Suddenly You Love Me/C10 Humanity Is Cold and Warm
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Suddenly You Love Me/C10 Humanity Is Cold and Warm
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C10 Humanity Is Cold and Warm

Wu Xiaofang was provoked by her.

"I said I wanted to wait. Could it be that I want to delay the work of other doctors because of you alone?"

There were many people around them looking at them. Some knew that Qu Yingxia had been poisoned by her colleague but no one was willing to stand on her side and say a sentence of justice.

People's hearts were cold. The world was cold.

Qu Yingxia was so angry that her hands were shaking but she could do nothing about it.

But she did not know that at the turn of the corridor, there was someone who saw all of this.

In the afternoon, the hospital held an emergency meeting. The main research would be starting from today, and the hospital would have to change their jobs. The reason was that the president of the Cheng's, Cheng Haoxuan, was planning to transfer the company's business, mainly focusing on the operation of the hospital. Therefore, CEO Cheng was going to be staying in the hospital for inspection.

The nurses in the hospital were in an uproar when they heard the news. The boss was going to be staying in the hospital for a long time. Did this mean that from today onwards, they would be able to watch the handsome CEO often go to work?!

Furthermore, seeing that their director had already started arranging rooms for the CEO in the afternoon, this news would definitely not be false. Everyone cheered.

Cheng Haoxuan made this decision at the last minute, not because of what he saw in the afternoon. Grandma's illness required long-term use of medicine. With him in the hospital, it would be better to take care of her. On the other hand, It was because of Qu Yingxia. He found the person, but in the hospital, she was now walking step by step. If Cheng Haoxuan did not care, he would not care. That is to be irresponsible to her. With him here to watch, she should at least be less bullied.

His grandmother's illness required him to come to the hospital often. He would waste too much time on the road. Recently, the company had indeed been willing to put their eyes on the hospital. He did all of this. Now, it was just an early start.

On Cheng Haoxuan's first day at work, the moment he entered the hospital, rows of white-robed nurses stood there solemnly and welcomed the president. All of them smiled until their faces bloomed. They were extremely charming, but he did not see Qu Yingxia in the crowd.

The hospital was prohibited from using this kind of formalism again. Cheng Haoxuan's face was cold as he went straight to the highest floor, his own office.

On this day, from time to time, a nurse went to his office to look for trouble. A water delivery, a specialty food delivery, pretending that the information was incomplete and asking him to summon someone to send the information again. It was just to deliberately make him pay attention to them.

Cheng Haoxuan was speechless. He kept throwing people away with a cold face. Normally, he would not pay attention to them. If they went too far, he would just slap the table and glare at them. However, there was no one who could stop him.

Therefore, it was already noon when the nurses finally wanted to stop.

Cheng Haoxuan did not do anything special. He also went to the staff restaurant for lunch. After all, they moved in a hurry, and there was not much left in the hospital. There was also no special restaurant for the president.

Downstairs, he finally saw Qu Yingxia.

"Just cabbage?" Cheng Haoxuan carried a plate and sat beside Qu Yingxia.

There was nothing he could do. The restaurant looked around. Other than Qu Yingxia, who was alone and cold, no one was willing to sit with her, the other tables were already full.

Qu Yingxia heard him and looked at him. She lightly replied, "Yes." She really did not have the mood to talk to him. She was depressed to death.

When they were talking, there were three nurses who came late. They carried the plates and directly sat at Qu Yingxia's table.

"Director Cheng, what a coincidence. Are you eating here too?" The young nurse looked at Cheng Haoxuan with infatuation. She did not hide her admiration and adoration at all.

The other two were a little more reserved. They pushed the young nurse's hand to stop her from being too presumptuous. However, they were also trying to find a way to talk to Cheng Haoxuan. However, ever since they sat down, no matter what the three of them said, Cheng Haoxuan remained silent.

The young nurses were embarrassed. After each of them spoke, they no longer dared to be so thick-skinned as to stick to someone else's cold butt.

When Qu Yingxia had finished eating, Cheng Haoxuan also put away the plate and was about to leave. He said to Qu Yingxia, "Wait a moment. I have something to tell you."

Qu Yingxia was surprised by everyone's surprised eyes. She nodded her head and turned to wash her hands. When she turned around, she saw Cheng Haoxuan beside her, waiting for her.

Under the faint angry gazes of the nurses, Qu Yingxia felt her entire body heat up. She felt that Cheng Haoxuan was different from her. He did not care about what others said to him, but was willing to take the initiative to communicate with her. Even if others tried to get close to him, and she avoided him like a scorpion, he did not care. He really didn't know what he was thinking in his heart.

Qu Yingxia followed him in puzzlement. Originally, she thought that he had something important to tell her to do, but who knew that in a place where no one was around, he only said one sentence to her throughout the entire process, "Eat more meat, you are malnourished. Being a doctor to this extent is really hard on you. "

After saying this, Cheng Haoxuan left alone. Qu Yingxia was left in a daze. Was he looking down on her ugly expression?

Qu Yingxia's heart ached.

This time, the hospital was completely in an uproar. Although there was no movement on the surface, the way they looked at Qu Yingxia in private was filled with jealousy and unwillingness.

Qu Yingxia was also used to it. Anyway, she had not come over like this during this period of time.

She only left the bunch of young nurses to grind their teeth at her.

"Humph, she is really a demon. I did not expect that she would be a demon. It's really something to do with CEO Cheng."

"It might just be that CEO Cheng wanted to warn her, but that might not necessarily be the case." Some people said this unwillingly, but then they felt that this possibility wasn't very high.

"I knew it. From the moment she came back to the company, I knew that she definitely had a different relationship with the company."

"But how long can she endure the pressure? The patients in the hospital are not willing to let her see them, and the colleagues are not willing to help her. They are all picking on her."

"Yeah, let's not make things difficult for her and force her to leave. I think. " CEO Cheng is only interested in her for a moment. As long as she isn't in this hospital, there will be less chances to hook up with CEO Cheng. "

Qu Yingxia walked past the group of women who were gossiping at the same time. Coincidentally, she heard this sentence. She secretly sneered in her heart for such a long time. Didn't she see that your neglect did not affect me at all?

Someone looked up and saw Qu Yingxia walk past. There was not a trace of panic that was discovered. Some timid nurses even joked, "Dr. Qu."

"So what? It's just a fox charm."

After saying that, she burst into laughter.

In any case, she couldn't do anything to them whether she heard or not. What was there to be afraid of? She was just a woman who everyone despised and seduced two brothers.

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