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Super All-round Sports System/C5 He Was Fired from the College Basketball Team?
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C5 He Was Fired from the College Basketball Team?

"Okay! One thousand is one thousand! Let's hook! " Liu Meijuan was so excited that her face turned red.

She seemed to have already seen the horrible scene of Wang Fei shooting and forging.

And she was quite confident in her shooting skills.

"Pull the hook!" Wang Fei stretched out his finger.

The two of them hooked their little fingers and began to mutter:

What Wang Fei said was right, "Hanging with the hook, you are not allowed to change for a hundred years!"

What Liu Meijuan said was, "Hanging with the hook, whoever becomes a b * stard will become a b * stard!"

"What is the rule?" Wang Fei asked.

"It's a free basket! Each person scored ten goals. Whoever scored more points will win! " Liu Meijuan said confidently.

" Okay! I'll let you go first!" Wang Fei stood under the basket and waited to pick up the ball for Liu Meijuan.

Liu Meijuan stood behind the free ball line.

She looked at the basket and raised the ball in her hand.

Wang Fei smiled when he saw her holding the ball.

Liu Meijuan held the ball with both hands. She was going to shoot like a woman!

After all, girls were still weak. Sometimes, when she used a standard shot, she would not have enough strength.

However, Liu Meijuan was the captain of the School of Literature's female basketball team! Looking at her basketball skills, they were all pretty good. Why was her shooting posture so primitive?

Wang Fei could not understand.


Liu Meijuan shouted.

She pushed the ball out of her hand.

The ball was like a cannonball as it flew towards the basket.


It entered the net!

The ball entered the net.

Wang Fei couldn't help but scratch his head. He thought to himself, I didn't expect this girl's explosive shot to be so accurate! She actually scored a goal, and it was an empty shot.

"She scored one!" Liu Meijuan stretched out a finger towards Wang Fei.

"I know." Wang Fei nodded.

Liu Meijuan threw another shot, and it was still an explosive shot. She still steadily entered the basket.

Wang Fei was a little apprehensive in his heart.

Liu Meijuan's shot was quite accurate.

However, Liu Meijuan did not score her third and fourth shots.

One hit the rebound, and the other made a round in the rebound. They came out.

"Four to two!" Wang Fei said with a smile.

"Humph! Next, I'll throw in all of them!" Liu Meijuan pouted her small mouth and said to Wang Fei.

"Good luck!" Wang Fei said with a smile.

Liu Meijuan continued to shoot.

Liu Meijuan actually threw the rest of the balls into the basket.

"Ten to eight! Little Tie, obediently admit defeat! With your shooting standard, it would already be good if ten of you can make it into three or four." Liu Meijuan said complacently.

"It's really amazing!" Wang Fei gave Liu Meijuan a thumbs up in admiration.

It was rare for a girl to have such a high free throw percentage.

"Then why don't you surrender? If you surrender now, I'll allow you to give me a 50% discount. Just give me 500." Liu Meijuan said, "Seeing that you are so poor and don't have much money, I will reduce the burden on you."

"Thank you for your good intentions. However, in my dictionary, there is no such word as surrender! Liu Meijuan, I will definitely win you!" Wang Fei said.

" I know that your smithing skills are very high. In terms of smithing, I am definitely not as good as you. I admit defeat. Hahaha!" Liu Meijuan laughed.

Wang Fei shrugged and stopped bickering with her. He walked to the back of the free ball line and took a deep breath. He moved slightly and lifted the ball. He aimed at it and quickly threw it out.

"No!" Liu Meijuan shouted from the side.


The ball went into the net, hollow!

"Sorry to disappoint you." Wang Fei smiled proudly.

"Don't think I don't know about it. The next one will definitely be Unstained Three." Liu Meijuan pouted like a fortune-teller.

Wang Fei grinned. Was this a psychological battle with him?

He did not say anything. He picked up the ball and aimed at it again.

His hand was very steady, and the ball flew out in a perfect arc. The ball flew into the net again.


Liu Meijuan was very surprised.

"Is this still that Blacksmith Wang? He actually got two balls in a row." Liu Meijuan said.

" The balls in the back will all go in. " Wang Fei said with a faint smile.

"I don't believe it!" Liu Meijuan said.

"Then watch!"

Wang Fei's shooting speed increased significantly.

He threw almost as soon as he received the ball.

"Pfft, poof, poof..."

The remaining eight balls were all hit!

"My God!" Liu Meijuan was completely shocked.

She looked at Wang Fei in disbelief. "Little Tie, you look like a different person today. You have changed from Iron King to Sharpshooter."


Wang Fei smiled and said, "Minister Liu, you have lost again. Isn't it time to honor the bet?"

The money was in his hands.

Since he had won, he had to seize the time to ask for money. This was the basic principle of Wang Fei's life.

"Alright! I'll give it to you, alright? However, I only have 500 left on me. I'll give you 500 yuan first. I'll give you the rest after I withdraw the money. Is that alright? " Liu Meijuan said pitifully.

"Of course I can! I have always been very kind. Can you give it to me this afternoon?" Wang Fei asked with a proud smile.

"F * ck! Why are you chasing me so closely? Fine! You're ruthless! In the afternoon! Wang Fei, I want to continue a one-on-one duel with you, do you dare?" Liu Meijuan said.

" Do you have any more bets? " Wang Fei blinked. Since the other side had a lot of money, Wang Fei wanted to win more money from Liu Meijuan.

"There is no more bet. I am not a gambler. Since I am not confident of winning, I will not bet with you! I just don't believe it. I want to win you! " Liu Meijuan said.

Wang Fei was very disappointed when he heard that Liu Meijuan was not willing to bet. However, he was secretly happy that Liu Meijuan could accompany him in a one-on-one fight.

Because, in actual combat, his basketball skill experience points could be increased in all aspects. Why not?

"Alright! Then bring it on! "Wang Fei said.

Wang Fei spent the past two hours fighting Liu Meijuan.

During the fight, Wang Fei's experience points had increased by leaps and bounds.

His shooting experience points had become: Grade A - 700 / 5000.

His experience points had increased to: B - 15 / 2000.

The experience points for breaking through became: [C] class -10 / 2000.

Leap experience points became: D-class -80 / 2000

The basketball skill was still at C Class, but it had already become C + Class.

Level B belonged to the high level of amateur basketball players, infinitely close to professional players. As for Grade C + players, they were already considered amateurs in the basketball world.

Wang Fei was very happy to see this number, but he also knew that he had a huge shortcoming. His shortcoming was jumping and breaking through. These were the two fundamental factors of his body's talent in sports.

These two factors did not meet the requirements. It could only mean that his original physical fitness was not very good.

He attended two classes in the afternoon.

Just as the class ended, Liu Meijuan came to the door of Wang Fei's classroom.

"Wang Fei, come out!" Liu Meijuan waited for the teacher to leave. She stuck her head out to take a look and shouted at Wang Fei.


Wang Fei's eyes lit up when he saw Liu Meijuan.

This girl must have come to give him money.

He hurriedly took his book and ran out of the classroom.

"I'll give you money, so you don't have to worry about it!" Liu Meijuan took out her wallet and counted 500 yuan and handed it to Wang Fei.

"Thank you, minister Liu. Your words are true and your promise is true. I admire you, I admire you!" Wang Fei gave Liu Meijuan a fist salute.

"Nonsense! I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first." Liu Meijuan waved her hand and left.

"I didn't expect Blacksmith Wang to actually win Liu Meijuan's heart. Did she just give you the money to cover the night?" An eccentric voice sounded behind Wang Fei.

Wang Fei turned his head and saw that it was Yann Mingyu, the third-year literature major in School of Literature.

Yann Mingyu held a basketball in his hand and looked at Wang Fei with eyes full of envy and jealousy.

Yann Mingyu was also on the basketball team of the academy.

The position he played was Big Forward. This person was 1.82 meters tall, fair and clean, and wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

He did not play very well in basketball either. He wasn't short, but his physical fitness wasn't too good. He looked tall and big, but he actually didn't have any ability to fight back.

"Yann Mingyu, can you talk nicely? Don't spit feces all over your mouth! Nonsense eight, is that okay? " Wang Fei retorted him rudely.

"What's wrong? You adulterers can do it. Wang Fei, practice in the afternoon. Mr. Fong wasn't here, but... He already told you that you don't have to practice with the team anymore. Mr. Fong had already said that he wanted the team to look like one in the future. A tumor like you is no longer suitable to stay on the team! " Yann Mingyu said to Wang Fei with a sarcastic expression.

Wang Fei was stunned.

Was he expelled from the basketball team?

"Yann Mingyu, what you said doesn't count. I want to call Mr. Fong personally. If he wants to fire me, he should tell me personally!" Wang Fei said angrily.

He was planning to use a match to wash away the iron king's bad reputation!

If he couldn't fight the match, he wouldn't even have the chance to regain his face.

It would be strange if Wang Fei wasn't anxious!

"Mr. Fong can't be bothered with you anymore. Wang Fei, I advise you not to embarrass yourself!" Yann Mingyu said with a smile.

Wang Fei ignored Yann Mingyu. He took out his phone, found Fong Xiang's number, and dialed it.

He wanted to beg Fong Xiang to give him another chance.

However, Fong Xiang's phone couldn't be picked up.

Wang Fei couldn't help but be stunned. Did he blacklist his number? Otherwise, this wouldn't have happened.

At this moment, Zhang Meng came out of the class with a basketball in his hand.

"Zhang Meng, let's go! Ignore this tumor!" Yann Mingyu said to Zhang Meng.

Zhang Meng looked at Wang Fei and moved his lips. He wanted to say something, but in the end, he did not say anything. He and Yann Mingyu walked downstairs with their arms around each other's shoulders.

Wang Fei looked at their backs and felt a chill in his heart.

Damn it, these people are so heartless?

Forget it, I won't lower myself to their level. They won't bring me to practice. 'I'll practice on my own. Anyway, there are many basketball courts in the sports field. There are dozens of basketball courts! '

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll have to compete with the sports academy's basketball team!

When the time comes, I'll just thicken my skin and go there directly.

The sports school team were all fierce people. The School of Literature's group of people were at least two levels lower than them. Then, it's not much different from a certain CBA team and a junior high school team.

When the time comes when they lose the most, I'll beg Fong Xiang to give me a chance to play! This piece of gold of mine will definitely find a chance to shine!

As Wang Fei thought of this, he finally felt a little better.

He first went to deposit the 1500 he won from Liu Meijuan into his bank card. He was happy to have the 3000RMB on him.

After saving the money, Wang Fei went to the court.

He found a place and practiced for a while. Then, a student asked someone to play a half game. Wang Fei slipped over to participate.

Playing a game was the best way to test his strength and increase his basketball skill experience.

Wang Fei played a total of four hours of half the game from 4: 00 PM to 8: 00 PM.

His accurate shooting naturally helped the team win the game.

The four hours of competition had exhausted him.

However, the harvest was also quite great. Wang Fei's dribbling experience had increased by 800 points, reaching the level of B grade 815 / 2000. With another 1100 points, he would be able to reach A grade.

His dribbling skill had already reached a peak among amateurs.

His shooting experience increased by 800 points. Currently, he was at A-level 1,500 / 5000. His shooting ability could already be considered to be at the level of a Sharpshooter among professional players.

His breaking through ability with the ball had also increased by 800 points, reaching the level of C-level 810 / 2000. His breaking through ability was also considered average.

His jumping ability had increased by the least, but it had also increased by 400 points, currently at Class D 480 / 2000.

Wang Fei was very satisfied with this.

In the intense half of the match, under the interference of his opponent's defender, his shooting rate had also reached about 70%. This was quite impressive.

Wang Fei was also very tired at this moment.

He thought to himself that the match was going to be held tomorrow. He had to take a good rest and conserve his energy. He could not let any physical problems arise in his body!

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