Sugar Baby/C2 Business Proposal
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Sugar Baby/C2 Business Proposal
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C2 Business Proposal

"Hi, I hope you don't mind that I ordered for you. It's all on us of course, company expenses." She showed off her pearly whites.

"So Adriana, I'm Lorraine. I don't think we've met. Now, I'm confused about what kind of business proposal that you intend to pitch me?" I sat in front of her drinking my champagne, still trying to figure out how she knew me. Was she one of my parent's friends?

"Yes Lorraine, no we haven't met before. I'm a member of the club. I'm what you called a headhunter for a job available. But I specialized in a different kind of field of expertise. I've heard about your situation. Please don't leave, just listen and think about it. You don't have to answer or even get back to me if you're not interested."

I was about to get up, this sounded shadier. I didn't like where this conversation is going. Then she gave me her card, there was no company name, just her name Adriana and her mobile number. There wasn't even a last name. I drank more champagne, and try to stay as still as possible.

"Good. Thank you, Lorraine. First of all, we are offering you a very exclusive contract. Our company handled the biggest named clients in the country. We are very proud of our listing." She held my hand and look into my eyes. I was still confused about what she was offering, I think I know, but I just refused to believe my train of thought.

"We know about your situation. We could help you, as we could also profit from you. It's a win-win, we have studied your background. As I say, we have the biggest named client. We don't let random people in. It's a very exclusive offer. We offered you to be our high paid escort. I assumed you know about sugar daddy? Well...I'm recruiting you to be our sugar baby." I finally choke on my drink.

"What the hell? How could you? Why? What makes you think? Damn it? Is this a joke? Who put you up to this?...." I blurted out questions after questions. But she calmly rubbed the top of my hand and smile sincerely.

"Lorraine, I know it's a lot to take in. But I need you to think about it. I'm not waiting for a fast response. This lifestyle is not for everyone. But this is a very exclusive proposal. I assure you that no one will know. We are very discreet, because of our client's names. That's why we only recruited a handful of ladies in a year." She paused to drink her champagne.

"Just sleep on it, for a couple of days, weeks up to you. I will be waiting, I hope you do join us. At some stage, you will easily get your horseback. The money is very enticing. But I won't talk about that now, I will need your commitment first. I will need your open mind for this lifestyle. Take the card, call me when you have your answer."

We talked some more and finish our lunch. Then she left me at the bistro, I was still stunned by the proposal. My mind was on overdrive now.

I decided to go grocery shopping to clear my head. Since that was all I could afford right now. God! I'm so poor...

Damn it, woman! You can do this, you're lucky you can afford groceries.

I was heading back to my apartment. Groceries on both of my hands, Phil noticed that I was buying groceries instead of Pradas and Diors, and I never order gourmet food anymore. He would give me the look sometimes.

"Hey Phil, no don't worry I got it." But at the same time, someone bumped into me and made all my groceries fall. And that was it, he was yelling at me when the eggs fall and break on his Guccis.

"Damn it, girl! I just got this. Now I have to get back and change. I'm running out of time. I can't be late. You've just cost me my time."

Phil was on my side instantly. But I already had a breakdown far before the eggs fell on his shoes. Cause it also fell on my favorite pair of white Louboutin, and I know I could not afford to have it cleaned properly, let alone replace it with a new one. My eyes watered instantly as I wiped it roughly.

He seemed to be stunned that he had made me cry.

"Come Ms. Matthews. I'll help you with your penthouse." I glared at Phil.

"Sori Lori, look...let me help you okay. You look like you had a very rough day. Just this one time okay Ms... I mean Lori?" He smiled and start picking up my stuff.

I joined him and ignored the guy. He was one of those snobs looking people too busy for their time, to even look at where they're walking. They're the people that would expect you to parted ways, just to let them pass and walk in a straight line.

"Look hmm...I'm sorry that I snapped. Don't cry okay? Just watch where you're going next time okay?" The guy cleaned his shoes with his handkerchief, then he smiles at me. For a second he looked genuinely sorry. Then his phone buzzed, and he was barking orders to the other line.

Well, there goes the handsome face.

Wait what?

Phil snapped my daydream, by calling me out from the elevator to join him.

Then I was back to my problems in no time, overworking my little head off. I finally thanked Phil for helping me with the groceries and set it on the kitchen counter. My whole week worth of food, I was saving on dining out.

I quickly tried to clean my Louboutin and save it as best as I could. I should start googling on cleaning shoe DIY, I need to save this pair.

After taking a quick shower, I decided to start taking pictures of my designer bags and shoes that I would be selling on eBay. I was starting from the expensive ones and the ones that I rarely use. Then there were still boxes that I hadn't opened from my parents' house.

God! This will take forever.

At least it was the weekend ahead and I had a couple of days to snap and post before I had to go to campus on Monday.

I worked hard that weekend, I posted a lot and sold a couple of my items fast. I keep track of the money and calculated it for my tuition.

Damn! This is going too slow. I'm so exhausted.

I decided to drink, still got my stash of liquor at the bar. Thank god I did a lot of partying before.

Hmm...maybe I can sell this.

I was laughing my ass off now, as I saw dollar signs attached to everything I touch now. I was going crazy. I needed to stop thinking about money, I need to get wasted.

So there I was, alone on a Friday evening drinking my problems away cruising on Google trying to find the best way to clean my favorite pair of Louboutin.

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