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Suddenly You Love Me/C5 Mystic Phone
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C5 Mystic Phone

"Go and sort out the surveillance videos from yesterday's scene and send one to my computer." Cheng Haoxuan was still in high spirits.

The secretary quickly replied. "Yes."

The office was spacious and bright. Cheng Haoxuan frowned as he watched the video being played. The video was a little blurry, and there were many people moving around. It was a mess. Even so, he could still accurately and clearly capture things that others could not see. When the screen turned dark, Cheng Haoxuan turned off the computer. His fingers drummed on the armrest of the chair rhythmically as if he was deep in thought.

Qu Yingxia did not know what was going on outside. She was enjoying her small life.

"I'll give you an apple."

The apple fell on one of her palms.

Liu Xiaotao stared at her discontentedly. "It's an apple again. Can't you be a little better?"

Qu Yingxia smiled and said, "What do you mean by quality?"

Liu Xiaotao pouted. "I want to eat Saint Dai."

Pointing at the door on the left, Qu Yingxia said, "Go out and turn left." There was a dessert shop.

So Liu Xiaotao was completely silent.

Forget it, forget it. This guy is like this. He really knows how to squeeze good friends. Liu Xiaotao is a good man who doesn't get along with a lowly servant and fights, obediently nibbling on an apple.

Qu Yingxia smiled happily. The phone rang, and she casually fished it over and placed it on her shoulder. "Hello, who is it?"

A lowered male voice said, "You don't need to know who I am. " You just need to know that I'm here to help you. "

Qu Yingxia was surprised. Liu Xiaotao saw that her expression was not right and also came over to listen.

"Didn't you hate Lin Guangxi for abandoning you and your mother? Now there is a good opportunity for you to seize. As long as you are willing to stand out and publicly denounce him, we can help you completely ruin his reputation."

Qu Yingxia initially felt that it was a little strange, but when she thought of Lin Guangxi that little bastard really knew how to stir up trouble. Perhaps this was his old enemy, and he wanted to use her matter to destroy him. In the past, Qu Yingxia might have foolishly believed it, but ever since she started the wedding banquet, How much of an impact did it bring to the Cheng's? The stock prices plummeted. The losses were heavy, so she knew that she was staying at home. Furthermore, she had been hiding at home for a long time. At the wedding banquet, the president of Cheng's had helped her, no matter what. It was a lie that she said she didn't feel guilty towards him.

Qu Yingxia shook her head and replied, "No need. After I caused a ruckus, I no longer have any resentment. You guys can do it yourselves."

The person on the other side of the phone wanted to say something, but Qu Yingxia did not wait for him and directly hung up the phone.

Liu Xiaotao asked her: "Or is it because of that matter?"

Qu Yingxia nodded her head tiredly.

After Qu Yingxia hung up the phone, she was deep in thought. But soon the phone in her hand rang again. She picked it up and said somewhat annoyed, "Hello? I already said that I don't need it! Don't bother me anymore."

However, the other side of the phone was silent for a moment. Then, another voice that was different from before sounded. It was a low voice." It's me. Cheng Haoxuan."

Qu Yingxia was stunned for a moment. Then, she immediately reacted and stuttered, "Ah, oh, Director Cheng? What's the matter?"

Cheng Haoxuan's lips curled up slightly and said, "I asked you to come out. "I need to talk to you about something. The location is at the Starbucks cafe on Ninth Street."

After saying that, Qu Yingxia did not react. Liu Xiaotao pushed her anxiously and only then did she react. She foolishly said to the phone, "Okay."

After hanging up the phone, Qu Yingxia still had a face full of confusion. Her close friend clicked her tongue and shook her head. Her eyes looked at her playfully. It seemed that this bastard had a chance.

Cheng Haoxuan put down his phone and opened the file to browse. His expression was one of joy. He could imagine how the man looked when he received his phone call. He felt that it was... not bad.

Outside the room, Han Shuting was wearing a black cheongsam. The beautiful lines outlined the sexy curves and charming posture of a mature woman. She had been standing by the door with a cold face for a long time. She had only poked half of her body into the dark, but she could clearly see everything that Cheng Haoxuan had done in the room.

He actually took the initiative to call that woman?

She was a little panicked in her heart. She had a crush on Cheng Haoxuan for so many years. She had never seen any expression on his face. Angry, suppressed, calm, serious and wise... but she had never seen such an expression on his face. A little bit relaxed, a little happy, and a little like...

Han Shuting could not accept it. For a moment, she felt a burning anger in her heart. The burning sensation spread to her head. She gritted her teeth and turned around to walk out.

The secretary saw that her expression was not right and asked, "Miss Han, are you not feeling well? Do you want to tell the president?"

Han Shuting looked at her and coldly said, "No need." After saying that, she walked into the elevator.

The secretary was puzzled. Didn't Miss Han say she wanted to see the president? Why didn't she go in and say hello to the CEO and left just like that?

However, Han Shuting did not leave. She found a window seat in the hall downstairs and leaned against it. She made a phone call. "Hello, it's me. There's something I need you to do... Yes, find someone. Ninth Street Starbuck Hotel... Woman..."

After hanging up the phone, Han Shuting looked at the distant horizon with a sinister gaze and muttered, "There is no love yet. I have plenty of ways to make you die in the soil!"

Qu Yingxia rolled her eyes and was already too lazy to explain. She grabbed her backpack and shook her head before leaving.

When they arrived at the coffee shop that they had agreed on, Qu Yingxia looked left and right but did not see Cheng Haoxuan, so she went in first to find a seat and sat down.

The waiter came over and asked her, "Miss, do you want anything?"

Qu Yingxia smiled politely. "I'm waiting for someone. I'll order when he comes."

The waiter smiled and went back. Qu Yingxia shook her head and looked around. Probably because it was the weekend, the restaurant was full of people. But very quickly, a man pushed the door open and came in. He rudely knocked the door against the frame. Then, he saw Qu Yingxia and Qu Yingxia face to face. Qu Yingxia felt that he seemed to be slightly surprised and then the man walked straight towards her.

Qu Yingxia met his gaze and for some reason, she felt goosebumps in her heart. She had never seen this man before. But he seemed to know her. Could it be that she had met some patient's family before? She did not remember. However, this man was big and rough. Before he even walked in front of her, he scolded her, "You little girl. Forget about eating my food and drinking mine. You already have a child, yet you still dare to come out and fish a man!"

Qu Yingxia was stunned. Where did she get a child? The man also looked at her. Her small belly was flat. Could it be that she could not be seen in just two or three months?

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