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C19 Find Trouble

"Hey, Su Xiao, didn't you take a leave of absence? Why are you here again?" Liu Meili had just returned from processing the documents. When she saw Su Xiao standing there chatting with his colleagues, she naturally had some doubts in her heart.

"It's fine. That's why I came to work. Earn more money to support my family." Su Xiao scratched his head and said to Liu Meili with a smile.

Liu Meili slowly walked away, but she suddenly saw Tang Wan sitting in Su Xiao's workplace. "She is."

Su Xiao smiled awkwardly and then pulled Liu Meili to the side and told her everything. Liu Meili came to a realization and even ran to Tang Wan's side to take care of her.

But what Su Xiao cared about now was not this. It was Wang Ying's matter.

A few days ago at Wang He's birthday party, he had made an unhappy scene. He was especially worried that Wang He would find trouble with them.

"Team Leader Liu, do you know why Wang Ying took a leave of absence?" Su Xiao asked.

"Him? I don't know. She didn't tell me. She only said that there was something going on at home. What's wrong? "

Liu Meili and Tang Wan were very familiar with each other and the two of them chatted very happily. Su Xiao did not have the face to continue disturbing them.

Time passed very quickly. Su Xiao was absent-minded this day. Wang Ying's sudden leave of absence made him very worried, so he prepared to call Wang Ying when it was time to get off work.

Because Tang Wan did not have a place to stay now, Su Xiao had to arrange for her to stay in his house first and let Tang Wan sleep in the room. He slept on the sofa in the living room.

After eating, the two of them quarreled for a while and Su Xiao let Tang Wan sleep earlier.

After settling Tang Wan down, Su Xiao returned to the living room and dialed Wang Ying's number. Wang Ying also answered the call.

"Why didn't you come to work today? You didn't tell me either." Su Xiao said in a very gentle voice.

"I have some things to deal with, so I didn't go to work. I didn't tell you. I'm sorry." Wang Ying's voice sounded a little weak, and Su Xiao could clearly hear it.

He was very sensitive to the thoughts of people, so he could guess what a person was thinking, whether it was from his tone or his voice.

However, Su Xiao had asked a lot of questions, and Wang Ying had used all kinds of excuses to change the topic. Su Xiao did not want to ask any more questions, as he did not like to force others.

The two of them did not talk much and Wang Ying hung up the phone in a hurry. This made Su Xiao very confused. He believed in his intuition. Something must have happened.

Otherwise, with Wang Ying's personality, she would definitely not be like this. Lying on the sofa and having chaotic thoughts, Su Xiao did not even know when he fell asleep.

When he woke up the next day, the sun was already high up in the sky. However, in order to not disturb his work, Su Xiao arranged Tang Wan to stay at home and did not let her go to the Sales Department with him.

He made lunch in advance and let Tang Wan warm up at noon. He could bring her out to eat delicious food at night. Once she heard that there was delicious food at night, Tang Yan agreed to stay at home for a day.

After everything was settled, Su Xiao left for work. On the bus, Su Xiao was lost in thoughts when he suddenly received a call from Liu Meili.

"Su Xiao, you'd better not come to work. There are a few people here who are looking for trouble. They are specifically looking for you!" Liu Meili said in a low voice and hung up the phone, leaving Su Xiao alone in the car, confused.

Looking for me? Su Xiao thought for a while. There were not many people who really had a grudge with him. Wang Lei was the only one who had always been against him at work. However, after suffering a few losses, he should not be so reckless.

The other person he thought of was Zhang Gaoquan. This rich second generation seemed to have a grudge from university. He had always looked down on Su Xiao. At that birthday party, Wang Ying had a conflict. He estimated that 80% of the people who came this time were invited by him.

"Humph, I would like to see how capable the people you invited are!"

Su Xiao did not listen to Liu Meili because even if it was a professional fighter, he was not afraid. With the System in hand, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Soon, they arrived at the sales department. Su Xiao could hear someone shouting from far away.

"Where's Su Xiao?! Call Su Xiao out! Don't be a coward here!" A few strong men blocked the entrance of the Sales Department. Many people stayed far away. Only a few people tried to persuade him.

"Sir, did you find the wrong place? The person you mentioned, he doesn't work here." Liu Meili had a stiff smile on her face. Now, only she could resolve this problem.

"Why are you looking for me?!" Just as the few strong men were about to make a move, Su Xiao's voice came from behind them.

Liu Meili and the others looked nervous, while Wang Lei was gloating. He thought that there would be a good show to watch.

When Su Xiao bypassed the few strong men and came in front of Liu Meili, he even specially called out to everyone to take care of her, "Everyone, good morning."

"Are you crazy? Didn't I tell you not to come today? They all came to find you!" Liu Meili tugged at Su Xiao's clothes, and her words became hurried.

"Hey, kid, you are Su Xiao? We were asked to send you to the hospital for a period of time and obediently come over to let us remove a leg. Someone will pay for your medical expenses! " The leader of the men was very arrogant. He had a strong back and a strong waist. He looked very scary.

Su Xiao wanted to laugh when he heard that. He first told Liu Meili that he was fine and told her not to worry about him. Then he slowly walked in front of the man and raised his head to look at his ferocious face.

The strong man was very tall. Su Xiao's body was nothing in front of him, but Su Xiao was not afraid. "Someone paid me for my medical expenses? So good? " Did your employer tell you not to easily provoke me? "

The brawny man was stunned for a moment, then he shouted at Su Xiao," Kid, don't talk nonsense here. Either you cooperate with us and suffer less, or we will force you and make you suffer more. "

The surrounding atmosphere suddenly became tense. Many people felt that deputy Su Xiao was finished.

"I'm sorry, then I will let you guys down. I will never cooperate with you. It's still not too late to leave now. Don't let me make the first move." Su Xiao had a warm smile on his face. It was hard to tell how nervous he was.

"Are you crazy, kid?!" The leader of the group saw Su Xiao. There was no reaction at all. Immediately, he raged and raised his fist, preparing to smash it at Su Xiao.

Seeing that a huge fist was about to land on Su Xiao's head, everyone couldn't bear to close their eyes. But who would have thought that Su Xiao would suddenly reach out a hand to support his head and forcefully receive the fist?

"En?" The brawny man did not expect Su Xiao to be able to receive his punch, but he wanted to use force, but he could not suppress it at all.

"Don't waste your strength. With your soft strength, you can practice for two years at home." Su Xiao supported himself with one hand and put his other hand in his pocket. He looked very relaxed and did not feel any pressure at all.

The brawny man used all his strength, but he could not move at all. He raised his other hand and hit Su Xiao's abdomen.

"Hmph, a little trick!" Su Xiao sneered. Then the hand above his head grabbed the brawny man's wrist and twisted.

A crisp sound of bone cracking was heard. The man's facial expression instantly tightened, and a scream echoed in the lobby of the sales department.

Su Xiao smiled lightly, then patted the dust off his body, "I told you to go home and practice for another two years. The current you isn't qualified for me to make a move."

The people watching from the side were all shocked. Then, the rest of the strong men rushed forward. The four of them surrounded Su Xiao. Su Xiao had seen their warm-up move on TV before. It was the warm-up move of the professional fighters of the underground boxing club.

If Su Xiao's guess was correct, these people were all invited by Zhang Gaoquan. Only a rich second generation like him could afford to hire fighters from the underground casino.

"Looks like you guys have collected quite a lot of money. Are you really willing to work for him? Is it worth it?" Su Xiao shook his head helplessly. Although these thugs looked very powerful, it was only a matter of moving his fingers.

Those thugs only thought that Su Xiao was struggling on the verge of death and did not care about what he said. However, when they saw the strong man lying on the ground with one of his arms dislocated, they became more vigilant.

The four of them jumped into the sky together and pounced on Su Xiao, who was standing in the middle.

Logically speaking, no one should be able to dodge such a pounce. However, Su Xiao wasn't nervous because of this. He just stood there calmly.

"Today, let me teach you how to recognize your own strength!" Su Xiao clenched his fists and waved his hand.

A strong man who had just rushed over collided with Su Xiao's fist. In an instant, a strong force sent the strong man flying!

When the other three strong men saw that their companion could not even withstand a single blow, they did not hesitate and rushed forward! "Capture that kid and beat him to death!"

Su Xiao shook his head and didn't think much of it. He struck out three palms, and the three of them retreated continuously. At the same time, everyone had a shocked expression on their faces. They had never encountered such an overbearing force, but Su Xiao didn't use his full strength. Otherwise, these people wouldn't be standing there.

"If you know what's good for you, go back and tell your employer not to provoke me in the future. Otherwise, he won't be able to have a good life!" Su Xiao threw out a vicious sentence, then turned around and left in a carefree manner.

The moment he waved his hand, three silver needles shot out. Immediately after, the three strong men began to laugh loudly. Everyone looked at them as if they were looking at a fool.

"Why should we laugh? Ha, why can't we stop?" The three strong men were laughing so hard that tears were flowing out of their eyes. Su Xiao turned his head and glared at them. Then, with a smile that was filled with tears, they dragged their two companions out.

"Su Xiao, just you wait. You have offended us. You won't have a good time!"

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