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C6 A Horrible Massacre

That night, Wang Fei slept very soundly.

It was probably because he had been too tired for the whole day.

The next day was Saturday. Originally, he could sleep in. However, in order to practice, Wang Fei set the time to wake up at five o'clock in the morning.

The alarm clock rang. When Wang Fei woke up, he found that something was wrong with him.

His whole body ached and he felt weak. Moreover, his forehead was a little hot when he touched it.

Oh no, could it be that he had a fever? Wang Fei's heart skipped a beat.

He struggled for a while and found that his physical condition was indeed very bad, Wang Fei thought. It seemed that he had to make the best use of his time to go to the school hospital to take a look. If he had a fever, he would give him a fever injection or something.

No matter what, he could not delay the afternoon competition.

However, it was still early, so it was useless to go to the school hospital.

Wang Fei laid on the bed and started to look at his phone.

He suddenly remembered that he had not checked Sports Altar Heavenly King's app's mission announcement panel yet.

He opened the mission panel of the system.


Wang Fei heard a sound and a dialog box popped up on the mission panel. "Welcome, host! You have activated the mission panel. From now on, you can frequently accept all kinds of missions issued by this system!"

Wang Fei thought to himself, so this Quest Interface still needs to be activated before you can start accepting quests.

After activating the mission panel, Wang Fei saw the first mission appear on the mission panel: Complete a free ball of ten free throws. The reward was a bottle of health recovery medicine.

Wang Fei could not help but feel refreshed.

This Health Potion seemed to be a good thing.

He forced himself to put on his clothes and walked unsteadily towards the sports field with the basketball in his arms.

Right now, his body was really weak to the extreme.

Wang Fei felt that a little bit of wind could blow him down.

If it wasn't for the fact that there was a strong force supporting his body, he wouldn't even be able to walk.

The wind in the morning was still a little cold.

When it blew on his body, he couldn't help but shiver.

It wasn't easy for him to reach the court.

At this moment, there was almost no one on the court. Because it was only 5 in the morning, who would be so diligent to get up so early and run to the court to play basketball?

Wang Fei struggled to stand on the free throw line. He concentrated and threw the first ball.


The ball hit the basketball ring and bounced out.

Wang Fei shook his head. It seemed that it would not be easy to shoot ten times consecutively in a sickly state.

I have to do my best.

He gritted his teeth and exercised his hands and feet, jogging a few rounds around the court.

His body was too weak. As he ran, Wang Fei felt that there was some garlic under his feet. There were a few times when he almost fell to the ground.

However, after gritting his teeth and running for a few laps, he broke out in a sweat. He finally felt that his body condition was a little better.

He then stood on the free throw line.

This time, the result of the shot was much better. He consecutively shot six balls, and then, the seventh shot deviated.

This was going to be a failure.

Wang Fei was not discouraged, because he felt that he had made quite a bit of progress.

He gritted his teeth and continued to practice shooting.

After shooting more than two hundred times, Wang Fei finally got ten times in a row.


Wang Fei heard a sound coming from his phone.

"Congratulations! Host, you have completed the task of shooting ten consecutive shots. You will receive a bottle of Health Potion." The pleasant female voice said.

Wang Fei wiped the sweat off his forehead and thought, I have finally completed it.

"Where is my reward?" Wang Fei asked.

"It is in your right pocket." The System said.

Wang Fei touched his pocket and really found a small bottle that was similar to an anti-virus oral solution. There was a label on the small bottle. The label said: Health Recovery Potion.

Wang Fei opened the small bottle and poured the potion into his mouth without hesitation.

He immediately felt a warm feeling spread throughout his limbs and bones.

All the discomfort in his body disappeared in a short period of time.

"How magical!" Wang Fei said to himself in surprise and joy.

Just like that, the health crisis was solved.

Wang Fei took out his phone and looked at his condition. He found that his shooting experience had increased by another 500 points, reaching A class 2000 / 5000.

Wang Fei thought to himself, I can't continue practicing anymore. I must have a good rest and try to break out in the afternoon.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, after Wang Fei woke up, he took his basketball and walked towards the court.

The competition between School of Literature Team and the sports school would be held at five o'clock in the afternoon.

The competition venue was on the third plastic court on the basketball court.

By the time Wang Fei arrived, the two teams had already started to practice.

He walked to the basketball court of School of Literature Team and called Fong Xiang, "Mr. Fong."

Fong Xiang looked at him. "What are you doing here?"

Wang Fei scratched his head and said with a coy smile, "I'm here to compete. I promise I won't throw by myself again. I will do the job of connecting with the organization."

"Forget it. In the last match, how many times have I given you? I have stressed again and again. You don't feel good on your own. You must pay attention to the scoring. You must play team basketball, but... You treat my words like a wind blowing by your ears, wasting the opportunity to attack! We lost to the weakest opponent! " Fong Xiang glared at Wang Fei and scolded.

When Wang Fei heard this, he felt a little angry in his heart.

He thought to himself, you can't blame me for this, right? In the last match, my opponent was very defensive. My teammate ran very badly, so I can't pass the ball even if I want to!

Besides, coach, you thought that the foreign language team was weak, but in fact, they really weren't weak!

In order to get a chance to play, Wang Fei could only hold back the dissatisfaction in his heart and continue to plead humbly, "Mr. Fong, give me another chance. I guarantee that I will not make the same mistake this time! "

"No! I have already said that I will fire you from the School of Literature basketball team. You can leave now." Fong Xiang said stiffly.

After begging for a long time, Fong Xiang insisted on not letting Wang Fei return to the team.

Wang Fei had no choice but to take his ball and stand to the side.

He wanted to show off his accurate shooting, but there were competitions in the nearby basketball fields. They were all practicing.

He thought, forget it. I'll wait until the competition starts. When School of Literature Team loses terribly, I'll go and beg Fong Xiang. At that time, perhaps I won't be so stubborn anymore.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, the competition between the sports school and School of Literature Team began.

The two sides were cheering. The team gathered at the side of the field and cheered with all their might.

Ball jumping!

The center of the sports school was 2.01 meters tall and very thick. It grabbed the ball from the air. At this time, a player from the sports school had already inserted himself into the basket of School of Literature Team.

The opponent's center swung his hand and the long pass was hung under the basket.

The sports school player who had rushed to the bottom of the basketball caught the ball comfortably. He took two steps to the bottom of the basketball and jumped high, directly throwing the ball into the basket!


The cheerleaders of the sports school immediately boiled up.

The following matches were simply a one-sided slaughter.

In ten minutes, the sports school team obtained 38 points, and the School of Literature Team did not score a single point. It was actually zero!

The members of the School of Literature Team were completely dumbfounded. Some of them even turned around and could not bear to watch the match anymore.

Fong Xiang, who was standing outside the bottom line, looked at the scene in front of him with an ashen face. He really wanted to go and play the game himself.

Damn it!

He had lost all his face!

It was true that the sports team was very strong. But, you wimps, you can't possibly not score a single ball, right? You can't not even defend, right?

It's only been ten minutes, and all of you are panting. It's obvious that you are exhausted.

What a bunch of sick people!

Wang Fei looked at the defeat on the court and came to Fong Xiang's side again. "Mr. Fong, let me go up and fight for a while. I promise I can make the situation a little better."

Fong Xiang looked at Wang Fei. "Forget it. We have already lost like this. What can you do if you go up? Won't you still forge the iron? "

"Mr. Fong, I'm really different now. I've been practicing shooting for more than a day, and now my shooting skills have improved a lot. Can you let me try? I just want to prove it. I'm really not Blacksmith Wang, I can score. I can throw many good goals!" Wang Fei once again made a passionate request.

"No! I swore that I would not use you in this game! So... Furthermore, your words are very funny. Do you know? Just by practicing for a day, you can make your shooting skills improve? You don't even need to draft your words when you brag! Stop talking to me. Am I not annoyed enough? " Fong Xiang waved his hand. He signaled Wang Fei to leave.

Wang Fei felt depressed and angry.

This stubborn Feng was really not an ordinary stubborn person!

Just as Wang Fei and Fong Xiang were talking, the massacre continued. The School of Literature Team was in a complete mess.

At this moment, Wang Fei suddenly smelled a pleasant fragrance.

Liu Meijuan had appeared beside him at some point in time. She had something to do this afternoon. She had just finished her business and rushed back to the court.

"Wang Fei, why aren't you going on the court?" Liu Meijuan frowned and asked.

"Mr. Fong doesn't want me to go up." Wang Fei said with grief and indignation.

"Why won't he let you go?" Liu Meijuan was a little surprised.

"He's stubborn. I begged him for a long time. He told me. It's useless even if I go on stage. Besides, he swore that he wouldn't use me in this game. So, no matter how badly I lose, I can't go! " Wang Fei said angrily.

At this moment, to be honest, Wang Fei had the urge to beat Fong Xiang up.

Liu Meijuan turned around and walked towards Fong Xiang.

"Mr. Fong, why didn't you let Wang Fei fight?" Liu Meijuan questioned.

"Meijuan, what are you doing here? Looking at this ball, I feel like I am being tortured. It's too tragic. I've never seen such a miserable game. " Fong Xiang said with a sad face.

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