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C15 Don't Worry about It

Liu Meili's neighborhood was quite far from where she worked. This was the first time Su Xiao knew that Liu Meili had never told him anything about her when she worked.

This made many people curious. She was born pretty and tall. She was very attractive, but her temper was sometimes quite irritable.

Logically speaking, she should be around this age. No matter what, she should have a husband. A boyfriend is fine too. But every time someone mentioned this topic, Liu Meili always used all kinds of excuses to avoid it.

"Why is your house so far away? Every day, you have to drive for half an hour at work. Can't you buy a house in the city?" Su Xiao drove for a long time on the road before he saw Liu Meili's neighborhood.

Liu Meili had been in a daze the whole time. Su Xiao did not know what she was talking about even after listening to her for a long time.

Su Xiao parked the car below the residential area. Su Xiao drove Liu Meili upstairs and opened the door with her keys. Su Xiao saw the tidy living room.

"Your house is so big. You are the only one living there." Su Xiao looked at Liu Meili's house. It was quite big, and the furniture was very complete.

It was hard for him to imagine a woman living in such a big house. She was the only one. Just thinking about it made him feel incredulous.

Su Xiao put Liu Meili on the sofa and was about to go to the kitchen to get some sober stuff, but his eyes suddenly stopped on the coffee table because there was a very childish pink schoolbag on it.

Logically speaking, Liu Meili was already this age, so how could she use something with such a young girl's heart? Su Xiao looked left and right. Finally, his gaze landed on the shoe rack at the door.

There were high heels that Liu Meili usually wore at work, but there were also a few pairs of small and exquisite shoes. They were all very cute.

"Is there anyone else in your family?" Su Xiao asked.

Liu Meili did not say anything. Perhaps she had already fallen asleep.

Su Xiao could not suppress his curiosity, so he walked back and forth in the living room. There would always be toys or items for little girls in the corners of the house. This made him doubt repeatedly in his heart.

Finally, he slowly turned to the bedroom and opened the master bedroom. It was clean and tidy. It was obvious that this was Liu Meili's bedroom.

The furnishings in her room were very ordinary. Only a photo at the head of the bed attracted him.

He walked in to take a look. There were two people in the photo. One was Liu Meili, and in her arms was a little girl who had a bright smile on her face.

This photo had been torn, and there were traces of another person's clothes in the corner. If Su Xiao did not guess wrong, the girl in her arms should have something to do with her.

"Uh..." Just as Su Xiao was thinking, a light sound came from the bedroom on the other side. He quietly walked over and carefully opened the bedroom door.

This was a pink bedroom filled with the scent of a young girl. A bed was placed in the middle and a teenage girl was lying on the bed, sleeping soundly. The blanket fell on the floor.

Su Xiao slowly walked in and covered the girl with the blanket again.

On the study table beside him, there were all kinds of books arranged neatly. The cover of the book at the top also had a few tender words written with a pencil.

"So she already has a daughter?" Su Xiao seemed to have understood something in his heart, so he did not dare to stay any longer and carefully left the bedroom. He closed the door.

"You know everything?" Liu Meili suddenly appeared behind him, but she could not stand stably. She had one hand on the wall, and her words were incoherent.

"She is your daughter?" Su Xiao ran to Liu Meili's side and helped her into the bedroom. He took a cup of hot water and let her drink some.

Liu Meili nodded. Maybe because she drank, she told Su Xiao a lot and almost everything.

It turned out that she had actually been married a long time ago. She also had a daughter, but she had divorced a few years ago. Her husband found a rich woman and abandoned her and her daughter, leaving only this house behind.

And now, Liu Meili was the only one who was taking care of the child. It sounded very tiring. But because she was a strong-willed woman, she would not say many things in front of so many people.

The two of them chatted for a while and Liu Meili gradually fell asleep. Su Xiao did not have the face to disturb her. He covered her with the blanket, made some decanter soup, and put it in the fridge before leaving.

The next day at work, Su Xiao was not late. Instead, it was the earliest few who came. Every time, the number one Liu Meili also came, but her expression seemed to be a little complicated.

Liu Meili looked at Su Xiao for a long time. In the end, she stood up and pulled Su Xiao to the side. "Promise me one thing. You heard it last night. You can't tell others, do you know?"

Su Xiao nodded. A strong woman needed a good image. If others knew about those things, no one knew what they would think of her.

"Su Xiao, come and help me!" He had just agreed to Liu Meili's request, but he was called over by his colleagues on the other side. He said a few vague words and continued to work.

"Can you help me talk about this client? This person is really too troublesome and my mouth is also stupid. I can't even talk to him. If we can take him down, this will definitely be a big deal!"

Su Xiao's colleague handed the relevant documents to Su Xiao. He simply flipped through them. This was a big client. He mainly sold furniture, so he had a lot of requirements for the venue. Moreover, the venue had to be ventilated, transparent, and the environment was good. It was a place with a lot of people.

All of these were easy to deal with. There was a huge store that was very suitable. However, the client said that the layout was unreasonable and that there were all kinds of problems. It was indeed very difficult to deal with.

As long as the customer was satisfied, they would buy it directly and buy a few branches. As long as they could get this order, the commission would be more than half a year!

The previous few times they communicated with the customer, but they did not have much effect. Today, the customer came again. If they did not succeed, he would go to other places to find better shops.

"Well, this is a bit tricky. But the problem isn't big, we should be able to solve it." Su Xiao frowned, then made a simple judgment of the difficulty of the matter. It was not as high as he had imagined.

"New mission of System: Sold for 5 million. Accumulated reward of 50 Knowledge points."

The notification of System in his mind suddenly rang out. Su Xiao's eyes lit up. Looking at the price of this list, it was worth around 6 million. It was completely enough!

"You don't need to care about this list. Just give it to me!" Su Xiao was full of confidence. In order to increase his ability by fifty Knowledge points, even if he couldn't do it, he had to give it a try. The people of Group eight were a little surprised.

This was originally a list that Liu Meili wanted to give up on, but she didn't expect Su Xiao to say it so easily. Due to the efficiency of Su Xiao's previous tasks, they were even looking forward to how he would persuade him. This might be the affirmation in their hearts!

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