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C9 Play You to Death

Hu Leeann said he had opened a company. Su Xiao didn't expect this either. Su Xiao originally thought that Hu Leeann was just an ordinary rich second generation, but now, it seemed like it wasn't that simple.

However, this didn't matter. Su Xiao was good at communicating with others, and his thinking speed was always faster than others.

"I didn't expect you to be a boss. Nice to meet you." Su Xiao had a smile on his face, and his expression was calm.

Wang He stood at the side without saying anything. However, Su Xiao could tell that she was leaning towards Hu Leeann.

"Let me tell you something. I will give you one million. How about you return Wang Ying to me? I will also give you a private villa in the city center and a good sports car."

Hu Leeann could be considered half a businessman. He did not hesitate to get straight to the point. The price he gave was enough to make any ordinary person's heart move.

Su Xiao also admitted that this condition was very tempting.

However, Su Xiao was not very interested in these things. With the Full time library, as long as he continuously completed missions, he could improve himself in various aspects.

He would have beauties and money.

"System mission. Use practical actions to make the other party believe it. Reward: 50 Knowledge points." Su Xiao was considering how to respond when he did not expect that the library would suddenly release a mission. This mission was completely in line with the current situation.

Since that was the case, Su Xiao had a goal. For the sake of those fifty Knowledge points, he would work hard.

"Mr. Hu, I admit that your family is very rich. I also admire that you have your own company. But no matter what, Wang Ying and I have already decided to be together. Isn't it a bit immoral for you to suddenly stick Yi Dao in the middle?" Su Xiao said.

At the same time, he held Wang Ying's hand and gently placed it on the table. The two of them had ten fingers together. They looked like a couple in love and were planning to make a promise for the rest of their lives.

It had to be said that Wang Ying's hand was white and very soft.

Seeing this scene, Hu Leeann's face suddenly darkened. He did not have such a plan in his heart. He did not expect Su Xiao to be unmoved. This was also out of his expectation.

However, this did not matter. Hu Leeann, who had a strong background, could still offer more conditions. Just as he was about to speak, he was suddenly stopped by Wang He, who was sitting beside him.

"You said that the two of you are truly together, so I would like to ask you something. How is your family?"

In love, one must have a good living environment, so there was nothing wrong with this question. However, in Su Xiao's opinion, it was better to be careful.

When he came, Su Xiao heard Wang Ying mention that Wang He was also from a wealthy family.

A few years ago, Wang He had a conflict of interest with the patriarch of Wang family. That was why she had been disfavored by her family a long time ago, so she came out to live her own life. Now, she was doing very well.

The gathering this time was actually her aunt's birthday party. To be able to make such a grand scene in such a luxurious hotel, she had to spend a lot of money.

"I was born in an ordinary family, so my family doesn't have much money. My parents are ordinary employees, so their family conditions are average."

Su Xiao told the truth. Actually, his family was very against him doing sales. However, when he grew up, he had his own ideas. That was why his family allowed him to come out and explore.

After learning that Su Xiao's background was ordinary, the smile on Wang He's face seemed to be withdrawn. Then she continued to ask, "How's your job? Is your income stable or not?"

"It's just an ordinary Salesman. He has a basic salary. The rest depends on performance."

Su Xiao said he was very ordinary. He did not reveal his full strength.

Wang He asked a lot of questions, and Su Xiao answered all of them in detail. However, after all the questions were asked, the smile on Wang He's face disappeared completely.

Hu Leeann, who was sitting at the side, seemed to have gotten carried away by his success. He deliberately took out his gold chain from his collar.

"You can't even raise yourself. How can you give Wang Ying a good life?" Hu Leeann instantly felt that he was very superior.

"Be careful when you speak. I don't know you. Don't talk about us so closely." While immersed in the feeling of Su Xiao holding her hand, Wang Ying suddenly raised her head and glared at Hu Leeann.

Hu Leeann immediately became listless and sat there obediently. However, the way he looked at Su Xiao became even more self-righteous.

It was because it was a public place and the person sitting opposite to him was Wang Ying's aunt. Otherwise, someone like Hu Leeann would have slapped Hu Leeann into the wall long ago.

"Excuse me, may I ask Boss Hu, where did you work before?" Su Xiao asked.

When this was mentioned, Hu Leeann could not stop smiling. He said proudly, "I have been studying abroad. I went to a famous economics school. Ordinary schools in the country cannot compare with me.

Before I went abroad, I had seen Wang Ying. These days when I was overseas, I missed her very much. "Well, I just returned to the country and finished my job, so I came to look for her."

"Then isn't the Mr. Hu a returnee?" Su Xiao said.

"That's right. Is this something you can compare with?" Hu Leeann raised his chin proudly.

"Seeing how handsome you are, you must have attracted a lot of attention overseas, right?" Su Xiao continued. When he heard someone say that he was handsome, Hu Leeann immediately became complacent and brushed his hair. "Of course. I am a flower in the academy."

He had seen shameless people before. But this was the first time Su Xiao had seen such a shameless person. " Did a lot of girls get addicted to your handsomeness and get seduced into bed by you?"

"Of course!" When Hu Leeann said those words, the surrounding air seemed to have stopped. Su Xiao sat there with a smile on his face. Wang Ying, who was beside him, also had a slight smile on her face.

Hu Leeann, who was half a beat slower, finally realized that he had fallen for Su Xiao's trick. He slammed the table. He said fiercely to Su Xiao, "How dare you trick me? Do you know what the consequences of offending me are?"

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