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But soon he came to his senses and the man grabbed her arm. Qu Yingxia was in pain and struggled to swing it away. She said, "Who are you? What are you doing?" But she could not push him away, so Qu Yingxia hurriedly turned to the waiter and asked for help in panic, "I don't know him! This person is a human trafficker, I do not know him!"

The man was angry and glared at her, scolding, "Damn it, not only do you not return the debts, you even f * * king flirt with men everywhere! The person who collects debts is a human trafficker? You said that you would live with me, but you decided to dump me when you saw a better one? Bah, you don't even have a door! " The man suddenly pulled Qu Yingxia away from her position.

Although Qu Yingxia was dragged into a sorry state, she still looked at him with a strong aura and scolded, "Who the hell are you!? I already said that I don't know him. Is there anyone who brought a brain to work? Help me kick him away!"

After Qu Yingxia said that, the male waiters finally reacted. They all rushed up to persuade the man to let go of Qu Yingxia. The man was not willing and said, "Tell me, you are pregnant with my child and still dare to ask a man out. Are you a slut?"

Qu Yingxia was angry. She stood still and did not move. Her eyes were burning with anger.

The man said again, "I say, we will slowly settle our matters after we go home. Can you not embarrass yourself here? As husband and wife, why can't we sit down and talk? Why do we have to take my child away with someone else?"

When the surrounding spectators saw him say so, they immediately looked at Qu Yingxia strangely. Qu Yingxia did not know what to do for a moment. She could only suppress her anger and blush. At this moment, she saw behind the man. Cheng Haoxuan pushed open the door and walked in. When the man saw that her expression was not right, he also turned around. For some reason, When Qu Yingxia turned around, she actually felt... The man in front of him seemed to be waiting for Cheng Haoxuan on purpose.

Cheng Haoxuan wore a branded suit and had an extraordinary bearing. The moment he entered, many people turned their eyes to him. Cheng Haoxuan walked to Qu Yingxia's side and looked at her. After confirming that she was fine, he nodded his head and said to the man. "Sir, your acting is really good."

When the man saw him, it was as if he had seen gold. His eyes widened and he said, "Oh, you are this woman's little lover, right? What, you didn't dare to come out just now, but now you dare to come out and save the scene?"

Cheng Haoxuan was not moved by his words. He took a step forward but faintly blocked Qu Yingxia behind him. His tone was calm and unchanging as he said, "Have you had enough? Qu Yingxia is not pregnant, where will your child come from?" The corner of his mouth slightly curled up. His eyes revealed a ruthless glint. He looked at the man with a teasing look and said, "Your family did not give you any information to slander people?"

Qu Yingxia realized that Cheng Haoxuan should have come a long time ago when he said these words, but why did he only come out to help her now? Could it be that he really wanted to see her make a fool of herself? But then she thought about it, why did he help you? Just because you fiddled with his family's shares, you caused them to suffer heavy losses?

Qu Yingxia was a little dazed. Shangjia? Who would be the one who wanted to deal with her?

Cheng Haoxuan turned his face to the stunned waiters and continued, "She is not pregnant. This man was hired to cause trouble. Is there any rule in your management that requires special treatment for the guests who are here to cause trouble?"

Hearing his warning tone, the waiters panicked.

Coincidentally, the coffee shop's manager wasn't here today. These waiters had no leader, so they did not know what to do at first. However, someone quickly recognized the president of the Cheng's. Mr. Cheng Haoxuan. He was a great god in the business world. It was already good enough to see his heroic appearance on TV. How could they see him in such a small shop? The waiters who were surprised at first also reacted at this time. Now that they heard what President Cheng said, They were suddenly alert. The leader waved his hand to let the security guard from the backstage come out and threaten the man to leave. Otherwise, he would call the police.

The man was surprised that Qu Yingxia was not pregnant. The news he got was that he pretended to be Qu Yingxia's lover and then framed the child in her womb as his own. He let the CEO Cheng who came to meet her think that this woman betrayed him and stole the man. He made them break off. That was it.

But now it was contrary to his wishes. He did not expect that the woman was actually not pregnant!

The man panicked, but his actions had aroused the anger of the people in the shop. Some of the kind-hearted customers recognized Cheng Haoxuan after the commotion. They all came back to their senses and wanted to help drive him away and beat him up. The man fled in panic amidst the crowd's curses. He pushed open the door and staggered out.

Cheng Haoxuan said faintly behind him, "Go back and tell your superior. Next time you do something like this, it's best not to let me catch you. Otherwise..."

The naked threat made the man not dare to turn back and run even faster.

Cheng Haoxuan turned back. The small shop was crowded with people. Some of them were taking pictures of him with their phones. Cheng Haoxuan looked around. Wherever he went, there was a scream. "Wow! So handsome! So handsome!"

Most of the voices were from girls. Cheng Haoxuan was not moved. He turned around and saw Qu Yingxia looking up at him. Her eyes were dark and full of suspicion.

Cheng Haoxuan was about to tell her where his deduction came from. He knew that the people who caused trouble in the video were not on the same group as her, but when the phone rang, Cheng Haoxuan's expression changed when he picked it up. In the end, he had to say goodbye to Qu Yingxia and go back to take care of things.

After he walked out, the shop was still bustling with noise. He left Qu Yingxia alone to receive everyone's scrutinizing gazes.

When Qu Yingxia returned home, it was already dark. Cheng Haoxuan picked up a phone call and left. He had an appointment to talk to her next time, but this time, he did not have time to say anything to her. It was as if he had just seen a joke.

Qu Yingxia was very tired.

The next day, Qu Yingxia went to work. Her days were pushed forward like this. Yesterday, she was tired from being disturbed by others. Today, she had to get up and work for others.

As a gynecologist hospital, Qu Yingxia did not have much personal time.

"Dr. Qu, morning."


Qu Yingxia greeted her colleagues who were passing by. She was in a good mood.

When she went to the front desk to pick up a few files, Qu Yingxia saw someone she should not have seen. Cheng Haoxuan.

A black car slowly stopped at the entrance of the hospital. After Cheng Haoxuan got out of the car, he went to the back seat to help an old lady get out of the car. On his left, a woman also got out of the car. She was dressed elegantly and generously. She looked like an elite in Cheng Haoxuan's circle.

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