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C16 Make Friends

Su Xiao contacted the client without saying a word. Coincidentally, the client had the time now, so he was ready to come over.

He had already made preparations. He first went to the shop to take a look. He basically understood everything, and only then was he prepared to take it down in one fell swoop!

"Who is the Su who called me just now?" About ten minutes later, a very robust man walked into the sales hall. He was wearing leather clothes. His figure was tightly outlined, and he looked very mature. He seemed to be a successful man.

"You must be the Wang Gang I just contacted, right? Hello, I am Su." Su Xiao quickly stepped forward. From his voice, he could tell that this was his client.

However, he didn't expect this customer to be so muscular.

Wang Gang first told Su Xiao what the shops in his mind looked like, and then asked Su Xiao to recommend him a similar shop.

Su Xiao patiently listened to Wang Gang's various requests, and paid extra attention to a few special places. When he was almost done, Su Xiao had a professional smile on his face and said, "Then Mr. Wang, follow me first. I will bring you to see the shop that suits you the most."

At first, Wang Gang was very excited to follow Su Xiao, but when he saw that it was the shop he saw a few days ago, the smile on his face disappeared.

"Su, I'm not very satisfied with this shop. I'm not very satisfied with the division and layout of the shop. Is there anything better than this?"

Su Xiao had already known that Wang Gang would do such a thing, but he had already prepared a way to deal with it. "Mr. Wang. Although the distribution of resources here isn't what you think, there are still many benefits to it."

Wang Gang was puzzled when he heard this. He had been here several times, but Salesman had never told him anything. Su Xiao's sudden words had stunned him for a long time.

"It is reasonable for our shops to be distributed like this. Look at the entrance. It is spacious and bright. It is most suitable to place large furniture such as sofas on the sofa. When other people enter, they will be able to see the beauty of your products at a glance!"

"There's also the middle area. It's suitable for the small furniture in the living room, tea tables and chairs. If you place them here, it will be the easiest to attract people. You just need to place the products that you are proud of here. " Others will definitely be able to tell how great it is! "

"The last section is the bedside table, desk, and other small furniture. As long as they are arranged neatly, it will naturally be pleasing to the eye. When others see it, they will definitely like it!"

A conversation came out of his mouth like flowing water. Su Xiao sighed with emotion at his own eloquence! It seemed like the System could bring him far more than this.

When Su Xiao finished speaking, Wang Gang stood there with a look of sudden enlightenment. He was stunned for a long time. He could not find any reason to refute, because what Su Xiao said was watertight. There was nothing to be picky about.

"Why didn't I notice it before?! This arrangement was perfect. Su, it's all thanks to you. Otherwise, I might have missed such a good place! " Wang Gang excitedly grabbed Su Xiao's hand and expressed his gratitude.

Su Xiao also heaved a sigh of relief. It was all thanks to this System that he was so eloquent.

"Are you satisfied with it?" Su Xiao asked.

"I am very satisfied! I was just worrying about not being able to find a suitable shop. After you put it this way, I've already decided. Is there any better Little Wang Shop? Introduce me to a few. I want to open a few branches! " Su Xiao could tell that Wang Gang was a very honest person.

Therefore, he brought him to a few high tier shops in the Gold District. When Wang Gang heard Su Xiao talk about various benefits, he was very excited.

The two of them walked around for a long time, and they practically looked through all the shops here. They didn't even have lunch, and only in the afternoon did they decide which places they wanted to go.

"Then if Mr. Wang feels that it is possible, let's sign the contract." Su Xiao quickly cut to the chase.

Finally, he found the shop he liked. Wang Gang also felt very relaxed. He patted Su Xiao on the shoulder and said, "Sign! Let's go sign the contract now and settle the procedures. I'll bring the goods and move in in in two days! "


The discussion was especially pleasant. He originally thought that there would be a difficult task, but in the end, it was so easy to complete.

When the two of them returned to the Sales Department happily, everyone looked very nervous. Everyone in the Group eight stood up and looked at them. Wang Ying at the front desk was no exception.

Su Xiao did not answer them. He deliberately kept them in suspense. Those people who were waiting anxiously stomped their feet. After all, this kind of big deal, once it succeeded, it would bring great benefits to the Group eight!

"Where's the person-in-charge? He has already taken a good look at it. Let's sign the contract!" Wang Gang shouted in the hall. Then, he chatted happily with Su Xiao.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

This client had changed several sales elites in a row, but he didn't sign the contract successfully. Even Liu Meili had met him before, but she still did not manage to settle it.

But who knew that Su Xiao would succeed so easily. It really made people wonder if Su Xiao had deliberately pretended to be weak in the past.

However, Liu Meili was very clever. She held the contract that she had prepared beforehand and walked over with a smile.

In less than two hours, all the procedures were completed. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at the black and white words on the contract, everyone was incomparably excited.

"Su, it seems that you have done a good job. I wonder if we can make friends." After signing the contract, Wang Gang smiled and put his arm around Su Xiao's shoulder in front of everyone.

"Of course we can. Brother Wang is such a straightforward person. Being friends is too fortunate!" Su Xiao also did not expect Wang Gang to have such a request, but intuition told him that making friends with Wang Gang would definitely be helpful in the future.

Seeing the two of them joking around like Brother, everyone was extremely jealous.

Su Xiao's strength was confirmed by the client, and Liu Meili felt ashamed of being inferior to him. Could it be that she had misjudged him and buried a genius?

While enjoying the admiring and trusting eyes of the crowd, Su Xiao felt that this kind of life was the most interesting!

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