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C2 Got a Nickname Blacksmith King

Wang Fei was speechless.

He thought to himself, what's the use of this grade B billiard skill? I don't like playing billiards.

But this is a random skill, so I have to accept whatever I give.

Sigh! I'll just take it that I picked up a rabbit at the end of the year. With you, it's not much less than you!

Wang Fei left the System Merchant Shop.

He opened the host's status bar.

Name: Wang Fei.

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Possessed sports skills:

Basketball: The overall grade is D (Newbie, ticket-level player).

However, there is a small event under the basketball category, which is: Basketball: Neighbors, neighbors, neighbors, neighbors, neighbors, neighbors.

Basketball: Level C - 1020 / 2000 (With 980 experience points, you can level up to Level B, while Level B is a relatively high level amateur basketball player.)

Shooting: D - 380 / 2000 (With 1620 experience points, you can level up to C.) Remarks: The shooting posture is not standard. Extremely poor accuracy. Received the nickname "Little Blacksmith."

Breakthrough: D-level - 25 / 2000 (With 1975 experience points, you can level up to C-level.) Remarks: Almost no one has the ability to break through. When the opponent is defending, they will usually lose their footing and surrender obediently.

Jump: E - 0/2000( 2,000 more experience points to upgrade to D class. Remarks: This level is trash. Your jumping ability is very poor. You don't even know how to pull and jump. You can't be a trash, right?

Dunk: Non-entry level.

After seeing all this, Wang Fei smiled bitterly and shook his head. He thought to himself, I thought I was a basketball expert, but it turns out I'm just an idiot basketball.

No wonder the foreign language academy lost so badly.

After looking at the state bar, Wang Fei realized that he had an extra grade B sports skill. Other than that, he did not have any other sports talent.

Wang Fei thought to himself, the next day, the basketball team of the School of Culture will have to compete with the sports school team.

And the sports school team was undoubtedly the most awesome existence in the Yuzhou University. It was an existence that could play the national university basketball league!

When the School of Literature competed with such a strong team, there was no doubt that they would be pressed to the ground and rubbed violently. They would not even have the strength to fight back!

Damn it! He only had a little more than a day of training.

Although I have the help of this all-rounded Sports Altar Heavenly King System, how much can I improve in a short period of time?

No matter what!

I should just do my best and listen to the heaven's will!

Wang Fei thought to himself. If he wanted to win the ball, he had to have a very accurate shot accuracy!

He didn't do anything for the rest of the time. He might as well practice shooting fiercely.

His current shooting skill was only at D class. Without any hesitation, he added 3000 unlimited experience points to the shot.

With that, his shooting skill was forcefully raised to C class. With 620 points left, he would be able to upgrade his shooting skill to B class.

B class belonged to the higher level amateur player's shooting skill, which belonged to the quasi-professional class. Under no interference, the accuracy of a player at this level could reach 80%, but in a strong confrontation, the accuracy would drop drastically. Moreover, the more intense the confrontation, the less chance of hitting the target.

Wang Fei thought in his heart, no way. I have to make the best use of my time to train my shooting skills. I have to strive to raise my shooting skill to grade A before competing with the sports academy. That way, I will be able to become a professional player with a high accuracy rate on the field.

When he thought of this, he looked at the time and realized that it was already 5 o'clock in the afternoon. A sense of urgency arose spontaneously.

He ran towards the dormitory.

In a small shop under the dormitory building, Wang Fei bought a bread and a bottle of mineral water. He ate and drank as he walked. When he walked to the dormitory, he finished eating and drinking too.

He would treat it as his dinner.

"Yo! Isn't this Blacksmith Wang? Your boss is finally here. The girls from our academy just sent you a certificate. Quickly take a look! " Just as Wang Fei walked into the dormitory, a strange voice said to him.

The one who spoke was Zhang Meng.

As his name suggested, this guy was 1.83 meters tall. His skin was dark, but he was very thick. He stood there like a solid black iron tower.

He indeed looked very powerful.

Zhang Meng was also a member of the School of Literature basketball team.

He was the center of attention.

Although this guy looked strong, his strength was not small either. However, he had almost no talent for basketball. Before he went to college, he had never played basketball.

After some training, he was sent to the court as the main center of School of Literature Team.

Unfortunately, he was just a show-off. He did not do much under the basket. The ball was given to him. He could throw the other player into the basket, but he couldn't.

"Zhang Meng, you said I was smithing, so can you score? We're about the same, don't say anything about each other. " Wang Fei said very rudely.

F * ck!

He was actually called Blacksmith Wang. Wang Fei was very vexed in his heart.

"F * ck! You brat said that I'm smithing. As the team's guardian, you... Seeing that I have an empty seat under the basketball, you didn't pass the ball to me. I opened my hand and shouted with all my strength. You didn't even look at me, and now you're blaming me for smithing? Tell me about it. How many balls did you pass to me in this game? Only two! The rest were all opportunities that I earned from snatching the rebounds of the previous game! I only played five times in total. I only scored two. I'm much more efficient than you! If I, Zhang Meng, play with you in the future, I'll write my surname upside down!" Zhang Meng said angrily.

"Okay! No more words. In the future, let's just ignore each other. " Wang Fei was also full of anger. After replying, he walked around Zhang Meng and came to his bedside.

He saw an A3 paper on his bed.

There was a grave painted on the paper. Green grass grew on the top of the grave. There was also a monument in front of the grave.

On the monument was written: Blacksmith Wang's tomb.

Seeing this, Wang Fei's mouth was crooked from anger.

This was too much of a loss, wasn't it?

Didn't he just lose a match?

This was not only to mock himself for causing the team to lose, but also to say that Wang Fei had already died in the hearts of the girls.

The grass on the grave was already three feet tall.

Wang Fei grabbed the piece of paper and tore it into pieces before throwing it into the trash can.

He told himself in his heart that he must get back the face he had lost today.

He bent down and took out his basketball from under his bed. He carried the basketball and walked out.

"Hmph! Now you know how to practice basketball? After another hundred years, you will still be Blacksmith Wang! I despise you!" Behind him, Zhang Meng's buzzing voice could be heard.

Wang Fei suddenly turned his head and looked at Zhang Meng. He pointed his middle finger at him and said, "I will prove myself!"

"You have no chance! Our coach Mr. Fong had already said that he would ban you from playing the next game! You bastard, you don't have any team awareness and only care about fighting one on one! " Zhang Meng said with a sneer.

When Wang Fei heard this, his heart sank.

Mr. Fong, also known as Fong Xiang, was the coach of School of Literature's basketball team.

Fong Xiang was a bit impatient. During the team's training, if any of the team members made a mistake, he would reprimand them harshly.

However, the School of Literature Team was just like Ah Dou, who could not be helped up. The team members were all very poor. Therefore, every time they focused on training, Fong Xiang would shout from head to toe, until his throat became hoarse.

Fong Xiang himself said that being a coach of the School of Literature Team was really bad luck for eight lifetimes.

However, he was also a person with a strong sense of responsibility and competitive spirit. Several times, he said that he would quit, but he still gritted his teeth and continued to train this weak team.

"As long as the skill is deep, the iron staff will be grinded into needles! I don't believe that I can't make you look like you guys even after I put in all my effort! " This was what Fong Xiang had said.

Wang Fei thought in his heart. It seemed like Mr. Fong was really disappointed in him.

He sighed and didn't say anything else. He held the ball and jogged downstairs.

He went straight to the school's lighting court.

There were several basketball courts in Yuzhou University covered with plastic. There were high-power incandescent lights around the court. It was enough to light up the ball at night.

Wang Fei went to the lighting court.

It was after dinner that students started playing basketball.

Wang Fei found a basketball ball that no one was playing and started practicing shooting.

Before he started practicing shooting, Wang Fei directly used the skill card with twice the efficiency.

After using the Skill Card, Wang Fei heard the phone in his pocket ring with a "Di" sound. The beautiful female voice rang again." The timer for using the skill card starts now!"

Wang Fei stood behind the free ball line. He took a deep breath and raised the basketball.

He discovered that his posture of holding the ball had clearly changed. It had become very standard.

What was the standard shooting posture like?

Usually, the ball was held in one hand with the right hand, and the ball was placed on the five fingers of the right hand.

The left hand was only used to help maintain the stability and accuracy of the ball.

The left hand holding the ball was raised above his head, and his eyes were aimed at the basket from the bottom of the basketball. His right arm was bent, and his body was as taut as a bow as he suddenly exploded.

He threw the basketball high into the air with his right hand, forming a perfect parabola.

Wang Fei aimed at the basket and threw the basketball in his hand out without hesitation.


The basketball drew a perfect curve in the air and steadily fell into the basketball circle.

The ball went in!

And it was a huge hollow!

This ball gave Wang Fei a very good feeling.

In the next three and a half hours, Wang Fei was crazily practicing shooting. He practiced shooting from every angle.

At the beginning, his shooting rate could only reach about 50%.

After two hours of practice, his shooting rate rapidly increased to 60% and 70%.

This kind of obvious improvement felt really good.

After three hours, Wang Fei's shooting rate at the fixed point had reached 80%. That was to say, at any angle or position, if he threw ten balls, he would be able to score eight.

Of course, this was referring to the middle shot. He hadn't started practicing his three-point shot yet.

Wang Fei was drenched in sweat, and he stopped panting.

He really didn't have any strength left.

Wang Fei took out his phone from the bag behind the basket. He opened Sports Altar Heavenly King's app and checked his status.

He was delighted to find that his shooting skill had increased from C to B, and his experience bar had also increased to 350 / 2000.

In other words, he had gained 970 experience points after practicing shooting for three hours.

Wang Fei knew in his heart that this was the effect of the Double Efficiency Skill Card.

If he did not have the Double Efficiency Skill Card, he could at most gain 400 experience points. Now, he could gain 320 or so experience points in an hour.

"I'll practice for another six hours tomorrow. I should be able to raise my shooting to A class. That's the standard of a professional shooter! Uninterrupted shooting can reach 100%! Just thinking about it makes me excited!" Wang Fei said to himself.

He was leaning against the basket to rest when he heard a sarcastic female voice, "Little blacksmith, you are practicing?"

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