Suddenly You Love Me/C3 Coincidentally She Was Against the Married Couple
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Suddenly You Love Me/C3 Coincidentally She Was Against the Married Couple
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C3 Coincidentally She Was Against the Married Couple

Soong Yawen met Cheng Yitong's nervous gaze and her eyes also turned red as she coyly coyly said, "Father and mother, I... Am I going to break off the engagement just like that?" She sobbed and wiped the corners of her eyes. In the end, she nodded and said, "That's true. She is a girl, and now she has his child. If I force myself to marry Guangxi, won't I be the bad woman who broke them apart? "

Cheng Yitong sighed. There was no need to say this out loud.

Qu Yingxia had not left yet. When she heard these words, she sighed in her heart. It's over. This girl...

Thus, she stopped and turned her head, saying faintly: "No, no, it's not you who broke us apart, you're not a bad woman, you're thinking for me, you're a very good little angel. "But I don't want Lin Guangxi anymore. I don't want it for free. If Miss Soong wants him, I'll just accept him. "

As expected, when Soong Yawen heard these words, her expression became smooth as if she stuffed an eggplant into her mouth. She choked and said," You, you! " You haven't come up with a reason for a long time.

However, she wasn't the only one who choked, because along with her, her expression changed because of these words. There were also her parents and Lin Guangxi. Qu Yingxia was very happy. She had never known that she was so artistic when she angered others. However, other than that Cheng Haoxuan who she did not know what he was thinking and could not see through, everything else seemed to be going smoothly.

Qu Yingxia finally knew that the woman Lin Guangxi wanted to marry was not a big deal. At most, she was just a useless green tea whore. As a rich second generation, she was very proud.

However, since she said it out loud, it was naturally difficult to take it back. Lin Song breaking off the engagement could be considered a heavyweight piece of news in the world. These two families had originally planned to gather together in the industry to form a colossus that no one else could shake. But now, they were actually so strangely destroyed by the farce of a pregnant woman appearing?

For a moment, before the people in the auditorium could regain their senses, they were attracted by the clamorous noise outside the door.

"Let us in! Quickly let us in!"

A large group of people carried cameras and microphones as they swarmed in. The flashlights instantly shot into their eyes. Qu Yingxia was just about to go out when the passageway was completely blocked.

The group of people locked their eyes on Soong Yawen and her family as soon as they came in. There was nothing they could do. Who asked them to be at the most conspicuous place? The reporters raised their microphones and asked questions as if they wanted to reincarnate. They were afraid that tomorrow's headline news would not be about Lin Song's engagement.

"Madam Song, I heard that you are going to break off the engagement with Lin Lin. Is this true?"

"Miss Soong, your fiancé secretly cheated on you. May I ask what you think about this matter?"

"Miss Soong... Madam Song... Director Song..."

Lin Guangxi was feeling dizzy because of this matter. At this time, the noise was so loud that it made him so angry that he hit the table next to him.


The reporters who were holding the camera in front of Soong Yawen and her family were chattering and asking questions. He was so frightened that he paused for a moment. He looked up in a daze, then followed the sound and saw Lin Guangxi.

"Mr. Lin is there!"

A group of people moved their positions and fired at Lin Guangxi.

Seeing that Lin Guangxi was staring at him in surprise and Qu Yingxia was also looking at him, they gritted their teeth and glared at her. He was surrounded by reporters and was pushed to the side. Qu Yingxia saw it and the resentment in her heart disappeared.

She giggled, "Serves you right."

Qu Yingxia wanted to take advantage of the chaos to escape. Her footsteps changed from the fatigue from before and she agilely crawled through the crowd. However, these reporters were really crazy. Seeing that she was a pregnant woman, they did not leave a wide path for her to go out.

At this moment, in a corner on the second floor, there was a shadow of a person hiding in the dim light. He was inspecting everything that had happened downstairs. Of course, he also saw Qu Yingxia's actions. It was just a pair of eyes that were exposed under her forehead, but what was revealed was hesitation. And he was in this place, and no one actually noticed him.

As Qu Yingxia squeezed, she suddenly felt that her hand was grabbed by someone. Looking back, it was Lin Guangxi!

"You want to leave? Heh, that's too easy!"

Ignoring Qu Yingxia's struggle, Soon, he got rid of the reporters behind him and pushed her into a door. After entering, however, it was another long corridor.

"Let go! Let go! It hurts!"

Qu Yingxia did not know how he pushed those reporters away and blocked her way. But now she was caught by Lin Guangxi. If she was brought to a place where no one was around, she would die without any explanation.

Qu Yingxia grabbed Lin Guangxi's hand and pulled it away. She kicked his calf randomly, but the pain from the high heels could only make Lin Guangxi turn his head and glare at her fiercely. His footsteps were still moving steadily and orderly. Qu Yingxia felt that he was probably mad. He was mad!

"If you have the guts to slander me, don't you have the guts to face me? Qu Yingxia, you are becoming more and more successful now!"

Lin Guangxi had always been mad at her and hostile towards her. Qu Yingxia did not care at all.

That is also you who carried me first. What, you still don't allow me to resist the bullies? "

Qu Yingxia faced him and her aura was not weak at all. Lin Guangxi was beaten by Cheng Haoxuan when he was young. It was fine that he was afraid of him, but could it be that there was another Qu Yingxia now?

Lin Guangxi was furious. He punched the wall on the side of Qu Yingxia's head, pressing her against his hand.

"Do you dare to say that again? Bully, did I bully you? You are the one who refused to let go. You broke my engagement. Now you still dare to backstab me! Heh," Lin Guangxi looked at Qu Yingxia's stomach. His eyes seemed to light up. "Child? AIDS? Qu Yingxia? You're crazy, aren't you? Just to take revenge on me breaking up with you? And those paparazzi, were you the one who arranged for them to come in and cause trouble, hmm?"

After he finished speaking, he did not care whether Qu Yingxia replied or not. He reached out his hand and fiercely touched Qu Yingxia's stomach. Qu Yingxia cried out in fright.

"Stop!" A man shouted. The voice came from the other end of the corridor to this end. The undisobedient dignity in his voice made Qu Yingxia calm down.

It was Cheng Haoxuan.

Qu Yingxia did not know how he caught up to them. Perhaps he had been following them since just now. Seeing that Lin Guangxi was about to expose her stomach, she stood up.

"Lin Guangxi, let go of her. At least let go of her stomach. That's your seed." Cheng Haoxuan said with a calm expression.

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