Suddenly You Love Me/C1 The Wedding Scene Was Seen Through
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Suddenly You Love Me/C1 The Wedding Scene Was Seen Through
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C1 The Wedding Scene Was Seen Through

The soothing music, the great yellow magnesium lamps, the clinking of glasses, the elegant women talking in high heels. Qu Yingxia wore a silver dress that exposed her shoulders. She straightened her back and slowly walked to the bathroom.

The waiter passed by her on the way to the bathroom. Qu Yingxia smiled and refused each of her requests. Her posture was elegant.

"He's not here yet."

Qu Yingxia's eyes looked around. Sure enough, there was no sign of Lin Guangxi.

This bathroom was also five-star. It was clean and beautiful. Qu Yingxia washed her hands and raised her head to look at herself in the mirror. Her hair was curled into a bun, small and exquisite. Together with the glittering princess crystal crown, there was a unique style.

But now she needed herself. She did not have any style.

Qu Yingxia saw that no one came in and boldly stood in front of the mirror to put on makeup. If she was like this when she came in, the security guards would not even need to verify her identity. It would not be wrong to directly take her out.

Qu Yingxia stuffed a KITY cat without ears into her stomach. Because the dress was too tight, her entire stomach seemed to have puffed up and was straight. She blinked her eyes in satisfaction and wiped some powder off her face to show that she had suffered a lot after getting pregnant and her face looked haggard.

"Not bad."

Qu Yingxia was looking back proudly when she saw a person looking at her from the men's washroom in the corridor. He was dressed in a suit and shoes. He looked really talented. His handsome facial features looked very sexy under the shadow of the lights. His eyes were deep like water. The undercurrent under the whirlpool seemed to be able to hook a woman's soul. However, no matter what kind of person he was, he was in Qu Yingxia's way here.

She immediately became a little cautious. She did not know if he saw her when she was putting on makeup just now. Thus, she frowned and shouted at the man. "What are you looking at? Have you never seen a pregnant woman?"

However, after she shouted at him, the man looked at her expressionlessly. This look was full of dignity, which made Qu Yingxia a little shocked. But he quickly turned around and left.

Qu Yingxia carefully exhaled. Fortunately, he did not see it after all. Otherwise, how could he be so calm.

The music outside suddenly stopped. Qu Yingxia straightened her expression and walked out. The banquet started very quickly.

"Welcome, guests, to Mr. Lin Guangxi's wedding. Now let's welcome Mr. Lin Guangxi to bring us his speech..."

The host presided over the wedding ceremony. The guests all applauded and welcomed Lin Guangxi with smiles on their faces. At the front of the stage, on both sides of the stage, Both of their faces were as bright as flowers.

Qu Yingxia's eyes turned gloomy for a moment, then she anxiously looked for Lin Guangxi. Soon, she saw the direction the host was facing. Lin Guangxi was walking towards the stage. Qu Yingxia gritted her teeth and thought in her heart, Lin Guangxi, I said I wouldn't let you go easily!

Lin Guangxi walked up gracefully in front of everyone's eyes. He only said one sentence, as if he had sworn an oath, and said to everyone, "I will love her for the rest of my life."

The audience immediately burst into the most enthusiastic applause, as if they were going to send this sound into the clouds. Qu Yingxia was irritated. Seeing Lin Guangxi holding the female lead's hand gently, the two of them walked towards the priest happily.

... "Mr. Lin Guangxi, are you willing to love Miss Soong Yawen for the rest of your life? No matter how old you are, no matter how old you are, you must always accompany her." The priest asked him with a solemn and blessed expression in broken Mandarin.

Lin Guangxi smiled and said to Soong Yawen with deep affection, "I am willing."

So Qu Yingxia immediately stuck out her belly and shouted, "I am not willing! Don't even think about being pleased with yourself, Lin Guangxi! Stop right now! I... I got you today! "Let me see where you're going to run off to!"

The applause that originally welcomed Lin Guangxi to the stage was interrupted by this voice. Everyone turned their heads to look at Qu Yingxia in surprise. Seeing that it was a pregnant woman who was panting and holding her belly up, it was unknown whether it was because she was shouting too hard or because she had walked too hard. At this time, her face was very pale.

"F * ck, we've been dating for a year and now I have a child. But if you say no, I don't want me anymore. You even married another woman behind my back. Lin Guangxi, do you think you're worthy of me?"

Qu Yingxia passed through the crowd and walked to Lin Guangxi's side. Lin Guangxi still looked confused when he first saw Qu Yingxia. He probably saw Qu Yingxia's stomach too. He still couldn't come back to his senses.

However, the people around him heard Qu Yingxia's words. The crowd burst into an uproar when they heard her words. Then, they could not help but whisper to their companions beside them.

"It can't be. Is this really Young Master Lin's child?"

"Sigh, that's not necessarily the case. The rich second generation of rich families like to do some dirty things. It's not strange."

"Don't spout nonsense. Young Master Lin's wife is also a powerful family. She's worried that people will hear you slander her husband and want to fight you to the death."

"But what we said is the truth. Look at that woman..."

Lin Guangxi's ears were sharp. Naturally, he heard what they were saying. When he turned around and saw Soong Yawen's expression, he was also shocked and livid because of these words. Lin Guangxi was even more anxious.

"Qu Yingxia, what do you mean today?" Lin Guangxi suppressed his voice. The veins on his head were bulging and he was very angry.

Qu Yingxia pitifully wrinkled her nose and said, "What do I mean? You still have the nerve to say what I mean? You made my stomach bigger. Turn around and leave me alone. You still want to marry another woman. At that time, you were in bed. That's not what you told me. You said you wanted to be good to me, that you would love me for the rest of your life. And marry me when the baby's stable. Lin Guangxi, your damn sweet words coaxed me. Aren't you going to admit it now? "

Both of their parents were stunned, but soon they could tell what was going on from their conversation. Lin Guangxi's mother said angrily, "Who are you? "How dare you cause trouble at our Lin family's wedding?"

Qu Yingxia felt so wronged that her tears were about to fall. Lin Guangxi was so angry that he stomped his feet and roared. "I have never slept with you! You fucking slandered me!"

Lin Guangxi's parents knew that they could not hold their son back anymore. They pointed at the passage outside with dignity and shouted, "Where are the security guards?! Where the fuck are they hiding to watch the show?! Don't you know what someone is going to do when they come to ruin the scene?"

The two security guards heard this and broke out in cold sweat. They immediately walked over and grabbed Qu Yingxia's arm, wanting to kick her away.

Qu Yingxia panicked and shouted, "Don't touch me! I have AIDS!"

Hearing that, the two security guards released her as if they had touched fire. Money was not more important than life. It was human instinct. Furthermore, these two security guards were both rookies and did not have much experience in attacking people.

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