Super All-round Sports System/C7 30 Seconds 8 Points!
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Super All-round Sports System/C7 30 Seconds 8 Points!
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C7 30 Seconds 8 Points!

"I know it's bad! Mr. Fong, accept this fact! After all, the members of the sports school team were mostly members of the Yuzhou University school team! Their level is not something we can compare with!" Liu Meijuan said coldly.

"But, this is too embarrassing. Why can't they score a single goal? How many goals can they score? I can feel slightly better! " Fong Xiang said with a long sigh.

"Those who can score, you won't let them go. Mr. Fong, are you a masochist?" Liu Meijuan said rudely.

" Who can score? Where is it? The few people on the court are almost the best players in our academy! " Fong Xiang said.

"Wang Fei is the one who can save your face!" Liu Meijuan said.

"What? The Iron King? He went on stage and played more than 30 times and scored two goals. Liu Meijuan, why do you think he can save my face?" Fong Xiang asked with a frown.

"Because I have PK with him one-on-one these two days. I played shooting with him. I saw him continuously throw the balls into the basket with my own eyes! His shooting accuracy has really increased by too much. " Liu Meijuan said.

" What you said, is it true? " Fong Xiang widened his eyes.

"Won't you know if I give it a try? Mr. Fong, you have already lost without any scruples. You are barefooted! Ask Wang Fei to give it a try, it won't do you any harm! On the contrary, he might give you a pleasant surprise!" Liu Meijuan said.

" Okay! Then I'll let him go up and give it a try." Fong Xiang nodded.

At this time, the competition had already progressed to the 18th minute of the first half.

The score on the stage had reached a miserable 68 to 0.

From the looks of it, the sports academy team could easily get more than 70 points in the first half.


The sports academy team scored once again.

At this time, the whistle of a substitute sounded.

Under Liu Meijuan's persuasion, Wang Fei could finally make his debut.

He replaced his own guard, wang Changhai.

Wang Changhai was originally Wang Fei's substitute, and his skill was even worse.

Wang Changhai went down to rest.

Wang Fei quickly came to the back of the court and prepared to receive the outer court ball.

The one who threw the Outer World Ball was Zhang Meng.

Zhang Meng looked at Wang Fei, who was switched to the court. He could not help rolling his eyes. He did not understand why Blacksmith Wang was switched to the court again.

Wang Fei signaled Zhang Meng to pass the ball to him.

Zhang Meng grabbed the ball, but he did not look at Wang Fei. He was looking for other teammates.

When Fong Xiang saw this scene, his face darkened, and he shouted loudly: "Zhang Meng, what are you doing? Hurry up and pass the ball to Wang Fei!"

Zhang Meng heard Fong Xiang's order and reluctantly threw the ball to Wang Fei.

Wang Fei nodded at Zhang Meng, then he took the ball and walked to the front of the field.

"Yo! The one that our School of Literature Team just traded is so familiar! Isn't this Blacksmith Wang, who frequently blacksmiths and crazily attacks when he was competing with the Foreign Language Academy the day before?"

"He's also a wimp, it's a waste for him to come up here!"

"Let's go, let's go. Look at this match. When the fans of School of Literature get high blood pressure, the blood vessels on my forehead start to pop!"

Wang Fei heard the people from his own school who were watching the game at the side of the field saying some sarcastic words to mock him.

Wang Fei gritted his teeth and sped up the speed at which he brought the ball.

The sports school team was not playing well at this time. They probably won too much and could not even raise their spirits to play the game.

Therefore, the player defending Wang Fei only looked at Wang Fei from afar and didn't move forward at all.

The player let Wang Fei walk to the three-point line. He looked at Wang Fei lazily and said, "Shoot! No one will defend against you! It's really boring to play in a team like yours!"

Wang Fei smiled and suddenly picked up the ball. He took a step back and arrived outside the three-point line. Then, he opened his hand and attacked with a three-point attack.

"Three points back?"

"F * ck me!"

"If this ball can score, then I'll act like I'm eating sh * t! "

The surrounding people were talking loudly, especially a boy in a red short-sleeved shirt. He was shouting even louder, indicating that if Wang Fei could go in, he would act like he was eating shit.

Three points!

Wang Fei felt very good!

Everyone looked at the basketball.

The ball flew out in a perfect arc, and with a poof, it entered the net!

Wang Fei looked at the boy in the red shirt and said, "You can start your performance now."

The boy in the red shirt blushed. "I didn't finish. I was going to say that I will perform and eat ten steamed buns."

Wang Fei shook his head and gave him a middle finger. This guy was so cunning.

Fong Xiang, who was standing under his basketball, immediately widened his eyes. Damn! This was a beautiful three-point score. However, since the other team members were not defending anymore, it was meaningless for them to score three points.

"Mr. Fong, how is it? Wang Fei scored, right? And it was three points! " Liu Meijuan said.

Fong Xiang shook his head. "They did not defend."

"But this might be the beginning of a turnaround!" Liu Meijuan said.

"How can it turn around? He is already 65 points ahead." Fong Xiang shook his head and said.

On the court, the sports school team sent out their baseline.

The boy who was defending Wang Fei let him shoot the ball forward.

It was obvious that this boy with a pigtail was a substitute for the sports school team. Almost everyone on the field was a substitute for the sports school team.

"Bro, that three-point shot was pretty good." The pigtailed boy said to Wang Fei as he walked away with the ball.

"Is that so?" Wang Fei smiled. He saw that the pigtailed boy still seemed to be absent-minded. He thought, I can try breaking the ball.

"Yes. Now, I'm going to break through." Little Plaits suddenly accelerated and was about to fly over Wang.

Wang Fei sneered in his heart. Moving the ball was not that good. Although his movements were fancy, they were sloppy.

Now, his eyesight had improved a lot compared to before.

When Wang Fei wanted to get rid of him as if he was playing with braids, he suddenly made a move. He was very accurate and caught the ball in his opponent's hand in an instant.

After catching the ball, without saying a word, Wang Fei turned around and ran towards the front of the field.

Little Plaits and another guard from the sports school immediately chased after Wang Fei, wanting to stop him.

However, Wang Fei had already arrived outside the three-point line.

He turned his head and looked at the soldier chasing him. He steadily opened his hand and attacked thirty percent of the time!

"Damn it!"

"Why did you throw thirty percent?"

"It should be in the sky! That would be safer!"

On the court, Zhang Meng and Yann Mingyu looked at each other.

"This idiot, it was already very difficult for him to get three points. Such a good blue run opportunity, but he actually threw three points?" Yann Mingyu sneered and laughed.

However, just as Yann Mingyu finished saying this, the ball that Wang Fei threw out made a "poof" sound again and steadily entered the basket.

Once again, he scored three points!

Wang Fei fiercely waved his fist and roared towards the sky!

He finally let out a breath of resentment in his heart.

The surrounding audience was in an uproar.

The cheerleaders of the sports team were all sighing.

On the other hand, the School of Literature team was in high spirits.


"Two and a third in a row! This is too awesome."

"Wang Fei gave us face today. He threw two three-pointers consecutively and even broke the opponent's ball! This is Wang Fei's moment of high light alone!"

"I knew it! Wang Fei's skill was still good. He might not be in a good condition if he went on stage to iron with the ball. Let alone us, even if he's a superstar in the NBA, when he's in a bad state, he will keep forging! "

"We've wronged Wang Fei. Wang Fei is the true hero of our School of Literature Team!"

"Wuuuu! Why are my eyes filled with tears? Because Wang Fei had taken off the pants of School of Literature Team and put them back on. "

Below the School of Literature Team's basket, Fong Xiang was delighted.

"Great, this is great! This was how they should play! Wang Fei, you have really given me face! " Fong Xiang clenched his fists and said.

Liu Meijuan only smiled and did not say a word.

She was thinking, were the people a little too powerful?

A single ball could send a person to hell.

And when he performs a bit better, he will be promoted to heaven again!

She herself seemed to be unable to avoid it.

On the court, the sports school team, which Wang Fei had entered with two and a half points in a row, finally paid some attention to. Their coach, yiming Sun, shouted loudly below the court: "Keep an eye on that Number 23!"

This time, when the sports school team sent out the bottom-line ball, the pigtailed guard met Wang Fei and went forward to defend. Without hesitation, he passed the ball to another defender in the team's Number 35 jersey.

Obviously, after the ball was broken once, the pigtailed guard had some psychological trauma.

Wang Fei immediately followed the pigtail and retreated to the half-court of his own team.

The sports school team advanced very quickly.

No. 35 easily passed the defense team of School of Literature and arrived at the edge of the three-point line.

Wang Fei took a look and knew that No. 35 did not intend to pass the ball. He wanted to throw three points himself.

On their side, Big Forward, Yann Mingyu, bluffed and rushed over to defend.

Number 35 was not affected by Yann Mingyu's interference at all. He opened his hand and attacked with three points.

Wang Fei saw the trajectory of the ball after No. 35 attacked. His intuition told him that it was impossible for the ball to enter.

And the best place to grab the rebound board was also seen by him at a glance.

Wang Fei ran over quickly.


Number 35's ball bounced off the rebound board.

Wang Fei arrived just in time and grabbed the ball in his hand.

He accelerated and rushed towards the opponent.

The sports team reacted very quickly. Three team members chased after them.

The other four from the School of Literature Team also wanted to quickly go down to meet them.

Unfortunately, their physique was not good. They ran too slowly.

When Wang Fei was about four meters away from the basketball ring, he found that two men from the sports school had already caught up to him, especially No. 35, whose speed was very fast. He was already in front of him.

And behind him was the big black man who was over two meters tall.

The other party's center actually caught up to him?

This could also be because the center had come out to block and disassemble him. Then, he saw that the backcourt rebound had been lost. Wang Fei wanted to attack quickly, but the big black man chased after him with big strides.

The big black hand, which was as big as a cattail leaf fan, was behind him. It looked like it wanted to give Wang Fei a big hat at any time.

Wang Fei smiled. He held the ball with both hands and suddenly started to run blue.

He threw the big black palm behind him with two steps.

No. 35 in front was already waiting under the basketball.

Wang Fei only ran two steps before he jumped up and threw the ball in his hand.


The ball was thrown into the net again!

In just thirty seconds, Wang Fei had hit three balls and scored eight points!

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