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Super All-round Sports System/C10 The Teaching of the Nba's Big Figure
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C10 The Teaching of the Nba's Big Figure

After opening the teaching video, Wang Fei felt the scene in front of him change. He was actually on a plastic court.

"Teaching method under the center basket, start now!" A beautiful female voice sounded.

A familiar figure appeared in front of Wang Fei.


Wasn't this Big Shark, O'Neal?

That muscular body, that huge head, that strange expression.

Wang Fei shook his head, feeling a little dizzy.

This teaching video actually included him in the scene.

And the opponent was the most famous center player in the NBA, Big Shark O'Neal?

However, why was the O'Neal in front of him not much shorter than him?

"Buddy, what are you standing there for? Pick up the ball on the ground. Now, let me practice with you." O'Neal shook his head and said to Wang Fei.

"Oh, are you really Saquel?" Wang Fei picked up the ball on the ground and asked.

"You can think of me as Saquel because my power is similar to the real Saquel. I have mastered all his techniques. I will let you know what a real attack under the center basket is. Now, throw the ball to me and you will defend me! " O'Neal said to Wang Fei in a spirited manner.

Wang Fei passed the ball to O'Neal.

O'Neal grabbed the ball with one hand and crooked his finger at Wang Fei with the other.

Wang Fei walked over and made a defensive posture.

"When you hit the basket, at this moment... The big guy on the other side has already stretched out his arms and is ready to defend. You must not panic. You should move your feet and try to find a loophole in the opponent's defense. Just like this. " As Big Shark spoke, he nimbly supported his feet as the axis. With a light turn of his body, he squeezed through Wang Fei's right side. His body jumped slightly.


A heavy, one-handed slam dunk landed on Wang Fei's head.

This move was really simple and practical.

O'Neal began to explain in detail the various shooting techniques of the center point under the basket. The strength of the hook and the timing of the attack, how to use a coincidental force to hit the opponent's head, and then forcefully dunk the opponent's head.

As he talked, O'Neal and Wang Fei practiced.

After training like this for an hour, Wang Fei felt that he had a new understanding of the various ways and means of attacking under the center point basket.

"Buddy, you are very perceptive. I have taught you very well. I have taught you everything I know. Practice well. I hope to see you in the NBA! Now, it's time to say goodbye. " O'Neal winked at Wang Fei. He waved his hand and disappeared.

"Now, let's begin Big Forward's projection technique teaching. Host, please prepare!" A beautiful female voice sounded again.

Wang Fei saw a black burly man with a stiff expression appear in front of him.

When he saw this person, he couldn't help but widen his eyes once more.

This man was actually Tim. Duncan?

F * ck! Duncan was known as the best Big Forward in the history of the NBA!

This brother had played in the horse stance for 20 years and won five championships. He was not a strange elfin. His expression had always been boring, so people gave him the nickname "Stone Buddha."

"Brother, today, I'm going to teach you all my 20-year-old NBA shooting experience. Are you ready?" A mysterious smile hung on Stone Buddha's face as he said to Wang Fei.

"I am ready. Mr. Duncan, I would like to ask, why do you also shrink in size? " Wang Fei looked at the stone Buddha, who was about the same height as him, but looked much stronger than him, and asked.

"This is to let you experience Big Forward's fighting style. I hope you don't talk nonsense. If you are a man, roll up your sleeves and cheer me on!" Stone Buddha said.

"Alright." Wang Fei passed the ball to Duncan.

Duncan began to demonstrate how to find a comfortable opportunity to project the ball around the forbidden area.

"Buddy, what I want to tell you is... The NBA game is very intense. You can't have too many comfortable shooting opportunities. Especially when it comes to fighting Big Forward. You have to be ready to fight your opponent in close combat at all times. Only by using agile footsteps and keen sense of smell could you squeeze out a good opportunity to shoot... "Duncan taught Wang Fei how to control his flexible steps and find a suitable opportunity to score. He also demonstrated various movements.

Under Duncan's guidance, Wang Fei quickly grasped all kinds of dexterous restricted area footwork and shooting techniques.

Another hour passed.

Duncan also said goodbye to Wang Fei.

Next was Small Forward's lesson.

This time, Emperor James appeared.

That showy beard and firm gaze made Wang Fei very excited.

In the NBA, James was Wang Fei's favorite player. He still remembered. When he was in primary school, Wang Fei had started watching the NBA games. At that time, James was called the Little Emperor. Ten years passed in a flash. James was now an old man in his thirties. But... James, who was nearly thirty-four years old, was still the number one person in the alliance. His data was like a day in ten years. Every year, he would only draw water in the regular season. To be able to score an average of twenty-six to twenty-seven points in a match, such an amazing person. However, it was truly rare to see such a person.

James was 203 in height. He was so tall, yet he could control the ball. There was nothing he could do on the field from the first position to the fifth.

There was no one else with such an abnormal physique.

Therefore, James's teaching was richer than O'Neal and Duncan's.

He taught Wang Fei all kinds of dribbling techniques, outstanding techniques, breaking through the scoring technique, and breaking through the shooting technique.

Wang Fei was obsessed with learning.

In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed, and James's teaching had finally been completed.

"Young man, you are very strong. I like you very much. I think you are completely qualified to play in the NBA. Come on! I will wait for you in the Lakers! " James said to Wang Fei before he left.

After saying this, James disappeared as well.

Wang Fei shook his head. Of course, he knew that this James was just an illusionary figure. What he said before he left... It was just a meaningless motivation from unknown NPC.

Playing in the NBA?

Wang Fei really wanted to.

However, someone had seen 173's short stature. He was even from China. How could he have a foothold in the NBA?

Basketball was a sport for long people!

Small people could not play at all!

Of course, there were some abnormal small people who had made a name for themselves in the NBA, but could Wang Fei compare to their speed and physical fitness?

Wang Fei thought about it and felt a little discouraged.

However, he thought about it again. Although my physical fitness is not good, I have the all-rounded Sports Altar Heavenly King app!

This app is really awesome!

There are so many good things inside. If I can use them all, I will become very powerful and abnormal one day, right?

Thinking of this, Wang Fei's heroic spirit was ignited again.

After James, it was the video teaching of the scoring guards.

The appearance of the person this time made Wang Fei excited again.

Because the person who appeared in front of him was actually Iverson!

That's right, that was the answer!

This person was 183 centimeters tall. In the NBA, he was short.

However, after the answer entered the NBA, it really became popular. This "shorty" was very fast, very agile, and much faster than others.

He was at his peak. He could shake his defending opponent to the ground and then calmly make a breakthrough or shoot.

Wang Fei also liked Iverson very much.

Under Iverson's guidance, Wang Fei had a deeper understanding of the footwork technique and outstanding skills. His technique was quickly improving.

Iverson's teaching took one hour.

"Child, your footwork is very flexible. You are very talented. To be honest, I think that you are the most suitable successor for me. I appreciate you. Come to the NBA. Here are the best basketball players in the world, playing here. You can earn a lot of money, and you can also win glory! Don't hesitate anymore. Come! I will wait for you to become another legend!" When Iverson left, he also gave some encouragement.

The last one to appear in front of Wang Fei was the magician Johnson.

The magician Johnson appeared in the early years. He was active in the 1980s. In the 1980s, he helped Lakers win five championships and created a glorious Lakers Dynasty.

He was also the greatest organization defender in the history of the NBA. Of course, his score was not bad either.

Wang Fei was not familiar with Johnson.

He had never seen Johnson play basketball before. He only knew that Johnson once had AIDS, but later on, he had actually taken a liking to him. He also knew that Johnson had a son who was dressed up beautifully and was gay.

When Johnson appeared in front of Wang Fei, Wang Fei actually did not know who this person was.

"Which senior are you?" Wang Fei blinked his silly and cute eyes and looked at this black brother who wore the Lakers jersey, round glasses, and a protruding mouth, and asked.

"I am Johnson, my child. You can't recognize me, so I don't blame you. After all, when I retired, you were still far from being born!" Johnson said to Wang Fei with a smile.

"Johnson the magician?" Wang Fei was surprised.

He was known as the greatest defender in the history of the NBA.

"Yes! I am a master of controlling the ball. I know how to control the ball and then place it where it should go. I believe I can help you!" Johnson said with a smile.

A top master of controlling the ball, that was an incredible existence.

Because a top scorer could turn an entire team into a real team!

And team basketball was sometimes much better than one on one.

"Thank you, thank you, senior! I have admired you for a long time, but I never thought that I would be able to see you today. I am really too excited." Wang Fei rubbed his hands and said.

"Well, we have talked too much nonsense. Don't you think so? I think we should start teaching now, right?" Johnson said with a smile.

"Senior, please guide me." Wang Fei cupped his hands towards Johnson.

In the next two hours, Wang Fei followed Johnson to learn how to control the overall situation of the court, how to turn the pass into a point, how to properly distribute the ball rights and how to direct his teammates to run, and so on.

As he taught and practiced, Wang Fei was obsessed with learning.

Only when Johnson left did Wang Fei realize that he had unknowingly been immersed in the video tutorial for seven to eight hours.

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