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C11 The Center of Attention.

Su Xiao heard the voice and looked across the street. The one who spoke was none other than Fatty, Yicai Zhou . There were also many people around him, and they were all his university classmates.

Of course, Zhang Gaoquan and Faang Xue were one of them.

"It's very late now. Let's meet again in the future." Su Xiao had intended to refuse. He held Wang Ying's hand and prepared to leave.

After a few steps, Su Xiao felt someone pull him.

He turned around and saw that Yicai Zhou had already ran over from the opposite side of the road. He grabbed Su Xiao's collar and did not let him go.

"Let's go gather together! "We have graduated a long time ago. It was not easy for us to gather together this time. " You can bring sister-in-law along to have some fun. " Yicai Zhou persuaded. He pushed Su Xiao and Wang Ying to the other side of the road.

"Who is sister-in-law?" Wang Ying blushed and lowered her head. Of course, she was a little embarrassed to be called sister-in-law. But she did not reject being called sister-in-law by others. On the contrary, she was a little happy.

The group entered another luxury hotel and opened a private presidential suite. Yicai Zhou was in charge of ordering. After all, with his figure, he must have eaten a lot of good food.

"Su Xiao, is she your girlfriend? How did you find such a beautiful girlfriend?" It was Brother, who used to sleep on Su Xiao's bed. Xu Wen said. He had just seen Su Xiao and Wang Ying holding hands since they came in. So he ran over with a smile and put his arm around Su Xiao's shoulder to ask him.

"That's right! You are too lucky! " I go to the bar every day, but I have never seen such a beautiful girl! "

Everyone kept discussing. Su Xiao and Wang Ying were quickly surrounded by a large group of people. They kept praising Wang Ying, so Wang Ying instantly blushed.

"Stop joking. We are all good friends. " It's good that you can bless us. " Su Xiao laughed shamelessly. The people around him also laughed along with him.

These two seemed to have become the focus of the students.

However, the two people beside him remained silent. One of them was Zhang Gaoquan, and the other was his girlfriend, Faang Xue.

Zhang Gaoquan was a rich second generation, and he had many girlfriends. As long as he met a pretty girl, he would use money to seduce her to have sex with him.

Faang Xue was once Su Xiao's girlfriend in university. She had just started school and was a very simple girl. However, two years later, she became very realistic. She felt that Su Xiao's identity and background were not as good as Zhang Gaoquan's, so she decisively abandoned him.

It was because of the matter of their separation that Su Xiao became the laughing stock of the entire academy in the next two years. But now, everything was different.

"Su Xiao, you're quite amazing! You actually have such a beautiful girlfriend! " You are really awesome! " A girl said charmingly. Then, a sexy girl in black casual clothes squeezed in.

She immediately pressed down on Su Xiao's head and rubbed it with her hands for a long time. She messed up the hair that Su Xiao specially made.

"Qin Yue, can't you control it a little? You are the class flower! " Why are you like a boy? " Su Xiao finally tidied his hair and smiled at Qin Yue, who was in front of him.

This sexy woman called Qin Yue was beautiful and exquisite. Her figure was very good. In university, she was considered a beauty in the class.

However, she was not particularly shy. Instead, she was very easy to let go. She did not dislike any of the classmates in the class because of her beauty. She had always had a good relationship with the classmates in the class.

"It's not like you don't know that I'm always like this. I've always been casual! This is something that is destined to happen." Qin Yue smiled and rubbed Su Xiao's head for a long time.

Su Xiao looked at Yicai Zhou , who was beside him, very naturally. Fatty's expression was obviously very unnatural.

Only Su Xiao knew that Yicai Zhou had a crush on Qin Yue for a whole three years!

Half an hour later, the dishes were all served. Everyone sat on the chairs and prepared to eat. Among this group of people, Wang Ying was the only outsider. However, under Su Xiao's introduction, it seemed that no one had a different opinion of her. On the contrary, they were very friendly.

"Su Xiao, what kind of work do you and your girlfriend do?"

Xu Wen anxiously picked up a piece of chicken and ate it. But this piece of chicken was too hot. It was so hot that he could not speak clearly. This made the surrounding people laugh.

"There's no big difference between us. But we recently accepted a relatively large business deal. " So we have some commission. " Su Xiao did not think too much about it. He was no longer the same person as before. His beautiful life had just begun.

"A lowly person is destined to always be humble. You just have some good luck. " Zhang Gaoquan did not pay attention to Faang Xue. He drank his wine and talked to himself.

The surrounding crowd naturally heard him, but because of Zhang Gaoquan's identity, they did not say anything. No one was willing to get involved, so no one was willing to speak.

But Su Xiao couldn't bear it. He added a piece of meat to Wang Ying and placed it in the bowl. Then he put down the chopsticks.

He solemnly said to Zhang Gaoquan, "You don't have the right to say that to me. You are just a rich second generation. You are ignorant and incompetent, causing trouble everywhere. In the end, you still let your father help you deal with the trouble you caused. "Do you have any shame?"

The surrounding people all became silent. What Su Xiao said was the truth in their hearts.

When he was in university, Zhang Gaoquan used his family circumstances to do bad things everywhere. Because his father was Zhang Tianshui, the person in charge of the school did not hold him accountable.

On the surface, he only had Faang Xue as his girlfriend. But privately, he had many different women. He had harmed many young girls.

"Then I am also stronger than you. My family is rich, what do you have?" Zhang Gaoquan was not convinced. He stood up and cursed. He picked up a glass of wine and took a deep sip.

"I have a heart, but you don't. You are at most a beast wearing clothes, you are not qualified to compete with me." Su Xiao waved his hand. He was too lazy to argue with this person.

Zhang Gaoquan, who was drinking half of the wine, heard Su Xiao's words and instantly choked on it. However, he couldn't find a reason to refute. He sat there angrily, his face red.

"Everyone, continue eating! Let me toast everyone!" In order to settle the matter just now, Yicai Zhou hurriedly picked up his wine glass and began toasting. The situation eased up a lot.

In fact, many of the people present didn't have a high opinion of Su Xiao. But with his current strength, no one could find a loophole. They couldn't help but refresh their impression of Su Xiao.

Su Xiao, who had the Intermediate sales skill, was very eloquent. Many of the people present were people he knew, and many of them were people he didn't know. But he had praised them all. Thus, he left a very good impression in everyone's hearts.

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