Suddenly You Love Me/C2 Cheng Haoxuan Appeared
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Suddenly You Love Me/C2 Cheng Haoxuan Appeared
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C2 Cheng Haoxuan Appeared

So Qu Yingxia could move her hands again. She jumped out of her bag and took out a hospital certificate. She looked around and showed it to the others.

"Look, I didn't lie to you guys, did I? I have an AIDS certificate. Lin Guangxi passed it to me."

Pointing at Lin Guangxi, whose face had turned blue, everyone took a step back. They didn't want to get too close to these two people. They were afraid of getting infected.

Lin Guangxi clenched his fists and explained, "Stop messing around here! I have never touched you! At that time, we were still young. And you said you didn't want to have children too early. We didn't do it, so where did the children come from? "

Qu Yingxia refuted. "We have been together for more than a year. Who would believe that you said you did not do it?"

That made sense. The guests looked at Lin Guangxi in doubt, but they had thrown his face to the ground for the dogs to eat.

Lin Guangxi's face was green and black. He changed colors a few times, but in the end, he did not say anything to defend himself. Qu Yingxia looked at him and felt a little proud in her heart. This time, she could be considered to have succeeded in getting Lin Guangxi to take revenge next to her.

"What you all did was wrong."

A man's voice came from behind Qu Yingxia. Qu Yingxia turned her head and was shocked.

"You, you..."

The man smiled at her and politely said, "Hello, I am Lin Guangxi's cousin, Cheng Haoxuan."

Cheng... Cheng Haoxuan?

Qu Yingxia knew this man. He was the young master of Cheng's. He was the president of the Cheng's, but she had never seen him before. That was why she didn't recognize the man in the bathroom. He was the famous Cheng Haoxuan. This time, Qu Yingxia's face turned pale. She thought in her heart, This is over. He... He will not know my lie, will he? Did he see me put on makeup? He should have. Otherwise, why would his expression be so strange?

Tsk, if Cheng Haoxuan exposed her lie at the last moment, then her efforts would be in vain. Qu Yingxia was a little nervous.

Cheng Haoxuan walked through the crowd and came over from the backstage, outlining his figure in a black suit with an extraordinary bearing, his well-groomed hair, and his eyes that were as deep as the abyss that could never be ignored. He was like a god walking out of a western oil painting.

"Lin Guangxi, you are an adult. You must learn to be responsible for what you do. Do you feel at ease when a girl's youth is ruined by your hands?" Cheng Haoxuan looked at him solemnly. Lin Guangxi had always been afraid of his big cousin. Even if he wanted to argue now, he could not be bothered to talk now.

After Cheng Haoxuan finished speaking, he turned to Qu Yingxia and said, "Miss, you too. If there was something you could discuss with him, the two of them could settle it. Why do you need to cause a ruckus in public? It will make everyone lose face. Do you feel very proud of such an outcome? "

Cheng Haoxuan looked at her with gloomy eyes. Qu Yingxia did not know why, but she saw a deep warning in his eyes. It made her no longer have the courage to argue back. However, why would he cover it up for her now?

Qu Yingxia did not understand. Cheng Haoxuan did not look at her anymore. As soon as he spoke, the order of the scene seemed to be controlled by him unknowingly. No one dared to whisper under the ground. Qu Yingxia was surprised. This man seemed to have a kind of magic that made people have no choice but to submit.

Cheng Haoxuan stood out to take charge of the situation. The situation had already stabilized. Qu Yingxia and Lin Guangxi did not argue anymore. It was just that the matter was far from over.

Soong Yawen saw that someone was seeking death and dared to cause trouble at her wedding, so she stared at Qu Yingxia. Her eyes were full of disdain as she said, "You still haven't said who you are. Which family's heiress has a baby and is planning to use the baby to take someone else's husband?"

This made Qu Yingxia sound like she was plotting something. Of course Qu Yingxia would not sit still and wait for death. You Youran said leisurely," My name is Qu Yingxia. The family's small characters do not have any background, so naturally they cannot compare to you. However, I know Lin Guangxi before you. I also have a child before you. A mother's son is expensive, isn't it always like this in China? Miss Soong felt that it was unreasonable. If we were all in Lin Guangxi's house today, perhaps you would call me big sister. "Isn't she a senior?"

Soong Yawen heard and became silent. In her eyes, It was actually her who became the eldest daughter of the Song family while that little slut grew up on her own? F * ck, Soong Yawen came back to her senses. He was angry. She was actually brought into the trap for no reason at all. She did not know where she had come from today. Could she enter Lin Guangxi's house as well? To be honest, she was just a mistress with a big belly. What else could she have?

Soong Yawen's parents were one of the best people in the city. They felt that the most important wedding in their daughter's life had caused people to mess around like this. Now that they were pointed at and said that she was a child, they suddenly felt angry and wanted to regain some face.

"Boss Lin, Madam Lin, our two families have always been polite and friendly. Originally, we thought that after our little daughter and Young Master Ling got married, our two families would really be as close as one family. But now that your son has caused such a thing, how can our two families face it?" Madam Song said.

Madam Song was a steady veteran in the business world back then. However, after getting married, she gradually let go of the company matters in her hands and turned into a housewife. Today, she didn't want her family's face to be completely lost by Lin Guangxi. Immediately, the aura of conquering the business world rose up again.

"I think it's better this way. CEO Cheng also said that he has to take responsibility for what he does. Since your son has a son with another woman, you should take care of this matter first. "In my opinion, the engagement between our two families shall be annulled!"

When Lin Guangxi's family heard this, they could not close their eyes. Was annulling the engagement a child's play? Lin Guangxi's mother, Cheng Yitong, hurriedly stopped her and said, "Mother, we can't make such a hasty decision. Let's sit down and have a good talk. It was not easy for the two children to walk together... "

Before Cheng Yitong could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Mother Song. This matter. There is no need to talk about it anymore. It's all laid out here, break off the engagement!"

Soong Yawen's parents' faces were livid. Looking at their current appearance, it seemed like they were determined to cancel the engagement. Their attitude was very firm.

However, Cheng Yitong originally thought that their little daughter was a good girl and wanted to persuade her. However, when she met Soong Yawen's gaze, she stopped her words before she could say it. Just from hearing her words, she knew that this was probably not an easy person to deal with.

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