maid at the house but for heaven's sake, she was already taking the whole day to be done with it.

The British investors had just called that they were to meet with him in an hour. He was supposed to present a proposal and Kim was no where to be found.

He had just newly taken over from his father and barely new much about the diary company. The little progress he had made was with the help of Kim and Stan who did most of the job.

The board members had threatened to vote him out after two months if he does not start delivering like his father Mr Wesley. A month has just rolled by and there was no significant progress yet. For him to gain the trust of the board members, he had to tie down a deal with these British investors and there he was, about to blow the whole deal because Kim was not there to do the job and Stan was away on company assignment.

"Fuck". He said slamming his fist on the desk as he looked at his wrist watch. It was barely 30 minutes left before the British investors arrive and Kim still hadn't made it to the office yet.

He picked up his phone and dialed Kim's cell phone number. It rang and she answered immediately.

"Where the hell are you Kim? You were supposed to be here half an hour ago" Denzel fumed. Frustration written all over his face.

"I'm sorry Mr Denzel. The maid didn't come early and I needed to fill her in on her job role".

"Kim I need you here as soon as possible. The British investors called that they will be here in 30 minutes to discuss the partnership deal and we'll need to have a good proposal on ground that's why I need you here".

"Okay Mr Denzel, I'll be there in 5 minutes". She replied and hung up the phone.

"Damn". He groaned as he dropped his phone on the desk.

The company has been his father's legacy. Mr Wesley had once told him that he had built the company from the scratch and there he was about to relinquish his father's Hard work Just because He didn't know much about the affairs of the company.

The made had better pray that Kim gets here on time to prepare the proposal if not, she'd have no choice than to kiss her job goodbye.

"Hello Mr Denzel". Kim greeted as she entered his office.

"Hey Kim, hurry now, prepare a partnership proposal with Winston plc. They will be here in less than 20 minutes. If we don't get to tie down this deal, then be sure that we are both going to kiss our jobs good bye".

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