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C2 Getting Prepped

"Gary...leave the administration work for tomorrow, you need to strip and get in the studio and pose for Francois. Wait, have you wax?" Kamaria asked me as she passed my desk, on her way to the pantry.

She never allowed me to make her coffee, she always makes her own, though I was officially her assistant slash errand boy. But she was just like Adriana, she respects people no matter what their job is.

But Kamaria took it to the next level, as she won't even let me make her coffee. She just shrugged as I asked her why saying she like the random things that she could do without even thinking. So I just leave her be and put it down as one of her quirks.

"Yes, I'm currently trimmed and hairless and already cover up my bruises. I'll let Francois check it again before the shoot." Adriana had informed Kamaria the glimpse of my back story in joining the sugar baby listing, so she knew about my bruises.

Then I went to the studio and stripped for Francois. He had asked me yesterday, to bring my boxing shorts and the works. He wanted me to tell a story in my poses. He was as good as Adriana said.

"Hey Gary, put on your boxing hand wraps and just hold the gloves and pose with one of the small briefs on the racks there. The white one first, then the navy one later. You can sit there on the stool, legs apart...yes, just stay like that, perfect. No, don't smile. Just look at the camera. Gorgeous, damn! You're good at this. Okay, now turned to the side a bit, give me your backside...flex your back muscles, just a bit, great, sexy...." The shoot went on for a little more than an hour.

I was feeling good when he showed me the end result. It actually looked good, provocatively alluring. He told me, that he might know some people if I wanted to do some underwear modeling on the side.

"You're a natural Gary, and those tattoos, they're currently a hot thing in the industry. Adriana said you're doing this baby thing temporarily. So just come to me, if you needed some extra money, it won't be as much as the baby thing. But it could open more doors for your career. You follow my instructions very well, that's one point photographers like in their models...." We talked over coffee after the shoot. I understand why Adriana used to have a casual fling thing with him. He was a really nice guy, and easy to talk to.

I finished my day with the legal department, putting my signatures on all the necessary documents. Then I was back to my desk, and finish off on my work for the day.

"Damn Gary, I thought I told you to leave that for tomorrow. Come! The babies and I are going out for a beer." She closed her office door and sat on my desk.

"I have to pass on that Kamaria, I got my sparing schedule tonight..." I was still typing when she grabbed my mouse and clicked on save then turned off my computer.

"You could make it if we leave right now. Just one glass, then I'll let you leave. It's your boss's order. I won't let you say no." She giggled and took my hand in hers. Then Francois joined us and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Okay...wait, when did that happen?

"So, where are we going? I got to get my bike, I'll meet you there?" I asked as I took off my suit, and changed to my leather jacket, then get my helmet from under my desk.

"Players, you know where it is right? I'm hitching a ride with Francois, we will meet the rest of the babies there." She smiled at me and took Francois's hand, and walked to the elevator.

I finally arrived at Players and spent an hour with the babies. They were all having a good time, drinking their asses off. While I still had to limit myself to just one beer, since I need to ride my bike. Then I needed to get back to the boxing club, to get my training done for my next match.

I said goodbye to them, as they booed me for leaving so soon. But then one of the babies found my boxing match online.

"Fuck Gary, is this really you?" Jacqueline asked as she showed me the footage of my latest match. I was still the proud owner, of the upper eyebrow stitch for that match.

"Yup. That's me, got stitches from that." As I pointed them to my left eyebrow. I grinned at them and then waved goodbye to all. They were still busy passing Jacqueline's phone to see my match.

The boxing club was a bit quiet when I got there. It was a weekday, a bit late for a regular training session. They tend to fill up the club in the afternoon, just after office hours. Fred was already there, he was antsy waiting for me to come up to him.

"So? Did you get the money?" He asked me eagerly.

"Not yet," I answered truthfully, and went to the locker room and passed him, deliberately not explaining my plans to him.

Besides I was not telling him, that I was joining the sugar baby listing. He didn't even know that I worked for them. He assumed I work at some lame corporate office, as some boring administration staff. And I also didn't want him to know, it would be that easy for me to get that kind of money. I didn't want this kind of thing, to be repeated in the future.

"But, where are we going to get that kind of money?" Fred was pacing back and forth in the locker room. He was obviously panicking. They must've hit him hard, I smirked and looked at him.

"You should think with your head next time. I'm looking for ways, but you should too. I'm not sure, the money would be on my hand in time. Just stop with the fucking bets Fred." I put on my shirt and boxing shorts, then changed to my boxing shoes. I started to put on my hand wraps, while Fred kept on babbling how he was sorry, and it would not happen again.

I was just glad, that he finally get what he deserved. Those Russian thugs sure as hell could throw a punch. I could still feel the bruise, every time I try to stretch my abdomen muscles.

"I'm not going to do the usual workout tonight. Just hold my sack, I'm just going to throw some punches then I'm getting back home to rest. My abs still hurt like hell." I told him, as he just nodded and went to one of the sack and hold it for me.

I was letting out my anger for Fred, to the poor sack and he knows it. He just kept quiet and hold it still for me. We were taking our thirty seconds break when Fred popped the question. "Should we asked grandmother for it?" He looked desperate now.

"Fuck no! You know how she is. She would definitely give you the money, but she would own your ass in return. But then again it's your problem. So, If you decide to go to her, just leave me out of it. I want nothing to do with her. She did cut off her relationship with our parents. Or did you not remember, how we would starve at night just to be able to eat at breakfast?" I readjusted my hand wraps and started my punches again.

He was still, and quiet again for the next three minutes of my punches. Then at the next thirty-second break, I told him.

"Look, just wait for me. I will try to gather the four hundred grand. You're good with the one hundred grand right? If we cut too close to the end of the month, then you can contact grandmother. But I'm staying out, you don't get to mention my name in your conversation with her." I told him sternly as the thirty-second break was up, and I started to assault the sack again.

This went on for the whole twelve sets, then I decided to call it a night. My abs still hurt, every time I throw the punches.

We ended the night by having dinner at the small dinner, just across the boxing club. I ordered my usual white meat and vegetables. We ate in silence, but I could tell that he was more relaxed than when I saw him before. We closed the tab and order our coffee and talked about everything else but the money.

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