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C3 This Woman Is Not Ordinary

Wang Fei turned around and saw a few girls standing not far away from him, laughing and looking at him with a mocking expression.

The girl in the lead was more than 1.7 meters tall, yu LiTingting. She was wearing a basketball tracksuit, revealing her two long legs.

Her name was Liu Meijuan.

Liu Meijuan was a third-year student of the School of Literature, and also the head of the student union sports department.

This girl was a bit talented.

She was quite pretty.

She also likes to play basketball, she is the captain of this academy's girls basketball team.

Liu Meijuan was a rather arrogant person. Her mouth was a little bit biting, and she loved to mock and ridicule people.

"So it's Department Head Liu." Wang Fei nodded at Liu Meijuan as a form of greeting.

"Did you see the painting I gave you?" Liu Meijuan tilted her head to look at Wang Fei and said sarcastically.

Wang Fei frowned.

F * ck!

After a long time, that painting was sent over by her!

Wang Fei was very angry in his heart.

She shouldn't mock him like this, right?

"Got it. Thank you for Department Head Liu's painting. I will remember your encouragement!" Wang Fei said in a deep voice.


The girls who came with Liu Meijuan all laughed heartily when they saw Wang Fei enduring so much humiliation.

I tolerate it!

Wang Fei said to himself, the day after tomorrow, I will surprise all of you!

"Little blacksmith, to be honest, I really wanted to beat you up when I saw you forging iron on the field this afternoon! You said you were a man, but you beat me up like that. Are you ashamed? To be honest, I think I can beat you up in a one-on-one duel!" Liu Meijuan said bitterly again.

She could not take it anymore.

"Department Head Liu, since you are so confident, let's PK. How about it?" Wang Fei said in a deep voice.

"Yo! Do you think you are very confident in fighting me one-on-one? Fine. Since you have taken the initiative to ask me to be abused, I will fulfill your wish!" Liu Meijuan hit the ball in her hand on the ground. Her pretty face withdrew her smile and she said. "Let's compete in five balls. Who gets three first? Who wins? What do you think? "

"Okay!" Wang Fei agreed immediately.

"I am a little girl. So, let me hold the ball and attack first. Do you think there's a problem? " Liu Meijuan walked towards the center line of the court.

"Let's watch Meijuan beat up that little blacksmithing expert!"

A few girls stood by the side of the court and jeered.

Wang Fei came in front of Liu Meijuan with a gloomy face and made a defensive move.

Liu Meijuan raised her eyebrows at Wang Fei and said, "I'm going to attack. Little blacksmith, you just wait to die!"

Liu Meijuan started to dribble as she spoke.

She moved the ball very smoothly and easily. One look and you could tell that the feeling of the ball was very good.

Wang Fei did not say a word. He opened his arms and made a defensive move.

He thought to himself, I don't believe that I can't defend against Liu Meijuan!

Liu Meijuan played a few times on the ground. Suddenly, she accelerated and rushed to Wang Fei's right side. She wanted to go around Wang Fei and hit the basket with the ball!

What the heck!

Wang Fei was shocked. This girl's speed was quite fast.

He hurriedly took two steps to his left side and spread his arms wide, trying to block Liu Meijuan's breakthrough path.

Unexpectedly, just as he finished this defensive action, Liu Meijuan moved the ball behind her back to her left hand. Her body moved forward and passed Wang Fei!

Her move just now was a fake move!

It was already too late for Wang Fei to jump over to defend again.

Liu Meijuan had already taken two long legs and rushed under the basketball. She made a very beautiful run and jumped high, throwing the ball in her hand into the basket steadily.


The girls who were watching by the side applauded excitedly and shouted.

"Meijuan is mighty!"

"Little blacksmith, you can't even beat a woman. You can buy a piece of tofu and knock yourself to death."

Wang Fei's face turned red. He ran to the bottom of the basketball without saying a word and picked up the basketball in his hands.

This Liu Meijuan was really strong!

He thought in his heart, this dribbling technique was too skillful. He was really a big gap from her. He could not deny it even if he did not admit it.

"Tie Tie, it's your turn to attack. However, don't worry. I won't defend you to the death. You can come at me. I'll let you shoot, but you won't be able to shoot in!" Liu Meijuan stood near the free throw line under the basket and crooked her finger at Wang Fei in disdain.

What the heck!

Wasn't this looking down on people too much?

Wang Fei puffed up his cheeks. He moved the ball and slowly walked in front of Liu Meijuan. He said, "You really don't defend?"

"I'm not going to defend. The most I can do is jump up and disturb you, or shout. I won't stop you! You're a famous blacksmith, I'm not worried that you'll throw the ball into the basket. " Liu Meijuan put her hands on her hips, yawned lazily, and said.

Wang Fei sneered in his heart. He casually raised the basketball and casually threw it out.

One meter in front of the free ball line. This was the most accurate point for him to shoot from the middle distance.


The ball responded and attacked.


The hollow net entered the net!

Liu Meijuan raised her hand the moment Wang Fei made his move and did a perfunctory defensive action.

Then, she turned around to look at the basket.

Liu Meijuan could not help but be stunned when she saw the basketball hit the empty center.

This Iron King, he actually easily threw the ball in such a far distance?

It was definitely a blind cat running into a dead mouse.

Who wouldn't eat dumplings during the new year?

"Hey! Blacksmith, I didn't expect you to be fooled. Now, it's 1: 1. Let's see how this ball of mine passes you!" Liu Meijuan took the ball and ran to the center of the court.

"Come on, Meijuan!"

"Come on! Teach Blacksmith Wang a lesson! Look at how shameless he is! "

On the side, Liu Meijuan's cheerleaders were cheering for Liu Meijuan with all their might.

Wang Fei did not say a word. He walked in front of Liu Meijuan and planned to keep an eye on her.

This time, he did not get too close to her. Instead, he pulled further away. He also did not plan to break the ball in her hand. He only focused his attention on not letting her jump behind him.

Liu Meijuan began to move the ball. She wanted to rely on speed to break through a few times, but was blocked by Wang Fei.

However, she still got closer to the basket bit by bit and got close to the free throw line.

At this place, Liu Meijuan started to play with Wang Fei on her back.

With her back against Wang Fei, she wanted to squeeze into the basket bit by bit.

Wang Fei, on the other hand, stabilized his body. He opened his arms and did not move at all.

At this moment, as a man, Wang Fei's advantage in terms of strength was obvious. Liu Meijuan could not push Wang Fei at all.

She had to bear it with her back.

She pushed her butt back with all her strength.

This posture was a bit ambiguous.

The two of them were about the same height.

Therefore, when Liu Meijuan used her strength to push back, she could not avoid physical contact.

Wang Fei was a little confused.

This girl was a bit too strong, wasn't she?

Her fragrant and soft body leaned against him. Her hair was blown by the evening wind and brushed past Wang Fei's face, making him feel numb and itchy.


Wang Fei couldn't help but sneeze.

At this moment, Liu Meijuan's body was like a slippery fish that did not hold back. She turned around and drifted away with the ball. After she forcefully surpassed Wang Fei, she flew up and firmly placed the ball into the basket once again.

As for Wang Fei, he was still standing there blankly.

He was still thinking about the friction between him and Liu Meijuan.

"It's 2 to 1. Silly, quickly get the ball and continue playing! " Liu Meijuan fiercely glared at Wang Fei and said.

Wang Yu's sneeze just now had spouted a lot of saliva on her hair. Furthermore, she thought about it for a while and suddenly remembered that when she squeezed Wang Fei under the basketball just now, the thing that her butt touched was a little unusual.

She immediately understood what was going on.

This damn fellow actually took this opportunity to play hooligan with her!

See if I torture you to death!


Wang Fei ran over to pick up the ball, bent his waist, and ran to the middle line.

He couldn't not bow his waist, he had a damn reaction.

It was 2: 1.

Wang Fei thought to himself, I have to hit this ball!

With this thought in mind, he shook his head and threw the messy thoughts to the back of his head.

He slowly moved the ball forward.

Liu Meijuan did not go easy this time. She firmly blocked in front of Wang Fei and was ready to break the ball in Wang Fei's hand at any time.

How could Wang Fei let him break his own ball?

He leaned sideways and tried to protect the ball as much as possible. He pushed it forward bit by bit.

Liu Meijuan thought of the awkwardness just now, so she did not get too close to Wang Fei. She let Wang Fei come to the bottom of the basketball bit by bit.

After crossing the free throw line, Wang Fei suddenly took a step back. Then he jumped up and threw the ball in his hand towards the basket.

Liu Meijuan reacted very quickly. When Wang Feiyue jumped up, she also jumped up almost at the same time and reached out to block the ball.

Unfortunately, she was already half a beat late.

Wang Fei was not affected by it at all. The ball was still steadily thrown in!

2 to 2, flat!

"Little Tie, you can do it! You can actually score under my cover interference." Liu Meijuan reached out her hand to pick up the ball and said to Wang Fei.

"Minister Liu, please show some respect. My name is Wang Fei!" Wang Fei said coldly.

"What? Do you want to get rid of the title of blacksmith after two balls? No way! There's only one last goal left! I will definitely beat you!" Liu Meijuan said to Wang Fei.

"You cannot win! I swear to the heavens!" Wang Fei said firmly.

F * ck!

This old man will definitely teach you a lesson!

"Alright! Then, let's have a bet? I won. You will treat our dormitory mates to a big meal! If you win, I will treat your dormitory to a big meal! The standard cannot be lower than 500 dollars, do you dare?" Liu Meijuan said coldly.

Wang Fei hesitated for a moment.

F * ck!

I only have over 20 yuan left in my pocket.

Furthermore, I haven't settled the membership fees for next month!

"Do you dare? I don't dare. In the future, you won't be able to get rid of this nickname, little Iron!" Liu Meijuan said aggressively.

Wang Fei's courage was immediately aroused.

"How dare you! Why wouldn't I dare? However, I'll just treat you to a meal. It's a 500 dollar bet. Whoever loses will pay! " Wang Fei said.

"Okay! I can't go back on my word! Going back on your word is a puppy! " Liu Meijuan said.

" No problem! " Wang Fei said.

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