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C9 An Impossible Task

"Oh, nothing." Wang Fei hurriedly put away his phone.

However, Liu Meijuan had already reached out and grabbed Wang Fei's phone. She even said, "Did you fight with your girlfriend? If you feel sad because you were abandoned by a woman, I will laugh at you! "

Wang Fei's heart jumped.

He gloomily said to Liu Meijuan, "Department Head Liu, can you not be so gossipy? There are a lot of privacy on the phone, you are not allowed to look around."

"Hehe! I have to look. Is there some dirty little video and indecent photos inside? " Liu Meijuan turned around to avoid Wang Fei's counter-attack and said with a smile.

"Absolutely not! Quickly return the phone to me." Wang Fei was really a little angry.

"Oh, okay. Here you go. I'm just teasing you. Don't really get angry at me." Liu Meijuan said.

Wang Fei took the phone and snorted.

He saw that the screen was still showing Sports Altar Heavenly King's app.


He could not help but be stunned. This app had always been in the open state?

If it was, why did Liu Meijuan not question it?


Could it be that no one else could see this app?

Wang Fei was puzzled when Liu Meijuan's arm hugged his shoulder. She smiled sweetly and said with a flattering tone, "I'm sorry, Wang Fei. I shouldn't have snatched your phone. You shouldn't have forgiven me this time if you don't see me as an adult."

She did this gesture very naturally.

However, it had a huge impact on Wang Fei.

He had never been hugged by a woman like this before.

"Cough cough!"

Wang Fei coughed awkwardly. He saw Zhang Meng, who was walking in front of him, turn around and wink at him.

"Minister Liu, alright. I forgive you. If you hug me like this, I will misunderstand our relationship." Wang Fei said.

"Hehe! If it's a misunderstanding then so be it. I don't care. In any case, I don't dislike you. Furthermore, my feelings have always been empty. " Liu Meijuan said.

Was she hinting at herself?

Wang Fei's mind moved.

In fact, Liu Meijuan was not bad looking. She was also not bad as a girlfriend and could bring her out.

"Department Head Liu, are you chasing me?" Wang Fei turned his face and looked at the pretty face that was close to him.

"Hmph! In your dreams! I, Liu Meijuan, have never learned to take the initiative to chase a boy!" Liu Meijuan let go of Wang Fei's shoulder, rolled her eyes at him, and ran to the front to talk to Fong Xiang.

Wang Fei shrugged his shoulders. What did this witch mean?

Did she mean that I can take the initiative to chase after her?

That night, the School of Literature basketball team members drank five to six bundles of beer and ate the floor full of crayfish shells. Fong Xiang estimated that he would have to pay a huge price.

At the end of the meal, Wang Fei said with a serious face, "Everyone, Mr. Fong just said that he hopes that we can get a good result in this year's autumn basketball league with more oil. As for me, I also have a small wish. That is to win the championship in this autumn league! "

As soon as Wang Fei said this, the surrounding School of Literature basketball team members all laughed.

"Wang Fei, I'm afraid that's not possible! Sports school team! They are too strong. Your performance today was so eye-catching. They might not have thought of any way to restrict you in their haste, but... If we can really make it into the finals and compete for the championship with the sports school team... I don't think we have a chance at all!" Yann Mingyu burped and said while shaking his head.

"Ai! It's us who are too weak. No one can help Wang Fei much! If we can help Wang Fei share some of the pressure, we might really be able to win the championship. " Zhang Meng sighed and said.

The others also expressed that they did not have a chance against the sports academy.

Wang Fei frowned.

Of course he knew that winning the sports academy team and winning the championship was not easy.

However, this was a task given to him by Sports Altar Heavenly King's app. No matter how impossible it was, he had to work hard to complete it!

Therefore, Wang Fei shook his head. He said, "To be honest, I am a little disappointed. I did not see a shred of courage in you guys. I only saw frivolous and negative treatment. You all look down on yourselves, and you all feel that you can't do it. Then our team will definitely not be able to do it in the end! When I went up to the stage and fought so miserably, I was once disheartened and disappointed. However, after thinking about it, if you fail, lie down and pretend to be dead... If we live, we have to fight for victory! We can only fight with all our might. Then, even if we fail in the end... I, a blacksmith, can perform at such a high speed today. Could it be... Do you all think that there is a huge gap between you and me?"

Wang Fei's words were very rude and even a little sharp.

This also made the other team members look ashamed.

"Wang Fei, we are all wondering why you can fight so well today. Do you have any secret? Can you teach us?" Zhang Meng said at this moment.

"That's right, Wang Fei. I felt that your basketball skills had improved a lot when you played today. How did you do it? Let us learn from you too. Let's increase our standards. " Wang Changhai, who served as the defender, also said curiously.

Wang Fei smiled faintly and said, "Do you know how I spent the past two days? I spent almost all of my time practicing football. I trained hard. I found confidence and improved my level! This is my secret! If you also want to improve your level, as long as you guys can persevere... I can guarantee that all of you will be able to increase your skill level! "

"Really?" Yann Mingyu asked.

"Of course it's true." Wang Fei nodded.

"But we also practiced very hard. You know, Mr. Fong is very strict." Yann Mingyu looked at Fong Xiang and said.

Wang Fei could feel that Yann Mingyu was making a maggot.

What he said just now was as if he was saying that Fong Xiang's training method was wrong.

In fact, Fong Xiang's training method was really ordinary. He only strictly urged his team members to practice the ball. However, he did not strengthen the practice according to the characteristics of each team member. Moreover, his skill and tactics were really ordinary.

Fong Xiang said at this time, "As long as you follow Wang Fei to practice, you can grow balls, and you can really beat the sports school team to win the championship. I support Wang Fei to use his own training method to train you guys!"

When Fong Xiang said this, he felt a little bitter in his heart.

Could it be that his basketball thinking was really stiff?

Otherwise, why couldn't he make this team look like it after putting so much effort into it?

"Mr. Fong's mind is still very broad! I am willing to play with Wang Fei!" Zhang Meng raised his arm high.

"Me too!" Wang Changhai also raised his hand.

The members of the School of Literature basketball team all raised their arms.

Finally, Yann Mingyu also raised his arm.

Wang Fei nodded in satisfaction and said, "Very good! Then, tomorrow morning at 5 am, let's meet at the basketball court on the 4th standard field!"

It was already 9 o'clock in the evening. Everyone got up and went back to their dorms to rest.

Lying on the bed, Wang Fei was a little confused.

Regarding how to train the other members of the School of Literature Team tomorrow morning, Wang Fei did not have any mature thoughts. After all, he had never been a coach before, and he did not have a whole set of training methods.

He just wanted to trick those guys on the team to practice more football with him and practice for a few more hours. No matter what, it would be better for them to become better.

Let's not talk about other things. It should be possible to increase the shooting level of those guys, right?

However, when he arrived at the field early in the morning tomorrow, if he let Zhang Meng and the others practice shooting blindly, it would not work either. They would doubt that he did not have a good training method.

What should he do?

Wang Fei thought about it and felt that it was better to turn on his mobile phone and do a last-minute exercise. He wanted to see if he could find some basketball training videos on the Internet and learn some training methods for players in various positions.

This was something that could not be helped.

Wang Fei turned on Baidu on his mobile phone and started searching.

However, when he typed in the words "basketball training method," and pressed the search button, something unexpected happened.

The all-rounder Sports Altar Heavenly King's app popped up. A window popped up on the app, and some video videos of basketball training appeared on the screen.

There was another sentence below: Do you want to learn the practical skills of the players in different positions on the basketball court?

The following options were: YES or No.

Wang Fei was pleasantly surprised.

He thought to himself, the basketball training video in the All-around Heavenly King's app must be very useful.

Therefore, Wang Fei clicked "YES" without hesitation.


The system's beautiful notification sounded. "Respected host, you have used 1000 yuan to buy a full set of basketball training videos. Thank you for your support!"

"What?" Wang Fei was shocked.

Damn! Did he have to spend money to watch these videos?

"Host, the cost of buying a full set of basketball training videos has been deducted from your bank account. Now, do you want to start learning from teaching videos?" The system reminded him once again.

Hearing this, Wang Fei felt like dying.

F * ck!

Such a set of videos actually cost 1,000 yuan?

In that case, he only had a few hundred yuan left on his card. And now, it was already October 20th, and there were more than ten days left. It will be November, and it's time to pay the membership fee for next month.

I'm so miserable!

Wang Fei beat his chest and stamped his feet in frustration for a while. His mentality also changed. He thought in his heart, anyway, it's already like this. Since I've already paid for these teaching videos, I'll just pinch my nose and try to learn.

Wang Fei thought so and opened the teaching videos.

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