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Denzel pulled over at his parking lot. His hands still on the steering, he sighed. It had really been a hectic day but he was glad that it all went according to plan.

All thanks to Kim, they were able to put up a proposal that was able to convince the delegates from Winston PLC to partner with his company. A partnership deal was imminent. That would definitely convince the board members that he is the right man to take the company to a greater height just like his father, Mr. Wesley had done during his time as the CEO.

He dragged himself out of the car, taking his briefcase with him as he headed into the house, looking tired and exhausted. He had admitted that being a CEO wasn't as easy as he had thought it would be. Seeing how his father handled the affairs of the company with ease while he was growing up, he felt that being in the corporate world wasn't a big deal after all, though he never showed any interest in it.

"Good evening Mr. Denzel," A lady greeted him just as he opened the door. Perhaps she must have heard him when he drove in.

This must be the new maid. Could she be the little brat that felt like resuming work late and almost cost him his company today? He wondered. He looked at her wondering how best to humiliate her, at least it would make him feel better.

"I trust you had a nice day at work sir? Can I take your briefcase to your room? Is there anything you'd want me to do for you?". Kate asked but got no response. Denzel ignored her and headed for his room without uttering a word to her.

Kate stood there watching him as he took the stairs to his room without him saying anything to her. She wondered what she must have done or said wrong.

"This is really weird. Is this how all rich people behave or could he have had a bad day at work?" Kate wondered, not knowing what exactly could make him behave the way he did.

She went back to the kitchen where she was trying to arrange for dinner. She had wanted to prepare fried catfish with potatoes and cheese but she had to stop since her boss was home, maybe he would make a choice of what to eat.

Fifteen minutes later, Denzel had already had his shower and was back to the sitting to pour himself a glass of whiskey.

Kate who had seen him from the kitchen came rushing to where he sat to ascertain what he would love to have for dinner.

"Sir, what would you like to have for dinner?” Kate asked, this time not knowing if he'd reply or keep mute as he did previously.

"What's your name?" Denzel asked just after a few minutes of silence.

"Kate… My name is Kate Reeves," She replied as she trembled.

"Do you think I pay my workers just to ask me silly questions?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Denzel. I was about to prepare fried catfish, potatoes, and cheese but I thought against it. I felt that perhaps you might have something else in mind. Besides, there wasn't any food menu in the kitchen," Kate tried to defend.

"Then what the hell were you discussing with Kim earlier today?". He barked.

Kate was thrown aback by his rather harsh tone. Was this how all rich people behave? Arrogant and rude? If this is how they all behave, then being rich must really suck. She thought.

"The next time you ask silly questions like this, be sure to kiss this job goodbye!" He said as he stood up and headed to his room leaving Kate surprised and short of words.

"What an arrogant son of a b!tch? Pyscho!" She muttered under her breath as she went back to the kitchen.




It has been almost a year since Kate's first experience with Denzel. She never believed she could accommodate all his excesses. She had almost wanted to quit and run back home. Her mum had told her to come home immediately, when she told her what had actually happened. She really felt like going back home but decided against it after she had a rethink.

She knew deep within her that Mr. Denzel was a nice man. For the fact that he had offered to pay that much for her services meant that he had a kind heart but maybe he had a lot of bad experiences that made him tow a different path to life. That night she decided to stay and work. She was ready to bear whatever Mr. Denzel was going to throw at her. She needed the money, besides, there was nowhere in hell she was going to get that kind of a job that would pay so much.

"Are you gonna spend the whole day just cleaning a room?" Denzel asked, he had been there watching Kate who was lost in thought.

"I'm sorry sir, but I'm almost done," She replied, snapping out of her thoughts.

"What kinda lazy brat are you? You can't seem to get anything done. You're just so slow," He scoffed and left.

Kate felt humiliated by his choice of words. All she has ever done since she got here was to disseminate her duties with utmost professionalism, but at all times, all he always did was to make her feel inferior, use deleterious words on her, and taunting her at every slightest opportunity.

Soon she was done cleaning, she headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She went through the food menu. It was a Sunday morning; pancakes and maple syrup with fresh watermelon juice.

She quickly got down to work; boiling chopping and slicing as if her life depended on it. She didn't want him to have any reason to shout at her again. It didn't take long, breakfast was done and ready to be served.

She served the breakfast and headed to Denzel's room to inform him about breakfast but she met his door locked. She tried knocking severally but there wasn't any response.

"Arrogant son of a b!tch" She cursed after a few minutes without any response from Mr. Denzel.

She headed back to the kitchen when she became tired of knocking. She had her own breakfast and headed to the bathroom to take her bath and prepare for the day's job.

"Kate!". Denzel roared as he came down a few minutes later just to meet his food on the dining table.

He got no response and this triggered off his anger. He had gone to his room to take his shower and change into a fresh cloth. Just before he could finish, his breakfast was already served and cold.

"Kate!!". Denzel roared again, this time, louder than it was before.

Kate heard her name from her room. She quickly changed into a fresh cloth as she had just come out of the bathroom.

"Yes, Mr. Denzel. Is there anything I could do for you?" She asked in a polite manner when she got to where he was.

"Why the hell will you serve me a cold breakfast? Are you crazy? Is that what I f*cking pay you to do?". He asked, anger and disdain written all over his face.

"But sir, I knocked on your door severally when I served your breakfast but your door was shut. I tried knocking but there was no response". She said trying to explain.

Denzel threw the food at her. He was so angry that she decided to ignore her duties as a maid. Perhaps she was an illiterate that doesn't know that she was supposed to serve meals hot.

This barbarous act threw Kate over the edge. She had endured so much Shit from this callous son of a b!tch but what she wouldn't have was for him to throw food at her like she was a dog.

"What the f*ck was that for?" Kate roared. She had totally lost it and this was the time to put him in his place.

"I came here to work for you, to make an honest living to take care of myself and my sick mum not to be humiliated by a punk-ass like you. You know what? I've really endured your sorry ass for almost a year now. I've served you with the utmost respect but all you do each time is to humiliate me at any opportunity you get. I'm sure your parents and your numerous b!tches can't endure you the way that I do. You know what? F*ck you, I quit!"

Denzel stood there frozen. No one has ever talked back at him in that manner, but this low life has just told him he was a pain in the ass. He really had to put her in her place and teach her a lesson she would never forget in a hurry.

Driven by anger and frustration, Denzel swung his hand with full force and it landed on Kate who blacked out immediately, blood dripping down her nose.

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