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C12 Second Pole Battle

"In that case, I'll make five hundred squats while I boil the herbs!"

With that, Might Wei put Lee Jiexuan on the ground without any hesitation, not caring about Lee Jiexuan's recently collapsed body at all.

The moment Lee Jiexuan's feet touched the ground, he felt a powerless and hollow feeling assaulted him. He staggered and almost fell to the ground …


Lee Jiexuan roared and steadied himself, as if all his strength was used on standing. Every ounce of weight on his body was a huge torment for the current Lee Jiexuan. Even so, Might Wei didn't have any intention of showing any mercy to Lee Jiexuan. He just threw the herbs into the claypot and boiled it pot after pot of sticky soup.

"How can he admit defeat!?"

Lee Jiexuan clenched his teeth, his knees slightly bent, and his whole body slowly sank like a rusty robot: "One!"

Even though he had only made one body, it was already extremely tiring. Streams of power drilled out from Lee Jiexuan's limbs and bones like weeds in the crevices of a stone.


Lee Jiexuan let out a long breath and squatted down again: "Two!"

This time, Lee Jiexuan did not rely on his new strength to break out. Instead, he conserved his energy and advanced steadily, one by one.

"Huhuhu ~ ~ 12!"

Lee Jiexuan breathed heavily, and the long stream of air turned into a white mist that filled the air. The new power after the first pole had vanished, but the new pole had not yet appeared. Lee Jiexuan stood blankly on the spot. His eyes gradually became empty and his body was about to collapse.

After continuous extreme training, Lee Jiexuan's spirit couldn't help but loosen a little.

However, at that moment, a thunderous voice sounded beside Lee Jiexuan's ear.

"Endure, perseverance, that is the only way to surpass a genius!"

Might Wei bellowed: "Don't lose to willpower! Your body hasn't reached its limit!"

"That's right …"

Lee Jiexuan woke up from his trance. His small face was red, and his small legs were trembling. Then, they slowly bent down.


When Lee Jiexuan stood up again, a different look suddenly appeared in his eyes.

"Extreme!" It appeared again! "

This time, he had finally held on to the second extreme!


Lee Jiexuan roared as he crossed the second extreme. A new power appeared once again. Lee Jiexuan seemed to have been reborn, he could clearly feel that he had a new breakthrough!

Character: Lee Jiexuan.

Xian: 6. indicating the amount of knowledge and the level of IQ)

Essence: 0 Represents the "energy" that is the foundation of Chakra)

Seal: 0. proficiency and proficiency in print and handprint)

Body: 0.5. Indicating an ability to be proficient in Body Technique and proficient in its use)

Endure: 0. Indicating an ability to be proficient in Nin Jutsu and proficient in its use)

Fantasy: 0. expressing proficiency in illusion and proficiency in its use)

Speed: 0.5. expressed speed and sensitivity to movement and response)

Force: 1. starting with the strength of the wrist and the strength of the foot, indicating the physical strength of the whole body)

"The numbers are calculated by the system using a healthy adult as its unit!"

For the first time, the calm and tranquil voice of the system made Lee Jiexuan feel reassured …

"The power of 1, means I already have the power of an adult?"

Lee Jiexuan laughed as he fell to the ground, not even a bit of strength left in his body. However, before he fell to the ground, Might Wei reached out and picked him up. He quickly took off all his clothes and threw him into a huge terrine.

While he was still half asleep, Lee Jiexuan felt countless heatwaves from the herbal aroma surge in, tightly surrounding him …

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