Super Medical Genius/C1 Car crash in the dark
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Super Medical Genius/C1 Car crash in the dark
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C1 Car crash in the dark

The night was as dark as ink, and the sky was dotted with stars.

Zi Ye, the wind blew!

The branches of the willow trees were swaying in the wind. The wind carried a slight tension in it, and it became fiercer and fiercer.

Ancient books had them: Zi Ye, the weakest Yang Qi, and the richest Yin Qi!

The night was dark and the wind was strong. Something must happen.

A young man of about twenty-three or twenty-four years old, wearing ordinary clothes, holding a half-a-pound bottle of Red Star Second Pot in his hand, was walking on the road while swaying his feet.

"Stupid woman, water attribute Yanghua, to split legs at my most difficult time, you sure are something ?"

Suddenly, a car rushed over.


The young man somersaulted twice in the air and fell to the ground. Blood spurted from his mouth onto the ground, creating a beautiful red flower!

Before he could even say the word 'ruthless', he had already fainted.

And then the car was gone, and who would notice it in the dark?

A mass of 'black air' from an old locust tree beside him drilled into the young man's body!

"It's really too hard to find! I've been a ghost for more than 500 years, and I've been waiting for my childhood to come to an end. "

When that ball of black gas entered the young man's body, it let out a long sigh.

"Father... It looks like someone got hit by a car. "

An eighteen or nineteen year old young girl standing at the entrance of the Ciji Hall just happened to see the car crash.

"Don't cause trouble!"

A man in his fifties rolled his eyes.

"Daddy, aren't you a Chinese doctor? Hurry up and save him, and maybe you can even save his life! "

The girl put down the basin and rushed over.

The girl noticed that the young man was bleeding from the corner of his mouth and his face was pale.

Cautiously, she reached for his neck and saw that his arteries were still responding. "Not dead!"

Gritting her teeth, she used all her strength to help the young man up. "Father, you can't be thinking of not saving me when you're about to die, right?"

The man shook his head and sighed, "You, you have been so kind since you were young, aren't you afraid of being cheated by this kid?"

"If I were to see him die in front of our 'Ciji Hall', my conscience will not be good!"

A trace of stubbornness surfaced on the girl's rosy cheeks.

The two of them carried the injured youth to a bed in the center of the 'Ciji Hall'.

After about an hour, the black qi completely took over this body called Zhong Wentao.

This lump of black gas was actually a vengeful spirit that had existed for more than five hundred years.

Five hundred years ago, the most outstanding disciple of the Tai Yi Sect was called Zhong Ming.

While he was cultivating in seclusion, his enemies barged in and killed him at the most important moment of his breakthrough.

Fortunately, at the moment of his death, he had forced the three souls out, which allowed him to just barely keep a sliver of a wandering soul.

These hundreds of years, in order to find a person who was born in the prime of his youth, he had spent a lot of effort. Today, his luck was good, and he had finally found a suitable host.

The host's name was Zhong Wentao, who could be considered to be someone with a bitter fate.

Being an orphan since childhood, he was fired from work last month and had been unemployed for a month. He was already to the point that he had no money to eat and no place to sleep, wanting to find her girlfriend Ma Yuanyuan for help. Unexpectedly, he opened the door and saw her naked, rolling in bed with another man.

Sad and indignant, he took out the rest of his money and bought two bottles of red star pot head, and crazily drank it all down. Who knew that he would be so drunk that he would be hit by the speeding car in the dark.

Smelling the faint medicinal fragrance, rubbing his aching head, Zhong Ming slowly woke up.

The pretty girl, who had been guarding on the side, revealed a happy expression and happily shouted to the man beside her: "He's awake, he's awake!"

The fat man in the white coat frowned and said unhappily: "Mind your own business. If this man dies, it will be troublesome. If he doesn't, what will you do?"

However, he still walked over, checked Zhong Ming's injuries, and licked his lips: Hmm, this brat is really lucky, even though he was knocked away, only his brain and body were slightly injured.

"You're wrong!"

Zhong Ming suddenly walked down from his bed and swept the pharmacy. He picked up a box of 'silver needles' on a table not far away and took out five six centimeter long silver needles from within, and easily and easily injected it into the 'human acupoints' on the 'temples', the 'Bai Hui Acupoint', the 'Divine Palace' and the 'Er Men Acupoint' on the forehead.

Half of the silver needles entered his brain.

The girl at the side had a face of horror as she covered her mouth and exclaimed, "Ah!? How can you insert a silver needle into your head! How painful that must be! "

The man's expression changed drastically as he shouted loudly.

"If you want to end your own life, don't die in my clinic. If you want to die, scram outside on the road. There are plenty of cars that can crash into you there!"

"Don't get excited... I'm in acupuncture. "

As Zhong Ming said this, he used his hands to grip the silver needles and sent a faint stream of Innate Qi into his acupuncture points.

Not long later, red spots appeared on the five acupoints.

"Ah?" Dad, look. Why would there be a red dot? "

the girl exclaimed.

Zhong Ming's actions caused the man to be a little shocked. How could this brat pierce through the acupoints with such precision?

However, in order to be careful, he had to stop this young brat's crazy actions, and shouted loudly: "Stinky brat, acupuncture is not randomly done. If one wasn't done well, it was possible for one to die! If you continue to act recklessly, I will kick you out! "

"Hmph, to think that you are a Chinese doctor, not even knowing the exquisite 'Five Elements Needle'."

Zhong Ming said softly, looking down on the middle-aged man beside him.

When he thought about his previous life, he could be called a saint in medicine due to his outstanding medical skills.

But... Sighing softly, Zhong Ming gently pulled out the five silver needles from his forehead.

When the last silver needle left his body, black bruises ran from his nostrils and the corners of his mouth.

Zhong Ming took some toilet paper and wiped off the blood clot. He nodded: "Yes, the blood clot should have all been discharged."

"Is this the blood clot in your brain that you forced out with a silver needle?"

The man said in shock.

"Un, that's right!"

Zhong Ming smiled, he scanned the room and found the man's business license. Inside the room was the arrangement of the Chinese medicine room: "You are a Chinese doctor, called Zhou Cangzhu?"

"Yes, little brat. Let me tell you, if not for my daughter Zhou Zihan saving you, you would have died long ago!"

Zhou Cangzhu sat down on a chair, stuck both hands in front of his chest, and glared at Zhong Ming: "I saved your life, think about how you should repay me. Don't talk so much, pay the medical fee. "

"Daddy, how can you be so realistic! It was a doctor's duty to save people. "

Zhou Cangzhu's words made Zhou Zihan feel somewhat embarrassed, and he hurriedly said.

"Saving people is a natural duty? What the heck! The doctor also wanted to eat. Otherwise, why would I open this' Ciji Hall '? Now the economy is going down and prices are soaring. Furthermore, the number of people looking at TCM is becoming fewer and fewer. My business is becoming more and more difficult. "I had to work hard to raise a university student like you, and get up early in the morning because of greed for the dark ?"

Zhou Cangzhu was like a woman in the market, blabbering on and on about her hardships.

"Daddy, stop it. Sing that eight-hundred-year-old tune of yours again."

Zhou Zihan pouted his pink lips and said unhappily.

Listening to her father recite this every day was extremely annoying.

Zhou Cangzhu yawned, then looked at the clock on the wall: "It's almost time, we are about to close the door, and you have to pay the medical fee, and then leave."

Zhou Cangzhu did not want to waste his time for one night, he needed to collect some money.

Zhong Ming sat on the side of the bed calmly and took out five yuan from his pocket. "This is all my possessions, if you want it, then take it."

"Ah, just five dollars?"

Old Zhou excitedly opened his eyes wide, and tore off the crumpled five yuan from Zhong Ming's hands, "My daughter saved your life, yet you only gave her five yuan? Is that all your life is worth? "

"Dad, don't do this. In fact, all we did was help him in from the road. We don't want money. "

Zhou Zihan rolled his eyes at his father, and returned the money back to Zhong Ming.

Zhou Cangzhu did not see it that way, and his face flushed red: "Hey, who said that's all. I just gave him first aid, carefully checked his wounds, and cleaned them. If it wasn't for me, he would have died a long time ago! "

"I seem to have done it myself. As for your first aid and careful inspection, isn't that just a casual look?"

Zhou Zihan seemed to have deliberately wanted to tear down his father's table.

"Damned girl, what are you talking about? Are you trying to defeat my clinic? "

Zhou Cangzhu gasped in anger.

Zhou Zihan didn't care about his father, and said to Zhong Ming: "Go, my father is like this, don't bother with him."

However, Zhong Ming didn't leave. He shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently: "Sorry, I don't have a place to live."

"What!?" You... Do you still want to stay here? "

Zhou Cangzhu felt a pain in his chest, the person in front of him was too shameless.

Not only did he not give them the money, he even refused to leave!

"I've been unemployed for more than a month, I only have 5 yuan on me. I originally wanted to find my girlfriend for help, but who knew that she was rolling around in bed with a man tonight. She was almost run over to death by a car just now.

Zhong Ming's tone was calm, as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him, and it seemed like he did not want to leave at all.

"Oh, my God! "You stinking girl, did you hear that? I warned you a long time ago to not be such a good person. Now look, he's burying himself in us!"

Zhou Cangzhu excitedly took out a broom from the corner of the wall, wanting to sweep Zhong Ming out.

Zhou Zihan snatched the broom over: "Father, what are you doing? It's already so late, so it's okay to let him rest for the night. "

Zhong Ming frowned slightly, and said in his heart: "My Tai Yi Sect's medical skills are excellent. With just a few pointers, I can let the two of them flourish for their entire lives. How infuriating! However, this girl's kind heart saved me, so we can be considered to have some fate. In the future, I will definitely give her some benefits! "

Zhou Zihan blushed and shouted, "Father, if you keep acting recklessly, I will get angry! The other party has nowhere to go. He has just been severely injured and his body is weak. Yet, you chased him away and even taught him that he is a physician. Have you forgotten that? We still have a spare room here. If you let him stay here for the night, what can you do? "

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