Super Naruto System's Rapid Upgrading/C1 Rotten Under the Flames
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Super Naruto System's Rapid Upgrading/C1 Rotten Under the Flames
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C1 Rotten Under the Flames

Woodleaf had been living for twelve years. That was an era recorded in a scroll.


Outside the nursery, a middle-aged man with a face full of stubble was smoking a cigarette. He looked a little tired. "The couple from Yu Sheng's family has already lost their lives."

Hearing this, the young man called Tsuruda couldn't help but tremble slightly. He seemed to be in disbelief and asked with a trembling voice, "They're all dead?"

After getting the middle-aged man's affirmation, Tsuruda's eyes were filled with tears. He said sorrowfully: "I didn't expect that such a good couple like Yu Wen would also die …"

The middle-aged man let out a long puff of smoke, patted Tsuruda's shoulder and comforted him: "Tsuruda, when the war is over, the higher-ups will not forget your actions …"

Hearing that, Tsuruda's face turned red as if he was humiliated: "Where did you say that? They trust me when they entrust their children to me. "Even if they die, I must bring up my children. It is my responsibility!"

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, the two of them slowly walked out.

The two people slowly walked out of the door. They would never have thought that on the crib in the nursery, there was a pair of eyes staring at the name card on his crib: Yu Sheng …

"I actually transmigrated to the Hokage World?"

Lee Jiexuan squinted and looked at the Fire Shadow Calendar: "Twelve years old?"

As a fan of the flames, he was very clear about the vast majority of the events that occurred in the Hokage World.

Three great Ninja Realm battles!

Nine tails attacking Mu Ye!

The Uchiha family had been annihilated!

Bai Jue's scheme!

Unfortunately, most of these events happened decades later. The twelfth year of the Wooden Leaf was a cruel and bloody era. There were only a few records about it. This was because it was just a simple war, nothing more than a slaughter …

"Without power, I'm afraid I'll soon die."

Lee Jiexuan closed his eyes and a line of strange characters slowly appeared in front of him.

"Please receive your novice gift!"

Lee Jiexuan looked at the message that kept flashing in front of his eyes. At the same time, there was an ordinary-looking wooden treasure chest that was emitting a faint fluorescent light.

Character: Lee Jiexuan.

Item: None.

Chakra: None.

Nin Jutsu: None.


Lee Jiexuan sighed with emotion. The moment he teleported here, he found the system.

"Ninja Training System!"

However, Lee Jiexuan did not recklessly open the Treasure Chest gifted by the System. If this box opened up a big one, with his current baby's body, he would undoubtedly be creating trouble for himself.

Inside the tall mirror, on top of the warm bed, a cute baby was squinting its eyes as it stared intently at the mirror.

"I didn't expect that I would become an infant …"

Lee Jiexuan pinched his chin, but didn't get too angry. After all, if one were to seriously calculate it, it could be said that he had regressed back to his prime.

"However, now is not the time to consider this matter." Lee Jiexuan looked at the name 'Yu Sheng Jiexuan' on his bed and frowned. "If I'm not mistaken, his parents have died in the war …"

This nursery should be the shop owner that was specially given to the Wood Leaf Ninja to keep infants, and Tsuruda, who was just now, should be the owner of this babysitting shop.

At that moment, the nursery door suddenly opened. The boss of the nursery, Tsuruda, is back!

Lee Jiexuan immediately lay back down, but between his eyelashes, he saw the ugly expression on Tsuruda's face.

His skinny face was filled with a vulture's sneer!

"Ke ke, you little fellow. If I had known that your parents were so short-lived, I would not have let you waste so many days of food …"

As he said that, Tsuruda walked towards Lee Jiexuan's bed, reached out his hand and grabbed Lee Jiexuan.

Tsuruda's spiders like cold hands grabbed Lee Jiexuan's neck and walked towards the rear door of the nursery as if he was holding a bag of trash.

"Heh, good boy. You sure sleep soundly!"

Tsuruda grinned sinisterly as he opened the trash can behind the door and directly threw Lee Jiexuan inside …

One minute later, until he was sure that Tsuruda had left.

Lee Jiexuan slowly stood up from the trash can helplessly. He couldn't help but sigh as he looked at the solid iron cover of the trash can …

"As expected, this is the true Ninja …"

Lee Jiexuan sighed deeply. "The will of fire may be burning brightly, but under the raging flames, it's just rotten branches and rotten roots …"

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