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C17 War Day Lean Foot

When Lee Jiexuan's fantasies finished, Hyuga Hiashi had already set up a stance on the open space in front of Ninja Academy.

Hyuga Hiashi was already four years old. He was also taller than Lee Jiexuan by more than half. Lee Jiexuan's momentum seemed to have lost by more than half.

"Where's your starting move?"

Seeing Lee Jiexuan just lazily standing there, Hyuga Hiashi couldn't help but frown. Even though it was a private match, he didn't want to take the rap for sneak attacks.

"To deal with you, there is no need to be so serious!"

Lee Jiexuan scratched his ears nonchalantly, as if he didn't care about Hyuga Hiashi at all.

"What an arrogant brat." He actually dared to be so relaxed in front of Hiashi, who is from the Sun Dynasty, is there anything wrong with this guy's brain? "

"Damn it, Lee Jiexuan doesn't take my advice seriously at all." Tsunade clenched her fists. She couldn't wait to go up and give Lee Jiexuan a good beating.

The private duels between Lee Jiexuan and Hyuga Hiashi had attracted many people over.

The veins on Hyuga Hiashi's forehead stood out. Ever since he was young, he had never been this angry. Without a doubt, Lee Jiexuan had completely infuriated him.

"That's what you said!"

Hyuga Hiashi could not hold it in any longer. He stomped his feet and charged towards Lee Jiexuan.

"Such a fast speed!"

Even Lee Jiexuan had to admit that the heirs of these big families were indeed powerful. Just their speed alone was already beyond that of an ordinary child. However, in the end, he was still lacking a little bit …

Hyuga Hiashi stepped in front of Lee Jiexuan and roared with rage as he raised his palms:

"Sixty-four palms of the Eight Trigrams — One palm!"

Hyuga Hiashi's right palm suddenly ignited with the blue Chakra's flame. Hyuga Hiashi had truly mastered the Chakra and had gained the ability to fight in actual combat. Lee Jiexuan nodded his head secretly. The sixty-four palm strikes of the Eight Trigrams Asgard were indeed like an anime, converging the Chakra in his palm and quickly attacking it, sealing the enemy's Chakra Acupoints.

Unfortunately, Hyuga Hiashi was not a normal person after all. The difference in strength was not small!

Lee Jiexuan observed calmly and had already figured out Hyuga Hiashi's strength. However, from an outsider's point of view, Lee Jiexuan was just scared silly …

However, when Lee Jiexuan could already feel Hyuga Hiashi's palm strike …

Suddenly, Lee Jiexuan moved!

Lee Jiexuan didn't make any big movements, he just moved slightly to the side to dodge Hyuga Hiashi's first palm.


Hyuga Hiashi was also surprised to see Lee Jiexuan dodge his first palm, but he did not panic. This was because the most obvious feature of the sixty-four strikes of the Eight Trigrams Palm was a continuous barrage of attacks, causing the opponent to be exhausted!

"The second palm!"

Hyuga Hiashi's left hand was also burning with the blue colored Chakra.

Just as Lee Jiexuan turned his body to the side, this palm seemed to be unavoidable. As long as this palm landed, the continuous series of palm strikes would defeat Lee Jiexuan completely. However, right at that moment, Hyuga Hiashi's left hand suddenly stopped in mid-air. Hyuga Hiashi actually forcefully ended his profound meaning.

"What's going on?" "Boss Hiashi, don't show any mercy!" Let's fight, Boss Hiashi. "

Hyuga Hiashi's men shouted nervously. They had no idea what happened to their boss...

However, at this moment, the snake-eyed boy with long black hair sneered in the shadow of the giant locust tree, "So that's how it is. This is not a battle of the same level at all!"

With that, Snake Eyes turned and left. From his point of view, the battle had already ended …

Tsunade couldn't help but open her eyes wide and mutter to herself, "So, Mr Jiexuan is this strong?"

"Whew ~"

Hyuga Hiashi widened his eyes in fright. He was like a statue, he didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

A sharp Kunai was suspended steadily between his left eyelashes. The sharp blade had even cut off a few long eyelashes. If he moved a little, this Kunai would stab his eyes.

The battle had ended!

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