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Suddenly You Love Me/C8 Being Searched by Human Flesh
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C8 Being Searched by Human Flesh

Qu Yingxia was a little unhappy. She did not intend to reveal this matter, but she also hated being threatened. So she replied, "That may not be the case. It has to be seen as what the president thinks. " If you guys continue to torture me like this, I might expose it to Grandma at any time and treat it as a joke. "

Cheng Haoxuan frowned slightly, but Qu Yingxia did not wait for him to lose his temper and said," Why is this matter endless? Yesterday, someone called me and told me that as long as I stood out and announced it, they would be able to defeat Lin Guangxi for me. However, I didn't agree. "

Hearing that, Cheng Haoxuan thought of something. The chaos caused by those people in the scene back then did not seem to be the same as Qu Yingxia. It seemed that someone was controlling all of this behind the scenes.

Cheng Haoxuan instructed her, "Don't act rashly in this matter. I will go back and investigate clearly."

Qu Yingxia did not have any ulterior motives, so she naturally agreed. As long as Director Cheng's family did not disturb her again, she would be very happy.

Qu Yingxia's life gradually returned to normal. However, there were still people who were unwilling to let her go.

This morning, Liu Xiaotao angrily called Qu Yingxia and woke her up around four o'clock in the morning.

"Quickly go online and take a look!"

Liu Xiaotao's tone was very anxious but Qu Yingxia still looked confused. But when she turned on the computer, she was stunned.

She... was searched by human flesh?!

Her own information, photos, home address, work location and education had all been sorted into a thread and posted online. In just an hour, he had browsed more than ten thousand.

Qu Yingxia browsed through the picture and the flourishing thread. Her expression was terrifyingly gloomy.

The next day, when Qu Yingxia went to work, she clearly felt that the people around her looked at her in a very different way.

In this world, which one could leave the Internet? They must have seen the headlines from last night. So no one dared to greet her this morning because she was the vixen that caused the Cheng's brothers to become enemies? Qu Yingxia sneered.

"Dr. Qu, the director said that when you come, you will go to his office to look for him." A young nurse said.

Qu Yingxia nodded and put her hands in her pockets.

In the director's office. She saw the two people she hated the most, Lin Guangxi and Soong Yawen.

Qu Yingxia pushed open the door. Lin Guangxi was red in the face. He knocked on the dean's desk and shouted, "No matter what, fire her! With this matter, it would be fine if the Cheng's was dragged to death. " Now that the hospital's work has been exposed after being searched by human flesh, preparing to harm the reputation of the hospital, think about it yourself. How serious this matter is! "

Qu Yingxia walked in and looked at him unhurriedly. She said to the hospital director with a calm expression, "Director. Are you planning to fire me?"

The director was speechless.

Everyone had seen Qu Yingxia's results in the hospital. If it was any other matter, the hospital director would definitely not agree. But now, it was the owner of the hospital who asked to fire her. He had no way to save her.

On the other hand, Soong Yawen saw Qu Yingxia come in and suddenly said hypocritically, "I feel that doing this matter will be letting Dr. Qu down."

The dean and Lin Guangxi looked at her at the same time. Soong Yawen raised her hand and pinched her newly made nails. She revealed a bewitching smile and said, "Isn't that so? Dr. Qu was just abandoned by her lover. She was so angry that she went to cause trouble for the wedding. She definitely did not think it would be so serious before it happened, right? Moreover, What Guangxi did was not right. But now that something has happened, she has to bear the consequences alone. " Soong Yawen looked at Qu Yingxia with pity. Dr. Qu, I remember. And the people who went to cause trouble with you that day? Are they going to watch you lose your job just like that?"

Qu Yingxia sneered and said, "How would I know? Who found those people? Oh. "Maybe it's you guys who don't have a good reputation and that's why they're taking revenge on purpose?"

Soong Yawen kept emphasizing that she was "abandoned," Lin Guangxi, and her friends who had caused trouble together. It was as if Qu Yingxia was a rotten woman from the beginning to the end.

Qu Yingxia would never be soft-hearted towards her enemies. Her hands were in her pockets and her expression was cold as she retorted back to Soong Yawen.

Soong Yawen's expression changed when she heard that. Then, she glared at her and said, "You! I have good intentions to remind you. Are you going to treat me like this?" She looked at Lin Guangxi with grievance, but Lin Guangxi did not speak for her. He silently stared at Qu Yingxia like a poisonous snake.

Qu Yingxia smiled and said with a snort, "You're not bad. I can still fight a few words with you. Unlike a certain someone, I will not speak to a 'beast' that is not as good as a beast anymore."

Lin Guangxi's ruthless gaze swept over her and Qu Yingxia pretended not to see it.

The director had a headache. This matter could not be settled in a short period of time. Otherwise, it would not be handled well. If someone did not avenge Qu Yingxia and ruin the reputation of the hospital's unfairness, he would have offended the Young Master of the Dong family.

If this matter could not be resolved, the hospital director would let them all go back first. He would think about it later.

Qu Yingxia pushed the door open and the back of the door suddenly trembled. She walked out and saw many colleagues walking back and forth in the corridor.

Qu Yingxia looked at them coldly and walked past them as if there was no one around. In this world, there was no lack of good people. Otherwise, how could she be found out by human flesh? She was afraid that the world would not be chaotic.

When she walked over, Qu Yingxia heard a lot of nagging sounds.

"That's right. Miss Soong is such a good person. Helping her and getting scolded by her."

"I didn't know Dr. Qu was actually such a person in the past!"

"That's right. She looks quite upright but her heart technique is not good..."

Qu Yingxia automatically blocked off these gossips. There were people who felt injustice for Soong Yawen but why was there no one who felt injustice for her? Who did she offend? Why did she have to go against her like this? Qu Yingxia quickened her footsteps and turned into her office.

In the next few days, Qu Yingxia walked in the corridor of the hospital. No one said a word to her.

She ate alone and looked after the patient. She was as silent as a mute. However, what she could not bear was that even some patients and their family members had a very big opinion of her. They specifically did not allow Qu Yingxia to see the doctor. Qu Yingxia gritted her teeth. These people had gone crazy! Was she going to die or was she going to watch a show?!

Although she was unhappy in her heart, she could not change anything. On the third day, the director asked her to go to the office to talk.

When she left the office, it was already half dark. Qu Yingxia looked up at the white light on the stairs. She was so tired that she did not want to move.

She was dismissed. The reason given by the director was impeccable. The patient was dissatisfied with her service, and her medical ethics needed to be improved.

Hehe, bullshit medical ethics. She had worked for the patient for eight consecutive hours on the operating table. She did not sleep or rest. If this was not medical ethics, What was medical ethics? Can't you uphold justice for yourself being cheated?

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