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C2 Escape Dumpster

However, at this moment, a line of words suddenly appeared in Lee Jiexuan's head:

Beginner quest (phase task): Escape from the trash can.

Task content: Because the black-hearted boss Tsuruda left the young you in the garbage can. It's a very cold night here, and if you don't want to freeze to death, you'd better get out of here within three hours!

Reward: Kunai Throw (Beginner)

Quest Time Limit: Three hours

Escape the trash can in three hours!

It sounded simple, but Lee Jiexuan took a closer look. This trash can was a huge object that was two meters long and one meter tall. "The walls were smooth and without any support. With his height of less than half a meter, he was like a prison.


Lee Jiexuan lowered his body and tried to find something useful in the trash can.

"He really gave me a difficult problem!" Lee Jiexuan searched around for a long time and only found a huge fish bone in the trash can.

No need to try...

This fish bone, in addition to his own height, was not even one meter tall.

"Seems like I won't be able to escape by relying on my own strength."

This was also the reason why Tsuruda left him here and left in peace.

Lee Jiexuan casually threw away the fish bone and sat down in thought. The proper way to conserve energy would allow him to persevere for a longer period of time.

"Since that's the case …"

Lee Jiexuan opened the system's wooden chest.

He could only hope that he could create an item that could help him escape this place. Unfortunately, things often went wrong...

The wooden chest slowly opened, revealing a faint glow.

Inferior Grade Treasured Artifact: (A space-time Kunai that is automatically recycled)

Character: Lee Jiexuan.

Item: Time and space Kunai s that are automatically recycled (Sharp compared to normal Kunai s, possessing the magical power of automatic recycling).

Chakra: None.

Nin Jutsu: None.

Lee Jiexuan held onto the Kunai that had a black glow on it and sighed helplessly: "Although it's a pretty good item, it doesn't help the current situation at all …"

Although the Kunai was sharp, Lee Jiexuan's strength was too weak. To use this Kunai to cut through this thick metal plate was still too difficult.

More importantly, as time passed … Lee Jiexuan's four limbs were cold to the point where he couldn't muster up any strength. Unknowingly, two hours had already passed …

"In other words, if I don't escape in the next hour, I will freeze to death!?"

As matters stood, Lee Jiexuan no longer cared if he would attract Tsuruda's attention. He used his fist to hit the iron plate.

"Help, help!"

In this sort of situation, he could only hope that someone could hear and save him.

"Bang, bang, bang …!"

In the quiet alley, the sound of trash colliding with each other sounded heavy. Lee Jiexuan raised his head, raised his arm and smashed the hard metal plate again and again. Half of the last hour had already passed, but Lee Jiexuan felt that he might not last as long as three hours.

Although he had tried his best to conserve his physical strength, calling for help was too much of a waste of effort.

"Someone come quickly …"

Lee Jiexuan felt the heat in his chest slowly dissipating. The life of a one-year-old baby was so fragile, just like a pitiful stray cat. Before long, he would be frozen into an ice cube and dragged away by garbage collection cleaners into the fire.

"Someone, save me …"

Lee Jiexuan raised his head with all his might and used the last bit of strength he had. He leaped and ruthlessly crashed into the metal plate …

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