Suddenly You Love Me/C4 The Incident Fermented
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Suddenly You Love Me/C4 The Incident Fermented
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C4 The Incident Fermented

Lin Guangxi lowered his palm when he saw Lin Guangxi. Qu Yingxia bounced away from his control. Qu Yingxia did not know why, but when she heard Cheng Haoxuan say "that is your seed," she vaguely felt that he had a strange smile in his words. She turned her head and saw that his expression was cold. This made her feel like she was looking at flowers in the fog.

"What is the reason you lied to him?" Cheng Haoxuan looked at her, but Qu Yingxia turned her mouth away. It was obvious that she did not want to answer. The two of them were walking toward the parking lot under the auditorium.

Cheng Haoxuan did not care. He still said lightly, "If I did not help you out, you would probably be hanging on Lin Guangxi now." He looked down and saw Qu Yingxia's belly. He said half-jokingly, "And your child... I don't think it can be saved now."

Qu Yingxia could not help blushing when she heard him. She glared at Cheng Haoxuan and said, "Then I thank you. I have no way to repay you for saving my life, so I gave myself to you as a gift and a child. How about it?"

Cheng Haoxuan snorted. He did not know what he meant, but he did not use this matter to mock her anymore.

However, Qu Yingxia felt that he probably thought of such a KITY child. He only needed one phone call to become the CEO, and anyone could immediately give him a car. He really did not care about this.

When they walked out of the parking lot, Qu Yingxia remembered to ask him, "Director Cheng, why did you help me today?"

Cheng Haoxuan did not answer her and walked towards the car. Qu Yingxia shook her head and turned to walk in the opposite direction.

She had to take a taxi home by herself. He was willing to take her out of that noisy auditorium. This was already a huge favor. She, Qu Yingxia, did not even dare to dream of becoming the CEO to pity her, even if she was already pregnant with his cousin's seed. Yes, it was indeed a seed.

A child was a life and could not be harmed. However, the wild seed was a burden, so she had to remove it.

So Qu Yingxia quietly turned into a corner and struggled in the dark to remove the KITY cat doll under the dress. The doll had already been rubbed until it was no longer human. Qu Yingxia casually threw it into the trash can.

The next morning, Qu Yingxia had not even opened her eyes to look at the world when the entertainment news had already caused a commotion. It was unknown which media took the lead to broadcast the news. Yesterday, Qu Yingxia, this "pregnant woman," went to cause trouble for the wedding of the Lin and Song families. Now, it was on the headlines.

All kinds of rumors were spread everywhere. Some said that Lin Guangxi was a stallion. Some said that Qu Yingxia was a slut and that she was shameless enough to destroy people's families. There was also an outdated rumor. It was said that Lin Guangxi and Cheng Haoxuan had fallen in love with Qu Yingxia, but because Lin Guangxi's bastard had strengthened Qu Yingxia, Cheng Haoxuan was so angry that he took Qu Yingxia away from the scene. In the end, the two brothers became enemies because of this "pregnant woman.

Cheng Haoxuan, who was eating breakfast and drinking coffee in the office, browsed the news online. His eyes paused for a moment, but then a mysterious smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

However, if his secretary came in at this time and saw this scene, she would definitely be surprised. The president had not smiled in years. Moreover, this strange smile was usually the moment when he was trying to get rid of a company. How scary is this...

In the morning, the company's people have been working on the issue for a long time. After that, the secretary hurriedly compiled a set of data and knocked on Cheng Haoxuan's office door.

"Come in."

Cheng Haoxuan put down the coffee in his hand. The secretary placed the document on his desk and said, "President, according to incomplete statistics, our company's shares have fallen by more than half of our previous lowest value."

The secretary was a little worried, but as the person involved, Cheng Haoxuan still looked calm.

"Yes." He did not even flip through the information. Instead, he continued to look at the computer.

The secretary continued, "Also... because the stock prices dropped, Young Master Lin was summoned back by the board of directors. There will be a meeting at eight o'clock."

Cheng Haoxuan looked up at her and said with a gloomy expression, "Got it."

Facing his cold and dignified eyes, the secretary shivered and quickly replied and left. Cheng Haoxuan watched her close the office door and thoughtfully looked at the document on the table.

At eight o'clock, Cheng Haoxuan packed up his things on time and went out with the secretary and two others to the meeting room. Before entering the meeting room, Cheng Haoxuan met Lin Guangxi at the elevator door.

Lin Guangxi had been compared with Cheng Haoxuan by his family since he was young. He would lose every match. Usually, he would listen to people nagging him, "Your cousin is talented. He has a bright future in investing, and no one can compare with him in management. Look at you, you are not good at learning, but you are good at flirting with women.

In any case, those who were good would go to Cheng Haoxuan's side. Those who were not good would put their names on Lin Guangxi. After a long time, the shadow in Lin Guangxi's heart grew more and more. However, when he saw Cheng Haoxuan, he did not have the confidence. Every time he saw Cheng Haoxuan, he felt that this cousin was very fierce.

Although he looked talented and well-dressed, and he was a social elite, Lin Guangxi was afraid of him. There was no reason for him to be afraid.

"Good morning, brother."

Lin Guangxi greeted him weakly. Cheng Haoxuan nodded and the two of them walked into the elevator for the president without any expression on their faces. The elevator led to the meeting room on the 43rd floor. Otherwise, Lin Guangxi would not normally use this to avoid awkward encounters with Cheng Haoxuan. But this time, it was an exception.

The secretary pressed the button on the 43rd floor. Lin Guangxi and Cheng Haoxuan stood side by side. However, it was obvious that one was in a trance, while the other was in a daze.

Cheng Haoxuan asked, "Did you take care of that matter?"

Hearing this, Lin Guangxi became angry. Did he take care of it or not? He did not know? He actually dared to question him! If he hadn't stopped him yesterday, wouldn't he have dealt with this matter cleanly long ago! How could he still have such a big tail left for the reporters to write about?

However, Lin Guangxi did not dare to say these words. He gritted his teeth and admitted, "No."

Cheng Haoxuan snorted and did not say anything else.

Did he deal with it or not? Couldn't anyone with discerning eyes see it? If he had handled it well, how could the Cheng's face its current predicament?

The elevator rang, and Cheng Haoxuan and Lin Guangxi walked into the meeting room.

Pushing open the crystal door, the elders of the board of directors had already gathered. Only the two of them were left. The atmosphere was solemn and subtle. Lin Guangxi walked to his seat and took a seat. Cheng Haoxuan also walked straight to the highest seat.

This meeting was very tiring.

Some of the old directors did not give up and taught the two brothers a lesson. Doing this kind of thing would simply lose the company's face. Some kept pressing for the president to give a plan to recover the loss. The war of words could be said to be intense, but Cheng Haoxuan did not say much from the beginning to the end. It was just that the people who walked out of the meeting room in the end were all those old men with gloomy expressions.

Behind him, the secretary also looked at Cheng Haoxuan with admiration.

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