Super Naruto System's Rapid Upgrading/C18 Xuan Jun Call Me Cute!
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Super Naruto System's Rapid Upgrading/C18 Xuan Jun Call Me Cute!
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C18 Xuan Jun Call Me Cute!

"I heard that the White-eyed man is the most arrogant Blood passes the bounds in all of Hyūga Family?"

As he said that, Lee Jiexuan slowly whispered into Hyuga Hiashi's ear, "You have to protect such an important thing, you little brat …"

With that, Lee Jiexuan put away the Space-Time Kunai with a smile and turned to leave. Hyuga Hiashi was stunned on the spot. His face was flushed, but he couldn't say a word.

He had lost. He had lost thoroughly!

Hyuga Hiashi actually lost?

Most of the people present found it hard to accept this fact. However, to Lee Jiexuan, obtaining victory in this battle was nothing surprising …

Ignoring Hyuga Hiashi's underestimation of his opponent, Lee Jiexuan's physique after several days of extreme training was much stronger than Hyuga Hiashi's.

In the end, he was just an ordinary Ninja of the Hokage World.

But no matter what happened, this could be considered his first battle since arriving at the Hokage World.

Lee Jiexuan smiled and shook his head. At least the result wasn't too bad …

"Open the basic treasure chest."

A faint fluorescent light flashed, and a light green medicine suddenly appeared in Lee Jiexuan's hand.

"Energy Potion."

Energy Potion: Just one bottle, to let your body pulse and come back.

Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but twitch his mouth. This was the first time he gave out this kind of item. Looking at this unreliable introduction, he didn't know whether it was useful or not.

At this moment, Tsunade suddenly stopped Lee Jiexuan.

"Let's have a match!"


Lee Jiexuan stared blankly with his eyes wide open: "Why?" Did I do anything wrong?

Could this Hyuga Hiashi be Tsunade's fiancé? That's not right, isn't Tsunade's boyfriend that short-lived bastard who called her dead?

Tsunade stood in front of Lee Jiexuan and raised her fists as she said seriously, "You clearly possess great strength, why did you use such a method to defeat me? Innocent being looked down on by others."

It was obvious that Tsunade was complaining about Lee Jiexuan's injustice. She thought that even if Lee Jiexuan did not gamble, he could still defeat her and openly enter the Ninja Academy. Therefore, she wanted to fight Lee Jiexuan to prove this point …

What a cute girl!

Lee Jiexuan smiled as he shook his head. He jumped up and patted Tsunade's head. "I, Lee Jiexuan, never fight with cute girls …"

With that, Lee Jiexuan turned around and left, leaving Tsunade standing there in a daze.

Lee Jiexuan was still rushing home. Who knew what kind of mission that demon Might Wei had given him today?

Lee Jiexuan walked away confidently while Tsunade's face turned red: "I'm not fighting with cute girls. Did Mr Jiexuan say I was cute?"

In Hokage World, a child's maturity was something Lee Jiexuan, an Earth person, couldn't even imagine …

Hiding in the shadows, Yamada couldn't help but laugh and shake his head, "This kid is really an expert at flirting …"

It was just that his actions of jumping up to slap his head was a bit too comical.

After all, Lee Jiexuan was half a year younger than Tsunade, and that bastard Tsuruda would never give him anything good to eat.

"However, I should be able to grow taller very soon, right?"

Lee Jiexuan carried his own terrine for a bath and did push-ups steadily. On the side, Might Wei was also carrying a clay pot, moving up and down crazily: "Hmm, I think you will grow taller very soon. "When I was your age, I couldn't train like this …"

Before that brat Metatron woke up, he had to do five hundred weight-bearing push-ups. This was the training task of the Metatron family.

"334 …" "472 …"

It was almost done!

Lee Jiexuan clenched his teeth and steadily moved forward. There was still an hour left until Met Dai's afternoon nap ended.

However, right at this moment …

"Wah ~ ~!"

Matt Dai, this damn kid, actually woke up early …

"Youth's on fire!"

Might Wei laughed out loud and jumped up from the ground, "Since you're not done yet, then we'll do five hundred squats before the hot water is boiled!"

Might Wei wasn't discouraged at all by his failure. He immediately started a new exercise …

"You are such a hot-blooded idiot!"

Lee Jiexuan smiled and shook his head. Soon after, he clenched his teeth and roared as well, "Five hundred squats, I'm coming too!"

"One, two …"

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