Super All-round Sports System/C8 Activating Innate Skill
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Super All-round Sports System/C8 Activating Innate Skill
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C8 Activating Innate Skill

The cheerleaders of the sports team are dead silent.

The cheerleaders of the School of Literature were almost going crazy.

Everyone jumped and shouted! They were extremely excited.

"Di -"

The referee whistled and the sports team immediately called for a pause.

This was an unprecedented first.

The players on both sides walked down the court one after another.

Wang Fei had just arrived at the bottom of the basket where he was. The excited Liu Meijuan pounced over and lightly punched Wang Fei in the chest. She said, "Wang Fei, you played really well! You are now the hero of School of Literature Team!"

"Yo! Minister Liu, your hand strength is not small, right? Could it be that you've used your inner energy? My stomach hurts. " Wang Fei said as he rubbed his stomach exaggeratedly.

"Really? I didn't even use any strength. I'll rub it for you." Liu Meijuan stretched out her fair and delicate hand and rubbed Wang Fei's chest.

"Comfortable, really comfortable! Department Head Liu, your massage technique is very precise. Something seems to be wrong with my shoulder as well. Help me massage my shoulder." Wang Fei wanted to make fun of Liu Meijuan.

" Kid, did you make fun of me on purpose? " Liu Meijuan widened her eyes and stared at Wang Fei.

"How would I dare to make fun of Department Head Liu? I just feel that Department Head Liu's hands are like magic. Push a few times for me and my whole body feels comfortable as if I have eaten ginseng fruit." Wang Fei said with a smile.

"Really? Then I'll help you massage your shoulders. I hope you can maintain that momentum just now! Wang Fei, I don't want to win. At least I want to win. We can't lose too badly. We have to make our School of Literature look good on the face." Liu Meijuan really turned around and started massaging Wang Fei's shoulders.

During this process, Fong Xiang, who was standing at the side, only smiled. He didn't say a word.

When Wang Fei and Liu Meijuan had finished entertaining themselves, Fong Xiang said to the players, "I only have one request for you. Cooperate closely with Wang Fei! I predict that once this timeout is over, the sports academy will send all the main players up again. And Wang Fei will definitely be heavily guarded. At that time... Everyone must work hard to run to a comfortable position. That Wang Fei can pass the ball to you guys when he is caught. This way... Maybe you can score comfortably, remember? "

"Remember that!" The team members all agreed in unison.

After Fong Xiang finished speaking, he sincerely apologized to Wang Fei.

After that, Zhang Meng, Yann Mingyu, and the other team members also came over one by one to ask Wang Fei for forgiveness.

Originally, there was no deep hatred between them. As long as they opened their mouths, the knot in Wang Fei's heart would be almost resolved.

On the sports academy's side, sun Yiming severely criticized the performance of the substitutes on the field. Then, he repeatedly emphasized that he had to guard against Wang Fei to death! He couldn't guard against a single person. If two people couldn't, then three people would block it! In any case, except for Number 23, the rest of the School of Literature Team were useless good-for-nothings!

After a short pause, the competition began again.

Wang Fei took a look and found that the sports school team had indeed dispatched their main force. Except for the big black center, everyone else had changed.

The sports school team sent out their baseline.

As a defender, Wang Fei naturally had to defend against the opponent's defender.

The main defender of the sports school wore number 6 jerseys.

Number 6 was about 1.84 meters tall. He was very strong, but his movements were very agile.

When he received the bottom-line ball, Wang Fei tried to go around and snatch it.

Number 6 squeezed his body and pushed Wang Fei to the side, firmly catching the ball in his hand. Then he turned around, shook Wang Fei away, and ran towards the front of the field.

The speed of the ball was really fast.

Wang Fei chased closely from behind, but there was a gap in speed between him and the opponent. He could only watch as the opponent broke through the defense line of his own team members and rushed to the bottom of the basket.

The one guarding under the basket was Zhang Meng.

Zhang Meng shouted loudly. He stretched out his arms and stopped in his position.

At this moment, Wang Fei suddenly had a strong premonition. Number 6 was going to split the ball, and it was going to be given to the center of the field, big Black.

He immediately rushed in that direction without hesitation.

He had just arrived when No. 6 passed the ball without even looking at him.


The ball flew towards Wang Fei.

Wang Fei grabbed it and immediately turned around, bringing the ball back to the opponent's side.

This broken ball was too sudden.

When the opponent's player caught up, Wang Fei had already reached the outside of the three-point line. He jumped up comfortably.

The ball flew in steadily again!

Three points!

Wang Fei himself scored 11 points in a row, reaching a small climax at 11: 0!


At this moment, Wang Fei suddenly felt a prompt ring in his head.

A beautiful female voice sounded in his head, "Respected host, you have completed the achievement of scoring more than 10 points consecutively in the competition. The special reward is a bottle of Power Regeneration Potion. Please accept it."

Wang Fei could not help but be stunned.

He thought to himself, didn't I put my phone in my bag beside the court? Why is this voice ringing in my head?

As if sensing Wang Fei's doubt, the beautiful female voice explained, "Host, this system has already merged with you. No matter if you bring your phone with you or not, this system will always be with you."

So that's how it is!

Wang Fei suddenly understood.

In the following matches, Wang Fei continued to perform excellently.

His judgment was very accurate. He had a very accurate judgment of the opponent's passing route, whether or not he would shoot after the shot, and the direction of the rebound.

This also helped Wang Fei a lot.

Wang Fei's outstanding performance also gave his team members a lot of encouragement.

Under the circumstances of the opponent's pincer, Wang Fei's very comfortable scoring was often able to let these players pick up scraps under the basket and easily throw the ball into the basket.

But even so, because the difference between the two teams was too great. In addition, the hole they had dug previously was also a bit too big. So, School of Literature Team still lost in the end.

However, they didn't lose so badly this time.

The score was fixed at 88: 52. The School of Literature Team lost 36 points.

In this match, Wang Fei alone scored 42 points. His other teammates only scored 10 points.

Because of this, Wang Fei became famous in this match.

Now, many people knew that in the match between the School of Literature and the sports college, Wang Fei, the blacksmith king of the School of Literature, had successfully saved himself. He had scored 42 points, 12 rebounds, and had broken the super data of five assists seven times.

This performance was really too comprehensive.

The competition had ended.

But the members of the sports academy weren't that happy. They quietly left the stage. After all, to be able to fight like this with a fish belly like the School of Literature, they could not completely restrict the opponent's defender even with a three-man clamp. This was really too much of a blow.

On the other hand, the School of Literature's side was filled with cheers.

It was just like the School of Literature Team who won the game.

These people surrounded Wang Fei, calling his name and saying some words of praise.

A few boys even wanted to lift Wang Fei up and throw him a few times.

But because they were worried that they would throw him on the ground and hurt him, they were sternly rejected by Wang Fei.

Damn it, can you afford to pay for a broken body?

After the excited School of Literature students left, Fong Xiang walked over. He smiled and said to Wang Fei, "Let's go! I'll treat everyone to a beer at the night market tonight. Everyone, please be happy. Then, we'll have a proper discussion. How do you want to increase the strength of our team? If the other teammates can provide you with sufficient help... I think, we can share the pressure of your attack. We might even be able to hope to win the championship in the fall league!"

Wang Fei thought to himself, damn, we clearly lost the game, why is it like we really won the game?

However, since Fong Xiang was willing to treat, then there was free food to eat. Wang Fei would not refuse.

Wang Fei agreed in one go.

Liu Meijuan was also dragged along by Fong Xiang to join in the fun.

This group of people walked towards a stall outside the south gate of the Yuzhou University that was filled with prawns and prawns.

As they walked, Wang Fei saw that he wasn't being noticed for the time being, so he turned on his phone and looked at the status on the Omnipotent Sports Altar Heavenly King app on his phone.

With one look, Wang Fei found that his basketball skills had all risen to grade B.

B-level basketball skills were already considered super high among amateur basketball players. It was only a little bit away from the excellent level of professional basketball.

His dribbling skill had reached Grade B - 1680 / 2000, which was infinitely close to Grade A. A level was the standard of an excellent professional player.

His shooting skills had reached A-level - 3120 / 5000, the standard of a Sharpshooter.

The breakthrough skill had also broken through from C to B - 60 / 2000.

The bouncing skill had finally broken through from D to C - 180 / 2000.

Dunk still failed to level up.

However, Wang Fei discovered that under the basketball skill, another new skill had appeared: Prediction of Footsteps skill!

This skill level of Prediction of Footprints It was a B-class skill of 1800 / 2000. This was a sign that he was about to advance to A class!

Wang Fei knew that in today's match with the sports school, this prediction skill had really helped him a lot. If it wasn't for this skill, he wouldn't have broken so many balls and snatched so many rebounds!

How did this thing suddenly jump out?

Wang Fei was a little confused.

The beautiful female voice immediately sounded in his mind again. "Host, the ability to predict the movement of the ball is an innate skill. You have activated this skill in the competition. Congratulations!"

Wang Fei immediately understood.

It turned out that he was the one who had activated the innate skill. Then he was really lucky.

He looked at his status bar and then looked at the mission announcement board. With one look, he realized that another mission had been released: Lead the School of Literature basketball team to become the champion of the Yuzhou University's autumn basketball match! Unlock the Medal of Excitement!

Wang Fei looked at it and felt a little dizzy.

He thought to himself, what the heck am I supposed to do!?

This mission is probably not easy to complete, right? No matter how strong he is by himself, he can't resist the fact that his teammates are all pigs! He had lost 36 points in today's competition with the sports academy. This huge pit, could it be filled up in a short period of time?

Wang Fei scratched his head and looked at his teammates who were happily walking in front of him. He thought to himself, I really need to help these teammates increase their level! However, even Fong Xiang, the coach, could not make their basketball skills improve too obviously. Could he do it?

"Wang Fei, why are you walking behind me alone, looking at your phone?" Wang Fei was frowning and thinking about it when a sweet fragrance assailed his nose. He did not know when Liu Meijuan came to his side.

This gave Wang Fei a scare. He thought, I'll go! She saw the words of this all-powerful Sports Altar Heavenly King app. How should I explain it to her?

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