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Super All-round Sports System/C4 Was He in a Hurry to Send the Money?
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C4 Was He in a Hurry to Send the Money?

"Okay! Begin!" Liu Meijuan took the ball and walked towards the middle line.

Wang Fei naturally followed quickly.

When they reached the middle line, Liu Meijuan looked at Wang Fei who was walking over and said, "Start now!"

As she spoke, she suddenly exerted strength and rushed over with the ball.

F * ck!

This was a sneak attack!

Wang Fei hurriedly rushed over to intercept him.

Unfortunately, he was still a step too late. Liu Meijuan had already passed him with the ball and ran towards the bottom of the basket.

Wang Fei quickly started to chase after her.

One of them ran in front.

The other was chasing behind.

When they were almost under the basket, Wang Fei caught up with them.

At this time, Liu Meijuan had already started running the basket.

One step, two steps.

Her body jumped up!

She was going to pick the basket.

Picking a basket could be said to be the most stable way of scoring. It was almost like putting the ball into the basket.

Wang Fei's heart skipped a beat.

F * ck!

It's over.

However, for the sake of the 500 yuan, he went all out. At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind. Stop Liu Meijuan from shooting! He also jumped up and reached out to touch the ball in Liu Meijuan's hand.

Liu Meijuan was obviously disturbed by him.

However, Wang Fei still could not get Liu Meijuan's ball.

Her ball had already flown out of her palm and was flying towards the basketball circle.

"My 500 dollars!" Wang Fei howled in his heart.

The ball came to the top of the basketball circle.

Wang Fei watched the ball fall into the ring.

His heart also fell into the bottomless abyss.


The basketball fell to the edge of the basketball circle.

For more than a second, the ball stopped at the basketball circle. It did not fall into the circle, nor did it fall from the outside.

"Bodhisattva, bless! Please don't go in!"

Wang Fei prayed in his heart.

He looked at the ball helplessly and subconsciously used his body to push Liu Meijuan away, holding the best position to snatch the rebound board.

Liu Meijuan was also looking at the ball, her eyes full of anxiety.

On the side, Liu Meijuan's cheerleaders also opened their mouths wide, quietly waiting for the final result.

It was as if Wang Fei's prayers had taken effect.

The basketball tilted towards the outside of the basketball circle and fell.

Wang Fei was overjoyed. He grabbed the ball and ran outside the three-point line with it.

This was a one-versus-one PK rule.

If you get the rebound, you must get out of the three-point line.

Liu Meijuan hurriedly followed Wang Fei to guard against him.

She opened her arms and puffed out her chest. She let out a series of tender cries. This was to give Wang Fei psychological pressure.

After Wang Fei crossed the three-point line, he began to charge inside with the ball.

Liu Meijuan held Wang Fei tightly and did not let him get close to the basket.

But Wang Fei did not pester her to death. He brought the ball back and forth, and then he came back to a place about two meters away from the right side of the basketball circle.

He saw that Liu Meijuan was not in front of him. He adjusted his posture and steadily threw the ball in his hand.

"Shh -"

The few girls at the side booed.

However, the ball still accurately flew into the basketball circle.

The ball went in!

Three to two, Wang Fei won by a narrow margin!


The girls in Liu Meijuan's dormitory by the side of the field all let out disappointed sighs.

"I won!"

Wang Fei ran over and grabbed the ball in his hand. He looked at Liu Meijuan and said.

"So what if I won? What's so great about it? You are a big man. One on one PK. If you win against me, this little girl, what is there to be proud of?" Liu Meijuan rolled her eyes and said.

"It was you who said you wanted to torture me. From this, it can be seen that you definitely think you are stronger than me in your heart! So, I feel very proud of winning against you! Department Head Liu, you are the leader of the student union. Don't tell me that you are not going to say anything? When will you give me the 500 yuan prize?" Wang Fei asked.

Although good men did not fight with women, Liu Meijuan had mocked Wang Fei for a long time. Wang Fei felt that he could not let her go no matter what.

He had to let her know that the pot was made of iron!

I, Wang Fei, am no longer the old Wu Xia and Ah Meng.

"Of course it counts! However, I don't have any money with me right now. I'll give it to you tomorrow!" Liu Meijuan said angrily.

Obviously, she was still brooding over losing to Wang Fei.

"Okay! Then I'll wait and see." Wang Fei said.

"Let's go!" Liu Meijuan called the girls from her dorm and left.

It was almost ten o'clock at night.

The lights in the stadium were about to go out.

Wang Fei watched Liu Meijuan leave. He took out his phone and looked at Sports Altar Heavenly King's app. When he looked at it, he found that his experience points had increased by 180. Now, he was able to move the ball: C-1200 / 2000.

The experience points for shooting increased by 260. It became B-610 / 2000.

The experience points gained from breaking through increased by 180 points and became: [D] class -205 / 2000.

The experience points gained from jumping increased by 180 points, turning into E-grade -180 / 2000.

After playing one-on-one with Liu Meijuan, his basketball skills all received a faster increase.

On the other hand, his basketball skills had changed from the original D-class to C-class. This was because his shooting skills had increased by a large margin.

Wang Fei was deep in thought. It seemed that actual combat could increase the overall skill level.

That night, Wang Fei went back to his dorm and fell asleep.

He set an alarm clock for himself.

The next morning, Wang Fei got out of bed at five o'clock.

It was just dawn when he took the ball to the court to practice.

From five in the morning to seven in the morning, he practiced shooting until seven in the morning before he stopped.

After two hours and 35 minutes of practice, his shooting experience increased by 910 again. This way, his shooting experience bar became like this: B-1520 / 2000.

He was about to break through!

Wang Fei was very excited.

There was still class in the morning. However, the first two periods were history classes, so there was nothing to listen to. Furthermore, the history teacher was not bad, so he was very tolerant of skipping classes.

Therefore, Wang Fei decided to skip classes!

He ran to the restaurant and ate some deep-fried dough sticks porridge to pass the time.

At 8: 10 in the morning, Wang Fei returned to the court.

He continued to practice shooting from all angles, shooting from all kinds of angles, shooting from all kinds of angles, shooting from all kinds of angles, shooting from all kinds of angles, shooting from all kinds of angles, shooting from all kinds of ways, running and shooting from all kinds of angles.

Practicing like this also allowed his basketball skills, such as dribbling, breaking through, and jumping, to slowly improve.

At 9: 50, Wang Fei finished his training.

His shooting experience bar had changed to: A-20 / 5000

Wang Fei was happy.

An A-grade shooting skill was already an excellent shooting skill for professional basketball players. Moreover, it already had a bit of a Sharpshooter's meaning.

At least, Wang Fei's shooting ability now was infinitely close to 100%.

Even if he threw 100 balls, he could only throw two or three times at most.

If this wasn't a Sharpshooter, then what was it?

Wang Fei had seen many three-pointers competitions between the NBA and the CBA.

Those excellent professional basketball players, under the circumstances of rapid shooting, only had a 40% accuracy.

Of course, the speed of shooting was fast, and it was indeed easy to throw.

Wang Fei knew that his shot only had such a high accuracy when there was no interference or confrontation. In the fierce competition, this shot would definitely be discounted.

Wang Fei happily went to class.

After lunch, Wang Fei carried the ball to the court.

This time, he did not practice shooting anymore. Instead, he practiced shooting crazily.

Moving the ball could be said to be a basic basketball skill.

If one wanted to be an outstanding defender, it was absolutely impossible to say that one's dribbling ability wasn't good enough.

Although it was already mid-October, the afternoon sun was still very strong. Wang Fei was sweating profusely as he trained. He saw Liu Meijuan carrying a basketball and walking over with a pout.

Seeing Liu Meijuan, Wang Fei suddenly remembered that she still owed him 500 dollars.

Wang Fei stopped and asked with a smile, "Hello, minister Liu. Are you here to give me money?"

"Did you get into the eyes of money? When you saw me coming, you immediately asked for money. How vulgar is that?" Liu Meijuan gave Wang Fei a middle finger.

Wang Fei thought to himself, I'm so poor right now.

I won't be able to eat any more soon.

It's quite vulgar. I don't care, as long as you pay me.

"Haha, I'm just a vulgar person. Department Head Liu, don't take offense." Wang Fei said.

"Here you go!" Liu Meijuan bent down and took out a few hundred yuan notes from her socks. She handed them to Wang Fei unhappily.

Of course, Wang Fei took it without any hesitation. He even arrogantly nodded. It was five notes, and the money was definitely not fake.

"Little Tie, are you afraid that I will give you less? Am I that kind of person?" Liu Meijuan rolled her eyes.

"Haha! I'm not worried that you will give less. I'm just afraid that you'll give me one or two more. I don't like to take advantage of others. Just five hundred, department Head Liu, then I'll gladly accept it. " Wang Fei happily stuffed the 500 RMB into his socks.

En! It's not bad to hide money in this place.

The exercise socks are loose and tight. When stuffed into the depths of the socks, they usually won't slip out.

"Hey! Little Tie, I refuse to accept this! I still want to compete with you! " Liu Meijuan looked up and said while pouting.


Wang Fei was overjoyed.

He was just short of a sparring partner.

"What do you want to compete in? Or do you want to fight one-on-one?" Wang Fei asked.

"No! This time, I want to compete with you in shooting!" Liu Meijuan rolled her eyes and said.

Wang Fei was even happier in his heart. However, he said with a troubled expression, "Department Head Liu, you are bullying me. You know that I like smithing and you still want to compete with me in shooting."

"Hmph! This is the so-called hitting a snake with seven inches ! I don't believe that I can't cure you! " Liu Meijuan said," Do you dare to compete? It was still the same old rules, a 500 dollar bet!"

Wang Fei blinked.

He now felt that Liu Meijuan was really cute to the extreme.

Was this girl deliberately giving him money? Just as he was worrying about how to collect membership fees next month, she rushed over to compete with him in shooting.

"Department Head Liu, are you really going to compete?" Wang Fei could not bear to ask.

"Really! You can't refuse! You won me 500, I must win it back! " Liu Meijuan said gloomily.

"Then let me ask you, do you still have money on you?" Wang Fei asked.

"Yes! I still have 20,000 yuan in my bank card!" Liu Meijuan said.

Wang Fei sucked in a breath of cold air. What a rich lady! She actually had so much money. It seemed like Liu Meijuan's family was quite rich.

"Then, be more straightforward. Let's raise the price a little." Wang Fei said.

"Increase? How much do you want to increase it? I'll accompany you till the end! " Liu Meijuan said.

"A thousand dollars? Will it work?" Wang Fei asked weakly. He was a little guilty and worried that Liu Meijuan would be scared away.

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