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Super All-round Sports System/C1 A System That Demanded Money
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C1 A System That Demanded Money

"Wipe! I've never seen such a lousy team, to be able to lose 28 points against a foreign language academy! I estimate that even a group of little old ladies would be able to defeat the School of Literature! "

" Ridiculous, that little guard from the School of Literature is actually wearing the number 23 jersey. Does he think he's God Qiao or Kobe? Shooting is terrible. If he can't get into the basket, he can still strike the iron. What's with the sound? He's good. He doesn't even touch three. "

"I'm so angry. I thought the School of Literature could win! After all, there were so many girls in the foreign language school, and there were only a few boys! I didn't expect that the guys from the basketball team would be able to send out a Japanese knife each and commit suicide to thank all the students and teachers in the school. "

"I think that the School of Literature's fault is Wang Fei for losing this time. Damn it, the feeling is so bad. He actually keeps shooting. He has shot countless times and only managed to score three goals. Damn it!"

"Where's Wang Fei? Don't let me see that grandson. If he sees me, I will slap him!"

"He deserves a beating! I strongly suggest that we don't let Wang Fei enter the next match! He is a cancer in the School of Literature basketball team! "

The game was over.

This was a match for the Yuzhou University's Autumn Basketball League.

The two sides of the match were the School of Literature Team and the foreign language school team.

This was a publicly recognized team with a fish belly. In a match between two teams, it was a competition of who was worse and who was worse.

Unfortunately, School of Literature was defeated.

The score was very cruel.

56: 28, School of Literature lost 28 points.

The students from the two academies who were watching the competition walked towards their dorms in a disorderly manner. As they walked, the students were still discussing among themselves.

Wang Fei felt very uncomfortable when he heard the mockery and angry curses from these angry students.

After the competition, Wang Fei walked towards a small forest in the school. He wanted to calm down and lick his heart that was riddled with holes.

Wang Fei was a second-year student of the Yuzhou University's School of Literature. He was not tall, only 173cm, and his body was thin and thin. He was a typical skinny monkey.

In other words, he had a weak white face. He was a student of the Book (Dian).

Logically speaking, with him like that, how could he be selected to the college basketball team?

That was because there weren't many basketball players in the School of Literature, and they played well. Not a single one.

However, Wang Fei liked to play in the basketball court during his free time, and he also knew how to play a few juggernauts. It was like running a ball between his legs, behind his back, and so on.

The result was that he was recognized by the student council president, li Hua, as a basketball expert. He was directly selected to be the team's defender. Not only did he have absolute ball rights, but he also had unlimited shooting rights.

The school basketball team organized several centralized training sessions. Wang Fei felt that his state of mind was bursting. He could block people and kill ghosts and kill ghosts.

However, reality was cruel.

He lost the first match, and his pants were up in the air. Even his cover was gone.

"F * ck him! I don't want to! Whoever I love! Fight two rounds to relieve your boredom." Wang Fei sat on a stone bench, leaning against a tree. He took out his newly bought mate, matel 10, and swiped open the screen. He was going to turn on the black screen.

However, just as he turned on the screen, he saw an app called Sports Altar Heavenly King downloading automatically.

"F * ck! What the hell is this? Why is this phone's own app store giving me trash software?" Wang Fei was a little angry and wanted to turn off the download interface.

But what he did not expect was that the phone was like a dead machine, and there was no response at all.

Instead, he heard a "ding" sound.

A pleasant female voice sounded. "Omnipotent Sports Altar Heavenly King's app has been downloaded! Respected player, mr. Wang Fei, since you are not a member of the system yet, Please bind your bank card to this system as soon as possible. You need to purchase system members. Beginner membership fee is 1,000 yuan! "

After the voice finished speaking, a dialog box popped up on the phone screen: Do you want to bind your bank card?

There were two options: YES and No.

Wang Fei was furious.

This trash software, was it going to go to heaven?

After forcefully installing it, he still had to bind it to his bank card and then buy a membership.

The membership fee was as high as 1,000 yuan.

F * ck you, why didn't you rob a bank?

These black-hearted merchants, I want to file a complaint!

Wang Fei cursed as he stretched out his right index finger. Without any hesitation, he nodded.

But something unexpected happened again. "Thank you, host. You have agreed to bind your bank card! The bank card is binding... the bank card has been bound. You still have 1028.50 yuan in your bank card. This system will automatically deduct 1000 yuan as your first month's membership fee... Congratulations! You have become a beginner member! "

This operation made Wang Fei a bit dumbfounded.

F * ck!

What the hell?

I've clearly clicked on "no!"

Wang Fei flew into a rage. He hurriedly jumped up and checked the balance on unknown ATM machine in the school.

After checking, he found that he only had 28.50 yuan left on his card.

A black-hearted businessman! Which f * cking company developed an app like this? Why was it so overbearing?

Am I going bankrupt?

Wang Fei howled in his heart. Trash software! What a disaster!

Wang Fei's monthly living expenses were only 1,200 yuan, and this month had only been about ten days. He was about to run out of ammunition and food!

"Respected host, a warm reminder: Your bank account balance is insufficient. Please deposit enough money as soon as possible in case the membership fees will be deducted at the beginning of next month. If the bank account's deposit is insufficient to delay the deduction of the membership fee, bear the consequences yourself! " The pleasant female voice sounded once again.

And this is a threat?

Wang Fei was about to go crazy from anger.

"What consequences?" He asked.

"This System will no longer be working with you, at the same time, considering that this System is a top-secret Future Technology, it cannot be known by unrelated people, you might be destroyed by humanity" The pleasant female voice said.

This, is there a need to threaten to silence people?

Wang Fei was so angry that his body began to tremble.

However, it was also at this moment that a thought suddenly flashed through his mind: This thing can't be a golden finger that the heavens gave me, right?

There were a lot of online novels on the internet, and Wang Fei had also read a few of them.

He thought to himself, 'Could it be that I obtained a variant of the system?'

Omnipotent Sports Altar Heavenly King's app. What can this thing do?

As Wang Fei was thinking this in his heart, the sweet female voice sounded once again: "Host, you have finally calmed down. You are right, I am a super black technology from 500 years in the future. As long as you cooperate with me and continue to be a member of this system, you will receive unparalleled benefits!"

Wang Fei was stunned. This was something that even he knew what he was thinking.

"What benefits can I get?" Wang Fei asked.

The pleasant female voice said, "You are a beginner member of this system, you will enjoy the courtesy of a beginner member. You will receive the following three privileges in the first month: First, you will have a three-day super learning efficiency card that is two times more efficient than usual. Within 3 days, you will be able to practice various sports skills efficiently, through repeated practice. Second, you will be able to receive a random [B] class sports skill; third, [B] class sports skill]. You can receive a lottery ticket from the System Mall and draw a lot of good things."

" I'm a bit confused, can you explain it in detail? " Wang Fei asked.

"You're so stupid, host. I suggest you study this app carefully." The pleasant female voice said in a sweet voice.

It even had a coquettish tone.

Wang Fei almost had goosebumps all over his body.

He thought in his heart, this AI AI AI assistant is too humane, right?

He found a corner to sit down and then turned on his phone.

His phone had an app called Omnipotent Sports Altar Heavenly King.

Wang Fei clicked on the app.

He found that there were three sub-interfaces on the app: System Mall, mission Announcement, host Status Pane.

He first clicked open the System Merchant Shop and found that there were all kinds of strange items inside: 12 Times Experience Card, Power Regeneration Potion, magic Jumping Ball, grade B sprinting skill, grade S snooker skill...

These items were all priced at RMB.

However, they were very expensive.

The cheapest bottle of Power Regeneration Potion cost 100,000 RMB! Furthermore, after drinking this Power Regeneration Potion, the effective period was only a minute!

After Wang Fei finished looking at these goods, he shook his head. I'm so poor!

Furthermore, no matter how he looked at it, this Power Regeneration Potion looked like a stimulant.

Just as he was about to leave the System Merchant Shop, he saw a floating icon at the bottom of the System Merchant Shop. On it was written, "Lottery here costs 1000 Yuan each time. Let's try to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle."

F * ck!

Even drawing a prize costs 1000 Yuan, why don't you go and snatch it?!

Forget it, I'll just take a look at the mission announcement column.

Just as he was about to open the quest announcement interface, a sentence popped up on the System Mall's page: "Host, you can draw the lottery for free once."

Then try it once!

Wang Fei clicked on the lottery icon.

A big red lottery box appeared on the screen.

There was a hand floating above the round opening of the lottery box.

There was a dialog box beside the hand. On it was written: Loot on my lottery ticket.

Wang Fei clicked on the hand.


The phone vibrated. The hand that was floating in the air reached into the box and pulled out a paper ball from the box.

The hand opened the paper ball. On the paper ball, there was an unlimited skill experience value of 3,000 points.


On the screen of the phone, there were even fireworks. The whole screen was filled with colorful ribbons.

"Congratulations, host!" The pleasant female voice once again rang in Wang Fei's ears.

"What's the use of this thing?" Wang Fei asked.

"Host, you can add 3000 experience points to any movement skill of yours. This way, you can increase the skill level of this project." The female assistant said.

Wang Fei immediately understood. It was almost like playing a game. The experience points could be used to increase the strength of the game.

"Host, you still have a [B] class sports skill that you haven't received yet. Do you want to receive it now?" The AP female assistant asked.

"This movement skill is randomly distributed, right?" Wang Fei asked.

"Yes." The assistant said.

"Alright, then it's great." Wang Fei said.

A wheel of luck appeared on the screen of the phone.

The wheel of luck spun quickly and then slowly stopped. The pointer was pointing at the grade B billiard skill.

A note about the B-class pool skill appeared on the screen of the phone: Prospective professional pool skill, close to the skill level of a high-level pool player.

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