Suck Me Harder, Mr. Bodyguard!/C7 7. Better Kiss Than Sucking My Blood
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Suck Me Harder, Mr. Bodyguard!/C7 7. Better Kiss Than Sucking My Blood
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C7 7. Better Kiss Than Sucking My Blood

Ivanna's PoV

Jax was trying to find whoever or whatever I believed was in my room. I couldn't see it clearly due to the dim lights, other than a clear sound resembling a wolf's growl.

I was on the balcony when I heard that strange sound. It sounded exactly like Damon making love to a woman I didn't know—this one I wasn't too sure about, so I'd check back later that night to see if it was Damon or not—that is, if he came back to this house.

Damon hadn't returned since last night, so since I was already scared, I intended to seek help without having to go into the room and meet that thing. Unfortunately, I'd consumed so much alcohol that my body was staggering, and I almost lost my life.

Thanks to Jax, who was quick to help me, even though there was an awkwardness I felt when he helped me up. There was no way I was wrong. But, unfortunately, I didn't have any evidence to point at the man who had saved my life and helped me look for a creature whose growl was similar to that of a coyote or maybe a wolf; I don't know.

"There's nothing here, Miss," he said after ensuring the room was safe. So whose voice did I hear earlier? Did I imagine the hot scene between Damon and the woman in my mom and dad's room?

Or maybe it was the effect of the bottle of vodka I'd downed?

"You'd better get some rest. I'll inform Miss Moretti to cancel your schedule for today."

"No, don't! I have to get ready and leave now, or I'll—"

Oh, woe! My body wavered, and all I felt was my head spinning and throbbing violently. Is this the effect of alcohol? I don't usually experience this kind of thing, no matter how much I drink.

And once again, Jax swiftly embraced my body with his sturdy arms.

For a moment, I was hypnotized. Jax's sapphire-blue eyeballs seemed to sparkle and imply something. Maybe I was overreacting, but I knew what I was feeling. It was unusual for me to be so attracted to the persona of someone I didn't even recognize.

I had been in a relationship with Damon for quite a long time. Three years if I'm not mistaken. And in all that time, I've never been attracted to another man, no matter how handsome and established he is, even more so than Damon. However, Jax ... ah, never mind! It seemed that I was still under the influence of alcohol to the point that my brain couldn't compromise, and I was hallucinating from earlier.

"Are you alright, Miss? Just lie down; I'll get you some water."

He was about to leave, but before he could, Brianna's voice boomed as she stepped into my room.

"Vans! Oh, my God! I'm sorry I'm late; are you okay?" she asked, looking at my horrible condition. My hair was still messy from the suicide incident, and I had just realized that my dress was slightly torn from being caught on the balcony trellis.

"I'm fine. What's wrong?"

"Everyone's talking about you. Your picture is all over Eastonville, you know! They think you're going to kill yourself. Is that true?" Bri ranted.

"Do you think I'm that desperate? Why are you worried about me when you know well on my character? Are you hiding something from me?" I asked. Hearing my question that seemed to corner her, Bri was wide-eyed in disbelief.

"What? Not at all! I'm just worried about you, is that problem for you?" she asked.

I just shrugged my shoulders. Everything had been so suspicious since I saw Damon's figure that night. Every night turned into terror and nightmares, and the mornings felt empty.

"Oh, yeah. I canceled your schedule as soon as I saw the photos. Didn't you see? The news hounds are gathering outside. You won't be able to leave the house at all. Don't stand on the balcony; it's very dangerous."

Bri couldn't stop nagging, but I was relieved by her arrival, even though it was a little late. I let Bri keep ranting while I turned to Jax, who was still in the same room as us, standing in the same place. I confirm the look on the man's face; flat and expressionless.

How could that be?

Wasn't he thinking or worried about what had just happened to me? Why did his face look so pale? Was he sick?

"Jax ... your face is pale," I said as I got up from the bed and approached him. The man didn't give any reply but grabbed my hand to check his temperature.

My heart felt like it stopped beating for a split second while his gaze didn't leave me. I need oxygen right now!

"I'm fine, Miss. Can I leave you now? I have something to do," he said, to which I only nodded. He then released his grip from my wrist slowly, then turned around to leave me in the room with Bri.

What happened to him?


I couldn't stay silent seeing Jax's condition like that. I quickly followed the man until he arrived at his room, and from outside, I could hear a slightly disturbing noise.

Was he upset about what happened in my room earlier? No, no! I must be overthinking because I shouldn't pay more attention to a man who is only my subordinate, and Jax doesn't feel what I feel. He's a professional man, and I could see that his behavior didn't violate any unwritten boundaries that he should know.


The noise disturbed me even more. What exactly was going on with that man? His pale face and icy skin still raised questions in my mind, as well as his rushing away after confirming that I was fine. And one more thing, I couldn't possibly forget the blood-red serum ...

Wait! Blood ... vampires, the freak at the club ... why does it all seem to be connected?

Knock, knock, knock!

"Jax! Are you okay?" I didn't hear an answer or other sounds besides the falling items. There was a slight moaning sound, but I wasn't sure if it was coming from inside his room.



The noise was getting more and more annoying. I couldn't bear to stand outside while I didn't know what that man was going through. He didn't even come out of the room as a sign he heard my call. What happened to him?

"Jax, please open the door! I feel scared. Jax!"

Still, what I did was in vain. I couldn't stay silent and forced open the door to Jax's room.

"Jax, I'm going in."

I opened the door to the man's room slowly, looking at his scattered belongings, but I didn't see him anywhere. I dared to step inside as I looked around the room, which felt cold and empty. Precisely like Jax's residence seemed uninhabited.

"Jax, I came in to check on your condition. Are you in the bathroom? Jax ... please answer me. Please don't scare me. Are you all right—AH! Jax, what are you doing?!"


The man lunged at me and sent our bodies—my body; crashing to the floor. The intense pain was felt at the back of my head while this man locked both my wrists with his firm grip. There was something different about his face; I didn't know what.

Maybe it was his pale face that looked almost gray or ... his eyes that were bright red.

My memory automatically went back to the day when the freaks at the club sucked each other's blood and then came to me. Their eyes were also the same red color as Jax's right now. However, it can't be that Jax is just like them, right? There's no way that Jax ...

The man brought his face closer and sniffed the hollow of my neck. I could feel his breath brushing the surface of my skin; I didn't dare inhale any oxygen.

My chest rumbled between anxiety, fear, and other feelings that were precisely the form of my adrenaline rush.

Could Jax be a vampire? And if he was, would he suck my blood as the two strange couples at the club did back then? So ... how would it feel if my blood was sucked? Would I die?

"J-Jax ... y-you ..." My breath caught.

Truly, this was the scariest thing I had ever experienced in my entire life. It would be a lie if I said I wasn't afraid of this handsome man who had been changed. And if this romantic position now turns into passionate fondling, maybe I'll let Jax do it. No problem. After all, Damon also did the same thing; he betrayed me. Although I can't prove it, I'm sure what I see is not wrong.

The man groaned, his hand still gripping mine. Again he inhaled the scent of my body by burying his face in the hollow of my neck. This time I couldn't take it anymore. I put my face to his face, which he was slowly moving away from me, and with great recklessness, I brought my face closer to his and kissed his lips passionately. His grip on my wrist slowly loosened.

Well, Jax ... this is better than you sucking my blood, right?

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