Suddenly You Love Me/C7 Han Shuting's Target
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Suddenly You Love Me/C7 Han Shuting's Target
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C7 Han Shuting's Target

Cheng Haoxuan gently held the grandmother's hand. She was probably in her seventies.

"Dr. Qu, this is for you."

The receptionist sorted out a document. Qu Yingxia smiled and said politely, "Thank you." She took the document and was about to leave.

However, someone also saw her. Moreover, she did not intend to let her leave.

Cheng Haoxuan brought Grandma and the woman to the front desk. Qu Yingxia could not avoid him and could only greet him, "Hello, President Cheng."

Cheng Haoxuan nodded and said, "Morning, we meet again."

"Again... Qu Yingxia really did not want to see him anymore. The matter with Lin Guangxi had already passed, so there was no need for them to interact anymore.

Cheng Haoxuan asked, "Are you a doctor in this family?"

He looked at the doctor's sign on Qu Yingxia's chest. Qu Yingxia avoided his gaze and said, "Yes, a gynecologist."

Grandma seemed to be in good spirits. She looked at Qu Yingxia with a smile and asked Cheng Haoxuan, "Xuan Xuan, this is your friend."

Cheng Haoxuan heard her and glanced at Qu Yingxia. He said, "Yes, Grandma. We just met. Her name is Qu Yingxia." He then introduced her to the two people on the right, "Han Shuting, the eldest daughter of the Han family."

Qu Yingxia nodded obediently and greeted," Hello. "

This was the first time Han Shuting had seen Qu Yingxia and she could not help but look at her a few more times, "Hello." Her tone was as cold as Cheng Haoxuan's.

At the same time they were talking, another person came down from upstairs. It was the director of gynecology, Chen Chenzhou, who was responsible for entertaining them. Director Chen seemed to be very busy in the morning. Once he saw Cheng Haoxuan for a few days, he came to their side very quickly. His forehead was sweating.

"Director Cheng, you guys are here."

Cheng Haoxuan shook his hand and said, "Yes, have you arranged everything?"

Director Chen naturally said, "Yes, yes, everything has been arranged." He saw Qu Yingxia also here and asked, "Dr. Qu, sigh, are you busy now? If not, quickly come over and help me. The patient queue is long. I still have to receive Director Cheng here. I'll come back later. "

Coincidentally, the investor of this hospital is the Cheng's. Speaking of which, Cheng Haoxuan was the big boss of this hospital. Naturally, Director Chen would prioritize everything first. Only after receiving them would he be able to attend to other matters, even if he, the director, was so busy that he had no time to spare. He did not dare to neglect them. Moreover, he had been intentionally trying to curry favor with Director Cheng. Now that there was a chance in front of him, how could he not grasp it with all his strength?

Qu Yingxia did not know the inside story and thought that Director Chen disliked her putting it here. Watching the show, she hurriedly said, "Ah, Okay, I'll take a few documents back. I'll go over and help you now." With that, she really left.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Haoxuan stopped her and said to Chen Bizhou, "Director Chen, just let Dr. Qu wait for us. You go and do what you need to do."

Chen Biaozhou was stunned when he heard that. Why did they remove him just like that? However, he did not dare to show his dissatisfaction. He immediately replied, "Aiyaya, okay. Dr. Qu, help me take care of Director Cheng first. Work hard. You cannot neglect Director Cheng. This is the flow schedule."

After handing the things to Qu Yingxia, Chen Bizhou left dejectedly. He felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Qu Yingxia did not know that he had been pointed out to receive Cheng Haoxuan just like that. She was a little unwilling, but she could not decline.

Han Shuting and Cheng Haoxuan supported Grandma from left and right. Qu Yingxia could only lead the way in front and entered a designated advanced ward. She had to get the nurse to give Grandma an IV first.

Coincidentally, there was someone else looking for Qu Yingxia. She saw that she was temporarily not needed here. She greeted Cheng Haoxuan and followed the young nurse out.

Han Shuting waited for her to leave and glared at Cheng Haoxuan with dissatisfaction. "Brother Haoxuan, why did you let this doctor serve Grandma? She is too young after all. Look at how she does things."

Cheng Haoxuan did not comment. He covered Grandma with a thin blanket and applied it on her thigh. He said, "What is there to pay attention to?"

"What's wrong with her attitude when she needs to provide service? The IV drip was hung by a nurse. You found the blanket. What else did she do besides taking the road and running away?" Han Shuting reprimanded him with a gloomy expression.

Cheng Haoxuan did not say anything. Seeing his grandmother narrowing her eyes, he walked out on his own.

Han Shuting looked at his back and stomped her feet. She gritted her teeth in her heart and thought, How can I meet her everywhere? Look at how Haoxuan is protecting her now!

Cheng Haoxuan went to find the young nurse who had just chatted with Qu Yingxia at the front desk and asked her. "How is Dr. Qu usually?"

The nurse was stunned and said in a mute voice, "She is quite good."

"Then does she... have any hidden diseases, such as... AIDS?"

The young nurse laughed. "How is that possible!? "Our hospital has a physical examination every year. Dr. Qu has never had a boyfriend. Why would she have AIDS? "Moreover, she loves her body very much and often trains."

Cheng Haoxuan understood that Qu Yingxia did not have AIDS. So even this was a lie she made up?

When he went back, Qu Yingxia was already in the ward, but her expression was not good. And Han Shuting was more or less the same.

Qu Yingxia saw that Cheng Haoxuan came back, she turned her head and said to him, "President Cheng, if you think that my standards are not good enough to serve you guys, then I will have to trouble you guys to replace me. I can't stand this. "

Han Shuting did not want to hear it and scolded, "What kind of attitude is this? Is being a doctor very impressive? Can't you even pour water?"

Qu Yingxia was so angry that she almost threw the folder in her hand. She tightened her palm and said," It's not that I can't do it. But how many times have you asked me to pour water for you? The hot water is at the end of the corridor. You want clean water and water to come out of the door. There is a water company on the left. This is a hospital, we don't have such a particular service!"

Grandma also woke up at this time. Seeing the two girls quarreling over some water for her, she couldn't help but smile. She patted Cheng Haoxuan's hand and said to him, "Sigh, it's not Xiao Qu's fault. It's not good to have more people in the hospital. I drink all kinds of water. I don't care about these things."

Han Shuting's face turned gloomy when she heard that.

Cheng Haoxuan also understood. He only saw his grandmother smiling at Qu Yingxia and knew that she did not recognize her. This was the person who caused trouble at Lin Guangxi's wedding that day. He thought about it and did not want his grandmother to know, so he called Qu Yingxia out alone.

Outside the door, Qu Yingxia stood against him.

"Don't let your grandmother know about the farce between you and Lin Guangxi that day. She doesn't like people lying to her. This matter is exposed and it has a huge impact on her mood. " Let me know that you are gossiping in front of her... "Cheng Haoxuan looked at her threateningly and said coldly.

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