Summer Nights/C2 Don't You Ever
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Summer Nights/C2 Don't You Ever
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C2 Don't You Ever

I can already feel my nervousness because of what happened. It was my first time seeing anything like that. I am still figuring it out. I have never talked to or gotten so close to my siblings in the past years.

"Why is mama looking for me?" He is annoyed when he answers his older brother.

"Because he knows this is what you're going to do?" Manuel also answered the question without breaking his stare at me. His brooding eyes and dark expression made my heart skip a bit.

Ezekiel bit his lip before looking at me again. "Next time, don't come here." He would have touched my cheek. I stepped back and gasped.

"Ezekiel." Manuel threatened again. Instead, I looked at the two siblings in front of me.

"Fuck you, Manuel!" he raked his hair! I was lost in his confinement of me. I was relieved.

Manuel folded his arms. I couldn't help but stare at him. I also don't know what to say because I have nothing to say.

I took a deep breath and bowed. I heard he was assigned to the company he is currently studying for. He is also the first child of Montenegro, so I just have to respect him. We all them, we respect here. I just couldn't get what I would first done earlier because of the shock of what I saw.

Before I could say a word, he preceded me.

"Will you go to the comfort room?" his voice cold and manly. Intimidating and frightening.

I nodded immediately, not being able to look at him. I don't know what to say.

"Come on," he commanded me, and I was shocked.


"I'll go with you." He put his hands inside his pocket. I saw his muscles flex. I can see that and the scratch on his white shirt. The top two buttons are also open. There was a glimpse of his feathers lying on his broad chest.

My gaze landed on his face. His eyes glinted of darkness, and he looked at me seriously.

"Your dress is too short. I saw how boys watched you earlier. It's dark here. It's dangerous."

"Uh, you are a boy too, so that's why you look at me the same way?"

"Why? What do you think I'll do to you?" He was slowly approaching me. I almost choked out my heart. His scent attacked my nose. I also felt the coldness of the wall behind me.

"N-Nothing." I turned my head to his chest. He is so tall! I could see his broad chest, and I could smell his scent.

"You shouldn't wear that if you don't want to be molested."

I shook. I-I don't have any other clothes. I-I'll buy s-next time."

He nodded softly. I could feel his gaze firmly on me.

I stiffened when his hands slipped down on my waist, and he pinned me.

"Were you the one who entered my room back then?"

My eyes widened. I remember years ago when I didn't even go to his room. I was so amazed at their mansion that I went around. And I was young then.

"Aren't you?"

I closed my eyes emphatically. "I can't." I'm going to cry. I was incredibly embarrassed when the water flowed from the middle of my thigh! I already peed!!!

"What the heck." he bent down and saw the water. I sewed! I pissed on my panties because they didn't want to let me go! Shame!

I pushed him suddenly. Simultaneously the passing of the two people. The son of the mayor of our neighboring area was one of them.

"Oh my god ?! Are you kidding ?!" she covered her chest and laughed at me.

I immediately grabbed the skirt of my dress. I bowed in embarrassment. My face is so hot. I can't look at Manuel either. So embarrassing.

Their laughter echoed in the corridors. Tears welled up in my eyes.

"What is that? It's all scattered here. So embarrassing!"

"Oh, Manuel! I'm sorry for the women from here. Some have no manners. Besides, some are uneducated because they are beggars."

I accept that we are challenging, but the pain is when you hear from the mouths of others. In the extreme pain of their words, I just chose to run. I'll run so I can't listen to their judgments.

When I run, my foot slips on the wet floor.

"Ahh!" I screamed at the same time. I waited for the body to fall to the floor, but someone grabbed and pulled me.

"Manuel! What the! Het off her!" rebuke of one who seems to have known him for a long time.

I felt pain in my leg.


"Shut the fuck up and leave." his cold response as he carried me. I bowed my head in embarrassment and buried my face in his chest. I have never seen the reaction of judgmental women.

"I-I can walk." My tears started to fall. I cried all the frustration. My emotions are mixed with what happened. I didn't mean to pee. I wasn't competent at that time.

He didn't budge and listen; instead, he held me tight. I can smell his expensive musk freely.

I see antique pictures on every wall. The detail is incomplete because I sometimes bury my face in the chest, especially when someone sees us. I also think that maybe grandma is already looking for me.

The black door opened. Expensive big jars, flatscreen TV, a large red carpet, and the dark cushion of the bed were the first I saw. Second, its crystalline collections are in toy cars. Every style 'of the nun is unique and expensive. I have seen his boxed diplomas and his boxing achievements.

"Sit," he said to me and pointed to the bed. I hesitated, but when I saw that the floor was wet, I ran to the side of the wall and clung to it.

"What are you doing ?!" he says to me.

I blinked so hard. "I wet the floor. Sorry."

He closed his eyes and massaged his temple. He approached the intercom and said something there. I was amazed because their mansion was high-tech.

"Ben, get a dress in mama's room. Please bring any food. Make it faster. "

He says. He glanced at me before he opened his cabinet and pulled out a t-shirt. My eyes almost popped out when he took it off without saying anything. I could see his perfect body.

A few moments later, there was a knock on the door. He opened it a little and took reach of whoever was outside.

He put some food on the bed and approached me.

"Get change." he handed me the gray dress. If I'm not wet, I won't accept it; I can't borrow his clothes either.

I tried to step, but I winced at the pain in my foot. He seems to have seen that as well. He took a deep breath and came close to me.

"Take off your clothes."

"H-Huh ?!" my voice grew a little louder.

His forehead creased, and he evilly grinned. "Don't worry. You are not my type."

I felt annoyed at what he said. He means I'm not beautiful, and my body has no curves, so he can say I'm young ?!

No one said I took off my dress in front of him. I didn't look at him. I don't know why it's a big deal to me that he doesn't see me as a woman.

I'm wearing panties and a bra when I grab his dress. But he didn't give up. He didn't let it go. I felt nervous at my gesture.

"The d-dress. "I was overwhelmed with nervousness, and my voice trembled.

His jaw clenched. "Don't you ever do that in front of another man? Understand?"

I bent down and pulled on the dress I was wearing. Suddenly the door opened, and we were immediately dazzled by the light outside the door.

"Manuel! What the hell, Manuel!" it was Ezekiel. Oops! He saw us!

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