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C8 Why Should I?

Zhang Gaoquan quickly let go of Faang Xue and revealed a smile that he thought he was a gentleman and walked towards Wang Ying.

"Beautiful lady, I wonder if I am lucky enough to have dinner with you?"

Zhang Gaoquan's voice was very magnetic. He stretched out his hand and smiled at Wang Ying. His eyes seemed to be electrifying. Combined with his handsome face, this move had been tested many times.

Faang Xue was a little angry but it was not good to flare up. She also knew Zhang Gaoquan's identity and wanted to stay by his side. At this time, she must not make him angry.

"Sorry, I have a boyfriend!" Wang Ying smiled and refused. She walked towards Su Xiao and held Su Xiao's arm. She said, "Darling, let's go over quickly!"

Zhang Gaoquan was stunned. Faang Xue was stunned. The other young men who followed Zhang Gaoquan were also stunned.

This beautiful woman was Su Xiao's girlfriend?

Zhang Gaoquan felt his face burning. Just now, he was showing off his girlfriend to Su Xiao.

He looked at Faang Xue and then at Wang Ying. These two people were not on the same level at all!

But very quickly, Zhang Gaoquan came back to his senses. Su Xiao was a poor man. One, what right did Su Xiao have to compete with him?

Thinking of this, he felt much better. He took a step forward and said to Wang Ying, "I forgot to introduce myself just now. My name is Zhang Gaoquan, and my father is Zhang Tianshui."

Oh my god, why does he feel so proud?

Su Xiao was not happy. He hugged Wang Ying and said, "Are you deaf? Didn't you hear that something happened to us? Good dogs don't block the road, understand? "

Zhang Gaoquan's expression was somewhat gloomy. Su Xiao actually dared to say that to him.

"Ha, what a good saying. Why aren't you moving aside? It seems like this is a bad dog!" Fatty laughed loudly. He walked over and patted Su Xiao's shoulder. He winked and said, "Kid, I didn't see it."

Wang Ying's face was slightly red, which made her look even more attractive. Seeing her shy look, Zhang Gaoquan became even angrier.

How could a loser like Su Xiao deserve such a beautiful woman?

Zhang Gaoquan still wanted to say something, but Su Xiao pushed him away and said to Wang Ying, "Baby, let's hurry up and leave. Don't let aunt wait too long."

The huge force made Zhang Gaoquan take a few steps back and directly hit his butt onto the ground.

"What a joke." Fatty laughed loudly three times without hiding anything. He pushed open the door and walked into the private room.

Zhang Gaoquan looked in the direction where Su Xiao had left, his eyes full of anger.

"Gaoquan, are you alright?" Faang Xue quickly went forward to help him up.


Faang Xue covered her face in disbelief, not knowing why Zhang Gaoquan would hit her.

"Get lost, don't let me see you again!" Zhang Gaoquan said snappily. He used to think that Faang Xue had some good looks, but after seeing Wang Ying, Faang Xue was nothing!

Faang Xue covered her face and left dejectedly.

Zhang Gaoquan stood up and took out his phone to make a call. After hanging up, he grinned hideously, "Su Xiao, I want you to know the consequences of offending me."

Thinking of Wang Ying's beautiful face, his eyes were filled with lust.

Su Xiao hugged Wang Ying and came to a private room. Wang Ying whispered, "Remember what I told you. Don't expose yourself."

"Don't worry, my dear. I remember it clearly." Su Xiao said shamelessly.

"Shameless! Who is your darling?" Wang Ying's pretty face turned red. This guy was addicted. He really thought too much.

Su chuckled and pushed the door open and walked in.

In the private room sat a beautiful woman and a handsome young man with shiny hair.

"Ying is here, quickly sit!" Wang He saw Wang Ying and stood up and pulled her to her side.

As for Su Xiao, she directly ignored him.

Su Xiao did not feel awkward either. She found a seat and sat down.

Hu Leeann saw Wang Ying and hurriedly sat up. His eyes shone as he looked at Wang Ying and smiled, "Aunt He, this must be Ying. She is really too beautiful!"

As he spoke, he looked at Wang Ying and said, "Ying, let me introduce myself. Hu Leeann has just returned from studying abroad in America."

Wang Ying's expression turned cold. "Please call me Wang Ying. We are not that close!"

After that, she turned to Wang He and said, "Aunt, let me introduce myself. This is my boyfriend, Su Xiao."

When the word "boyfriend" came out of his mouth, Hu Leeann's face turned green. He looked at Wang He with doubt.

Wang He was also stunned and asked, "Ying, why didn't I know you had a boyfriend?"

She sized up Su Xiao from head to toe and was very suspicious.

Hu Leeann quickly reacted and smiled, "Aunt He, perhaps Ying was not used to this kind of occasion and thus found a fake."

The moment the fake came out, Wang He's somewhat ugly expression turned for the better.

She looked at Su Xiao and said high and mighty, "How much did Ying give you for you to pretend to be her boyfriend? I'll give you double. Hurry up and leave this place! "

"Aunt, what are you talking about?"

Wang Ying was a little unhappy and secretly gave Su Xiao a look.

Su Xiao leaned over the chair and hugged her. He kissed her on the face and said, "Darling, your aunt seems to be prejudiced against us."

Wang Ying did not expect Su Xiao to suddenly attack her. Her face was so red that it could drip water. She was so shy that she stuttered and could not speak for a while.

Hu Leeann was very angry. His handsome face was a little distorted.

Wang He's face also sank. Clearly, she did not expect that Wang Ying actually had a boyfriend outside.

"I don't know where Mr. Su is." Hu Leeann took a deep breath and suppressed the jealousy in his heart that was about to go crazy.

"It's not a good job. It's just to be a sales agent in Shirley Company!"

Su Xiao said indifferently. He looked at him coldly and thought in his heart, If you want to play tricks on me, I will play you to death.

"So it's just a sales company. I'm not talented. I just opened a company!" When Hu Leeann heard this, he had a smug look on his face. He did not put Su Xiao in his eyes at all. A small sales company, why should he fight with him?

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