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C5 Grandma Dearest

I parked my bike and get to the office. It was Friday, Kamaria already seated her sexy ass on my desk.

Shit! Did I do something wrong yesterday with Virginia?

But I instantly relaxed, as I saw her smile getting wider, while I walked closer to my desk.

"Congratulations Gary! you are now in the top five biggest tip earners. Ms. Clark was very impressed by you. You can go ahead and check your balance. You should be proud of yourself." She patted my cheek like a proud soccer mom to her seven years old, then strutted back to her office.

Umm okay then...

But my victory smile didn't last very long when I looked at my phone as it buzzed. My dearest grandmother. I cursed and picked up the phone.

Damn! I shouldn't leave Fred alone with his thoughts. He gets easily panic. I just hope this phone call isn't about Fred.

"Grandmother, good morning." I greeted her formally.

"Morning, Gary. How are you?" Her voice sounded older on the other line.

"I'm good, I'm at the office," I replied coldly.

"Gary, you got an MBA on business, you graduated at the top of your class. Yes, I noticed your accomplishments. I don't get why you won't take my money and start your own company?" She kept on asking the same question, knowing I would reply the same.

"Grandmother, this is the same old story. We've talked about this."

"Tomorrow, come home. Have breakfast with me, and bring Fred with you. That's not a request Gary. Just come tomorrow. We will talk." She didn't let me reply as she quickly hangs up on me.

I had another lunch date with Virginia. Her text came just after I hung up with grandmother. I smirked knowing that I'll be fucking her again.

We had lunch in her hotel room. She was still staying at the same place from yesterday. She was damn loaded for sure, I had checked my account balance and almost chocked on my coffee when doing so.

We fucked our way to the lazy Friday afternoon. She asked me to stay the night with her. But I politely decline saying that I had to train every night for my next match.

She was disappointed but quickly forget about it, as I took her higher to another climax. I left her sated and asleep two hours later.

It was seven when I arrived at the club. Fred was laughing and talking with some of the girls there.

Well, he's in a good mood...

"Brother! Come here, these girls stayed after their session to get acquainted with us apparently." He introduced me to them, as I greeted them politely. We talked for a while, but then I excused myself to go get changed for my training.

I seriously didn't have time for them. The wooing, the flirting, it such a hassle. I was still content, with all the fucking I got from Virginia this afternoon.

Damn!'s for temporary...I still need to do those things with women, after this sugar baby thing.

I finally get three hours of my practice routine done. Maybe four, if I didn't spend the whole afternoon fucking Virginia.

"So, you'll pick me up tomorrow for grandmother's? Just don't mention anything about the Russian. I think I can get the money faster. Just leave grandmother for the last resort." I told Fred, as I got on my bike and put on my helmet, he finally smiles and then took off in his car.


It was seven in the morning when I woke up to my alarm. I sighed, as this was supposed to be my lazy weekend. Between the fucking and the training and the working, I could use some lazy Saturday morning to watch Netflix in my underwear, and treating myself to a beer.

I finally got up for the bathroom and took a piss then brushed my teeth and changed mine to my white shirt and khakis. I put on my loafers and waited for Fred while drinking my coffee.

He arrived fifteen minutes later, and we went straight to grandmother's. She would call on us for a meet every couple of months and lured us to take her money. Fred always thought that she felt bad for us, for what happened between our parents and her, and how she had lost her only daughter while she still has a feud with her.

"You know you really should go easy on her Gary, she's trying to mend things. Maybe she's getting older, and wants to leave some legacy behind, I just don't know. But she is family." Fred was lecturing me in the car, my fucked up little baby brother.

"Fuck it, Fred, you're telling me this cause you need her money for those Russian thugs. You really didn't remember, did you? I think I was about eight of nine, yeah you were about five or six at that time." I started telling Fred the awful feud that started it all.

"It was during a weekend I think, or maybe it was a holiday. Because we didn't go to the school that day, we went to grandmother's instead. We were having our snacks while the adults were in the next room. Then I heard the screaming, I came to the next room. That was when I saw grandmother, as she slapped our mom in the face. I didn't say anything, I just stood there. Dad just hugged mom as she cried and sobbed. He didn't say anything, then he took both of us back to our place. I remembered starving myself to sleep. Because I didn't want to disturbed mom and dad. I also remembered giving you my last cookie just to shut you up." I smiled at my last words.

"Wow, thank you brother for that cookie." He smiled but then continued on with his words.

"Maybe, there was something more to that. They never did explain anything to us. Even grandmother kept it to herself. You know I asked her one time when we were back for a school holiday. I asked her why we were not close, like my friends with their grandmothers. But she said nothing, she didn't even acknowledge my question." He shrugged as we arrived at grandmother's and parked his car, on her spacious driveway.

We were about to knock when Smith the butler opened the door for us. He was as ancient as grandmother, he had always been there for as long as I could remember.

"Mr. Evans please come in, your grandmother is waiting in the breakfast room." We followed Smith as he announced our arrival to grandmother.

Yup, she was so fucking rich she even had a room for each meal of the day. She would faint if she found out that I was selling my body for money.

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