Suck Me Harder, Mr. Bodyguard!/C4 4. Terrifyingly Erotic Business
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Suck Me Harder, Mr. Bodyguard!/C4 4. Terrifyingly Erotic Business
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C4 4. Terrifyingly Erotic Business

Ivanna's PoV

Should I believe Jax? He said that I was the one who had sex with Damon, which was I was there and witnessed what they had done. I didn't even feel a sexual thing, and Jax also admitted that I passed out, and he saved me.

Then, what was the point of telling all those lies? Is it true that Jax and Damon conspired to commit a crime against me? If so, what was their motive for doing that?

I was still sleeping alone in my room. Damon, once again, had gone somewhere, and I was like a mistress who would only see him at night, lie next to him for a few hours, and when I woke up in the morning, he was gone.

Please, don't even ask me how the sexual activity between Damon and me was. It was so bad. That's why I couldn't believe when Jax told me I was the one Damon was fucking so passionately that night. I couldn't say how Damon's expression was at that time, but I'm sure that he enjoyed the play.

Damon was never like that with me, in my opinion. Or I don't know if it was just me, because every time we made love, we finished it quickly. I had even forgotten what it felt like to have multiple orgasms, just like the first time we did it.

Of course, I remembered how Damon seemed to want me so much back then. Now, it's not anymore.

"Miss Sanchez, may I come in?" That voice was definitely Jax's. Who else? But what was his purpose in coming? Was it to tell me that I had made a mistake in thinking Damon was having an affair with another woman—I don't even know who?

My chest tightens every time I remember that night. Let's just say it was a dream, and it was the first time I'd ever had one. So it was only natural that I was curious whether it was real or just my delusions.

But Jax made me doubt myself about all I saw and felt. And now I'm getting hated for anything I was going through the past few days.

"Come in."

I don't want to meet this guy, but strangely, I let him in.

The door opened, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching the bed where I was lying on my back. Jax would probably think I was mad at him.

Yes, I was. But not at Jax. I was just annoyed that Jax's answer confused me. Was it because he didn't trust me? As I said before that he and Damon were conspiring to do something to me.

"Do you still need me for today, Miss? If not, I'm leaving now," he said, this time in a slightly lowered voice. I hadn't even turned my body to face him. I was still annoyed and reluctant to see the man's face.

"You can rest in one of the rooms if you're tired," I replied curtly.

"Sorry, Miss. I have some business to attend to. That's why I—"

I didn't let Jax finish his sentence and immediately turned around, got off the bed and stood in front of him. I stared intently into his gray eyes. I couldn't read anything there because I'm not psychic, of course.

However, for some reason, I couldn't trust this man.

"Are you working for someone else? Tell me, who else hired you? Didn't it say in the contract agreement that you would only work for me?" I demanded without waiting for an explanation or rebuttal from him.

I didn't need any answers. Right now, I was suffering from a crisis of trust towards anyone, and Jax had unwillingly become one of them.

"That's not it, Miss. I can't tell you about my business, but I only work for you. Not with anyone else. I can guarantee my loyalty."

Really? But why don't I believe it at all? So why did he ask for permission to leave? Where is he going, and for what business?

"Then I'm coming with you," I replied. He was about to refuse, but I quickly turned on my heel and walked first to the courtyard where his bike was parked.


"Miss, do you want to leave the house because you're bored? I can take you to a place where you can rent an inn for the night, and just as the sun rises, we'll watch it from the balcony," Jax said after he stopped the bike in front of a bar, I didn't recognize, and he led me inside.

He rented a VIP spot for me with a woman already in the room because Jax asked her to accompany me.

"Am I a baby now that a babysitter must accompany me?" I quipped, noticing the woman in a mini dress clinging to Jax's arm, and he didn't seem uncomfortable with what she was doing.

"It's for your safety, Miss. Marina will take care of you while I'm gone. I won't be long. If you need anything, Marina will help you."

"You're leaving now?" I asked, ignoring his previous words. The man nodded.

"Just for a moment. I promise. It would be best to stay here for your safety. No one doesn't recognize you, Miss Sanchez. So if you—"

"Okay, I understand. You can leave right now and come back soon!" I interrupted, to which he responded with a nod and left while the woman poured drinks into my glass.

I glanced around the room we were in. It was big enough for the lower middle class. And that man also hired a personal servant to watch me.

"I think I'm gonna use the restroom for a moment." I got up and was about to leave the room, but the woman accompanying me also got up and seemed about to follow me.

"You can wait here; no need to follow me! I'm just going to the restroom," I said, annoyed.

Was she afraid I wouldn't know how to use the flusher? Or worried I'd use up their toilet paper? It was very suspicious, and it only made me more curious to find out what business seemed so important for Jax to do.

The woman flinched slightly, then let me leave without another word.

And here I am now. Completely in a cubicle because I've been holding it back for a long time. And after finishing my business, I walked out of the dimly lit room and accidentally saw the figure of Jax, who was walking with a woman and heading to the corner of a room.

I followed him carefully. If it comes to this, really, nothing can stand in my way.

I followed the man's quick steps until he arrived at the corner of the room that seemed to be their destination. However, it was too far away to see what they were doing. From where I was, they were kissing. It wasn't anything special. Although I honestly didn't like the idea of my bodyguard making out with a woman.

Yes, I know, I shouldn't be 'miss jealousy'. However, that's how I feel, and that's who I am. So, armed with recklessness, I approached him. Not intending to interfere with their erotic activities, I just wanted to invite Jax to go home if his business was done.

Don't tell me he came here just to fuck some women. It wouldn't be funny if my bodyguard fulfilled his erotic business while I was in the VIP room with a babysitter.

"Jax, let's go home," I called, walking slowly to where the man was so focused on the meal before him.

Meal. Yes, that was the truth. Because when I got closer, I knew what the two of them were doing.

They weren't making love; it was more disgusting than I had imagined. The man was now burying his face in the hollow of the woman's neck, and when he lifted his face to face me, all I could see was a slobbery mouth with sharp teeth protruding from behind it.

What the hell!

I stepped back, hoping the man would not make me his second meal after the woman had been sucked dry.

But I thought I was wrong! The woman was still alive, and the two walked toward me.

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