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C3 The Client

It was still ten o clock when got home. The training session was a waste of time. My abs still hurt, I could only hit the sack and didn't train for anything more. Fred was still being a dick, by telling me that he was going to ask for grandmother's help.

I poured myself a glass of whiskey, and get my stash of cigar from its humidor. I cut the cap smoothly, and light up the foot with my butane lighter. Then I sat back and relax in the open-air patio.

Damn! This is heaven, I've been waiting for this moment since this morning.

I slowly draw my cigar and enjoy the fine taste of the tobacco. My brain was busy thinking what did I get myself into. This sugar baby thing was definitely not my style. But I got to save my brother's ass.

Me and my morals...Damn!

I drink my whiskey slowly and taste the malt, I sighed and relax back to the chair. An hour later I finally got back inside, and do my dishes. Then I took a quick shower and put on more Arnica cream on my bruises. It was healing nicely, it should be not too visible in a couple of more days.

Laying back on my bed, I started to get sleepy as I felt the coolness of the sheets against my naked body. Hours later I woke up to my alarm. It was not the best sleep, but it would have to do. I started my morning routine and prepared my shake. I was out of yogurt, then mentally noting myself that I really have to get to the grocery store, I make do without it and took the shake as is.

Then I get changed and carry on as I got my helmet and my backpack, and out the door minutes later. Arriving at the office I was greeted by Kamaria, she was already in her office, she would do this sometime when she had some urgent matter.

"Gary, please come to my office." She told me, waving her hand at me. I hurriedly put down my helmet and backpack. Then changed my leather jacket to my suit jacket, and go to her office.

"So, how're your bruises? Are you good for a lunch date this afternoon? This is her profile. She has been with us for two years now. She was surprised when she saw you on our new listing of babies. She had been eyeing you and asked about you trough Adriana before...." She was explaining to me about her background. What her likes and dislikes. But everything seemed normal to me.

"I'm good Kamaria, I can do a luncheon. But I might have to go back, and changed to a better suit and shoes." She was smiling at me, approving my thought to step up my appearance.

"Gary, should've joined us years ago. You could be the breadwinner here." She laughed and got up, and give me the detailed print out of the meet.

"Just leave at any time you need, you can continue your administration work tomorrow, Gary. It's your first meet, you might want to get a good impression and build your rapport with her." She told me while leaning her slender backside on her desk.

So I got up and went back to my desk, and back to finishing my work. Two hours later I was on my bike, going back to my place. I quickly get changed, and decided to take a cab, knowing I would be drinking in that event.

I looked slick as I hopped out of the cab. I was supposed to meet her on the side entrance. So I arrived early and waited at the requested time and place.

"Ms. Virginia Clark." I greeted and smile seductively to the older woman, she was probably in her early forties. But I really didn't give a damn, I just needed the money.

Shit! I sounded like a real man whore.

"Ah Gary, please call me Virginia. I've been waiting for you to get in the market." She took my arm as I offered to escort her, into the hotel lobby.

We went straight to the luncheon venue. It was a charity event, we blended easily with the crowds. We maintained meaningless small talk with some of her colleagues. She praised me several times, for my well-mannered behavior.

She had to thank grandmother for that, my uptight grandmother was the one that put me, and my brother's ass into those money-draining boarding school, right after our parents passed away in a tragic accident. She did that just so she didn't have to deal with us.

Virginal Clark is a widow, her husband died a couple of years ago. She was left with a wealthy sum of inheritance, and now she's a happy cougar with no attention to remarried. That was what stated in her profile.

I kept my hand on her back, giving her small touches. Enticing her, building a rapport with her as Kamaria would say. She had a very nice figure for her age. Maybe it's the money, she must've spent ten of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands for her beautiful appearance alone.

She looked at me longingly as I give her small kisses to her neck. She smelled nice and expensive. The luncheon was almost over when she slipped me a keycard to her hotel room. She told me to go up first, and prepare the wine while she was going to have a brief meeting with the committee and some ladies from the organization.

I looked at her and smirk then kissed her hand, but then I step closer and covered her from everyone's view, as I took her waist just below her breast and stroked it with my thumb. Then whispered to her, that I would wait for her upstairs. I was gently nuzzling on her neck and licked it. I inhaled her scent and lowered my voice and whispered more sexy words until she grips my arm, and let out a soft moan that made me twitched down there.

Well...well...we're good my little friend. Let the whoring begin...

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