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C13 Proprietorship

"Ugh …"

Lee Jiexuan felt so comfortable … He then slowly opened his eyes.

The sky had already brightened up. He had actually slept like this for the entire night!

Furthermore …

Lee Jiexuan found that he was lying in a clay pot, and most importantly, there was still fire under the pot. Turning around, he saw a larger terrine beside him. Might Wei was also lying inside it.

"You're awake?"

Noticing that Lee Jiexuan had woken up, Might Wei smiled and nodded at him. "There's still half an hour left for this effect. Don't waste it."

Saying that, Might Wei closed his eyes again, sat straight up in the pot and dozed off.

Judging from his familiarity, it was definitely not the first time he had done this. However, in the past, when Lee Jiexuan was sleeping, Might Wei was still exercising. When Lee Jiexuan woke up, Might Wei had already gone out.

Only after he calmed down did Lee Jiexuan feel that the warm medicinal bath had traces of heat drilling into the depths of his body. These warm forces gently caressed his tired muscles and bones. After just one night of soaking in the water, his body which had been exhausted several times last night actually no longer showed any signs of pain or fatigue.

What was even more terrifying was that his attributes had undergone a new change.

Character: Lee Jiexuan

Xian: 6. Essence: 0 Seal: 0 Body: 0.5. Endure: 0 Fantasy: 0. Speed: 0.5. Strength: 1.5.

Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but clench his fist. The surging force exploded on Lee Jiexuan's palm. The tiny infant's palm actually produced the sound of a tiger! Such power?

In just one medicinal bath, his strength had increased by half a person!


Just as Lee Jiexuan was imagining things, Might Wei raised his eyelids again. "It's only the first medicinal bath that has such an improvement. Don't ever think of taking a shortcut!"

Hearing this, Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but laugh awkwardly. He calmed his mind and slowly closed his eyes, quietly enjoying the last half hour.

"Do you want to receive the reward of the mission?"


Lee Jiexuan shook his head, this was not the time to collect the Chakra. After all, he was an orphan of war. To be able to learn Chakra without being taught, wasn't that a bit too suspicious!

Because of Tsunade, Mu Ye had started to notice him. From now on, he must be careful when doing things. Otherwise, the heart of the clan would turn around and the mind reading technique would definitely make him regret coming here.

"Whew ~ ~"

Lee Jiexuan let out a long breath and summoned his time and space Kunai to play with it. Only by being extremely close to his weapon could he use 100% of his power.

"Now it seems that I already possess a certain level of strength. At least I won't be killed so easily by ordinary people."

Lee Jiexuan slightly turned the hollow round handle of the space-time Kunai. His eyes gradually became cold: "Maybe I should find a chance and pay a visit to Tsuruda. Thank him for raising me!"

Beginner's Mission (Staged): Kill Tsuruda.

Content of the mission: A gentleman's revenge, the sooner the better!

Reward: Kunai Throw (Intermediate)

Quest Time Limit: One week.

However, Lee Jiexuan suddenly looked at the calendar at the side: On September 8th, with only two days left until the start of school in Ninja …

"Hmph, Tsuruda, keep your dog head for a few more days." Lee Jiexuan stood up abruptly from the pot. A one-year-old baby clenched his fist arrogantly. "Wait until I'm in school, then I'll take your dog life!"


Why does it feel so cold?

Lee Jiexuan lowered his head and found that he was not wearing anything. Met Dai was the one who stripped him naked and threw him in.

However …

In this life, his capital as a man was just as great!

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