Holy Dragon Continent, Heavenly Star Empire, wood village, Old Li Tou Orchard's border area.

"Stop, don't run!"

An old and angry shout sounded out, followed by the sound of crutches knocking on the ground.

"You rascal, if you dare steal my kaleidae fructus again, I'll break both your legs!"

kaleidae fructus s were just the lowest grade of fruits consumed by regular humans. They were cheap and could not be sold for more than a few copper coins in the market.

Zhang Xing laughed as he ran: "Old Li Head, isn't it just a few worthless fruit? I'll build you an even larger orchard when I get rich tomorrow and grow you the best fruits!"

Old Li looked at the jubilant Zhang Xing running away, he was not really angry, but he secretly sighed in his heart, A bitter child!

Zhang Xing was not a person from this world, but was instead the manager of a well-known anime network on Earth.

He remembered how the power on the wall sparked when he worked overtime, and then he pulled the plug, and then he came to this world.

He transmigrated into the body of a six year old boy.

Through his memories, he found out that this child called Zhang Xing originally had some Magic talent, so his grandfather saved up and wanted to send him to Faculty of Magic to become a genius in the future.

Unfortunately, on the way to the Faculty of Magic, they were attacked by wild wolf. In order to protect him, his grandfather passed away, leaving him to stumble on his own path, eventually dying of starvation near the wood village.

This was a mystical world of Magic, with the strong Fighter as well as the most respected Magician.

They all respected strength and spoke with their fists.

Zhang Xing ran unsteadily, but he was still very young, his calves was unsteady and his legs were crooked. He even tripped and broke his legs.

As he stuffed the kaleidae fructus into his mouth, he turned his head to look back. There was still the kaleidae fructus's purple, thick and viscous fruit flesh on his chin, causing people to be unable to refrain from laughing when they saw it.

"Other people all have golden fingers, but why don't I have anything?"

"If it wasn't for the Fellow countrymen who took me in, I would have starved to death three days ago. I would have been the first person to cross this world and starve to death."

Just as he was thinking of this, suddenly, a "ding!" A melodious voice rang in his mind.

In the next second, he suddenly disappeared into an unknown space.

What appeared before his eyes was a vast and verdant island.

"Ding ? congratulations on summoning Shenlong Island!"

"Ding ? congratulations, you have obtained the Divine Dragon Feeding System!"

Zhang Xing's young and tender face was at a loss. He puzzledly asked: "Why do I need to raise a dragon?"

System: "Treat the dragon as a pet!"

Ah!" Zhang Xing shouted loudly in his heart. His blank face immediately turned miserable.

Other people would either have an old grandpa inside their ring or have all kinds of systems explode. Zhang Xing, on the other hand, had become a pet owner.

Could it be that in the future, he would use a bunch of cages to store pet dragons, squatting in the pet market every day, and let those nobles come to buy dragons?

Zhang Xing was saddened, his mind immediately thinking of the little kittens and puppies in the pet market on Earth.

However, what the System said next made him ecstatic. He forgot about the pain.

"A pet dragon can turn into a divine dragon once it has been raised. It will follow you to battle in all directions and look down on the world!"

"Please board the Shenlong Island and begin the system's mission."

With that said, Zhang Xing felt as if his feet had stepped on the ground.

The size of the island was not small, and after sensing in his mind, it should be around the same size as Hainan Island on Earth.

"Ding ? Begin Beginner mission, Initial Gold coins 2000."

Wow, I'm rich! Even wood village use copper coins, even silver coins are very rare, let alone Gold coins s.

First, he took a handful of Gold coins and put it in his pocket.

Zhang Xing opened up his little hands to take a look, he had only acquired five Gold coins.

No, I want more.

It was still five Gold coins s.

System: "Island Owner doesn't need to go through so much trouble. With just a thought, the Gold coins will naturally appear in your pocket."

Zhang Xing...

"Newbie mission one, build a base. Requires 200 Gold coins to build the necessary buildings."

Opening up the control panel, Zhang Xing took a look and found the construction from the top.

A white light shined onto the island, and a structure similar to Earth's in the Western Middle Ages appeared.

"Congratulations, you have completed the mission and received 10 experience points, Gold coins 100."

"Congratulations, you have reached the next level. You are now an apprentice of the Fighter."

He felt the strength in his body. It was almost the same as when he was twenty.

Looking at his status again, Gold coins 1900, experience 0/20.

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