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C9 Deal

Qu Yingxia was disheartened. She picked up her backpack and went to the river alone.

The cold wind blew at her at night and woke her up a lot. Wasn't it just losing a job? It was not like she had a terminal illness. But Qu Yingxia still felt wronged. She was alone, why did she have to work so hard?

As Qu Yingxia walked, a car turned on the night light and shone at her feet. She turned around. The glaring yellow light made her unable to open her eyes.

"Get in the car."

Cheng Haoxuan originally wanted to go home, but he did not expect to see Qu Yingxia here.

Qu Yingxia shook her head and left when she saw him. She did not want to see these people now.

Cheng Haoxuan turned off the car engine and got out of the car to follow behind her. He asked Qu Yingxia, "Why are you not going home by yourself? What are you doing here?"

Qu Yingxia replied, "I'm taking a walk."

"Just take a walk. Why are your eyes red?" Cheng Haoxuan did not give up and tried to dig out her sore spot.

Qu Yingxia rolled her eyes and said blindly, "Red-eyed disease."

Cheng Haoxuan nodded and said, "I have to treat it. Don't you want to go to the hospital?"

Qu Yingxia sighed, "We can't go. I was fired."

Seeing that she had finally told the truth, it seemed like she was in a bad mood. Cheng Haoxuan originally planned to let her go. But looking at her listless face, she was tempted to tease her. He said quietly, "So miserable? Heh, it's a bit interesting."

Qu Yingxia stared at him. This person, was he the CEO of the Cheng's? A legendary figure in the business world? This bastard was gloating and had no morals. This is a fake CEO, right?!

Qu Yingxia turned her face to look at her when she heard that. When she turned around, her eyes were red. There was still a layer of undried water in her eyes that hung under her long eyelashes.

Cheng Haoxuan was stunned for a moment. He looked at her delicate face and bright eyes. There was a trace of unwillingness in his eyes. He suddenly felt that there was something soft in his heart that seemed to tremble slightly.

Cheng Haoxuan turned his head and pretended to look coldly at the rippling water in the river. He said, "I have a suggestion to help you. "Let's... make a deal. I will let you continue to work in the hospital and find an opportunity to personally clarify the misunderstanding with Soong Yawen's family. Their family will not look for trouble with you in the future because of me."

He threw out the bait but Qu Yingxia did not budge and looked at him, indicating for him to continue speaking terms. Cheng Haoxuan said, "Help me do something and cooperate with me to force out the other group of people who caused trouble that day."

This condition was indeed beneficial to her. But Qu Yingxia rejected it without thinking. She did not like being threatened by others to do something. She had been like this since she was young.

"No need. It's just a job. I can solve it myself. I don't need to trouble the president."

Qu Yingxia rolled her eyes and walked to the side of the road to stop a taxi. She nodded to Cheng Haoxuan and signaled the driver to leave.

Cheng Haoxuan stood where he was and looked at the back of the car. His eyes were dim under the lights and he was deep in thought.

How could she be so brave? The corner of Cheng Haoxuan's mouth curved up slightly. He also got into the car and drove away.

Qu Yingxia had lost her job and Liu Xiaotao knew about it. She wanted to comfort her on the phone but she was also very busy these few days. So Qu Yingxia could only clear up her mood the next day and go to the major hospitals alone to look for a job.

After three days, she submitted more than ten resumes. Some even asked her to go for an interview, but the final result was still not passed.

Qu Yingxia felt that there was no justice. With her experience and ability, how could there not be a hospital that took a liking to her?! There must be something wrong here.

But even if she knew, so what? She was clearly being played with and sealed off. It would be strange if she could find a job. She sighed. Now, it seemed that she had no choice but to give in.

Qu Yingxia sat on a stone chair by the side of the street and made a call to Cheng Haoxuan. This was the phone number he called to ask her out the last time.

"Hello, it's me, Qu Yingxia. I agree."

Cheng Haoxuan received her call as expected. He turned his chair to face a huge French window. His expression could not be seen under the light. "Yes, I know. I'll arrange it tomorrow."

The conversation between the two was so simple, but it showed that they had a tacit understanding. Qu Yingxia hung up the phone and laughed self-deprecatingly. She walked home on foot.

Qu Yingxia went back to work. But she was willing to agree to Cheng Haoxuan's conditions. She did not really yield. She was just lying in ambush in the enemy's camp, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. In her dictionary, there was no word "yield." Otherwise, she would not have dared to cause a wedding because she was not in a good mood for a short period of time.

Qu Yingxia was still in her white coat. She looked refreshed and smiled. As usual, she went to the front desk to receive her file. The director was very efficient. After Cheng Haoxuan said it, she was immediately called back by the hospital.

"Xiaofang, have you not sorted out my documents yet? I am in a hurry to use them." After piling up the files for a few days, Qu Yingxia was in a hurry to take them back and read them properly. Only after she had sorted out the documents could she be at ease to help the patient.

The front desk nurse called Wu Xiaofang. When she heard that, she looked up coldly and said to her, "Dr. Qu is not done yet. We have to wait in line first."

Qu Yingxia frowned. When did she wait in line in the past? Xiaofang privately had some friendship with her. When she first came in, she was not familiar with the environment and Qu Yingxia helped her everywhere. Therefore, she had always been anxious about her feelings and was always the first to sort out the information for her. But now, even she had to learn from others to bully her?

Qu Yingxia smiled politely and turned around to leave nonchalantly. She looked ahead and walked. Along the way, no matter how many colleagues she met, she did not look at them. There was no need to look. She did not look, but she was not worried.

After another three hours, Qu Yingxia went to the front desk to rush the files again. She had been in a mess for three hours and there was no record of the patient. How was she supposed to treat the patient? Could it be a random check? Qu Yingxia was so angry that she was a little anxious. When she went to the front desk, she saw Xiao Fang leisurely drinking a glass of milk.

"Xiao Fang, my information." Qu Yingxia looked at her coldly. Xiao Fang blew on the steaming hot milk in the cup but this time she did not even raise her head to look at her. She said perfunctorily, "Okay, wait. There are two more in front."

Qu Yingxia was angry. Every doctor had his duty at his post. Her information was delayed and the patient's treatment was delayed. In the end, the responsibility was still on her. She could not get anything from Wu Xiaofang. Of course, she could not hesitate! However, Qu Yingxia did not realize that she was indirect and irresponsible. Why did she neglect to teach them this in the past?

Qu Yingxia slapped her table and said angrily, "I want it now. Put down the milk and tidy it up for me immediately."

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