Super Naruto System's Rapid Upgrading/C20 When She Was Short of Money She Would Always Think of Her
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Super Naruto System's Rapid Upgrading/C20 When She Was Short of Money She Would Always Think of Her
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C20 When She Was Short of Money She Would Always Think of Her

In the dark and quiet room …

"Could it be, that I'm really unsuitable to be a Ninja?"

Hyuga Hiashi knelt on the ground in a daze like a little kitten, helpless, weak and pitiful.

However, right at that moment, the door to the room suddenly opened.


"Hiashi, it's me. I heard what you said to father just now."

The person who came was Hyuga Hiashi's brother, Yi Xiang Zhen. He was a gentle brother, Hyuga Hiashi had never seen him angry before. However, this time, the expression on Yi Xiang's face was abnormally ugly and hideous.

"Big brother, am I really unsuitable to be a Ninja?"

When Hyuga Hiashi saw his brother, he couldn't help but cry and ask, "Father is sending me to the Fire Nation, I …"

Seeing that his brother was crying so miserably, Yi Xiang felt sad in his heart. He didn't answer Hiashi and only gritted his teeth in his heart, "Lee Jiexuan, you deserve to die!"

At the same time, in the bright training room …

His wife suddenly came out from the shadows with a cup of tea in her hand and said with a worried expression, "Bo Zhen, are you really going to send Hiashi to the Fire Nation? To be a commoner? "

He hugged his wife, pointed at the caged bird mark on his head and said: "Since Hiashi is not suitable to be Ninja, maybe sending him to the Fire Nation is the right choice. At the very least, he can live a free and easy life …"

That was the freedom that a Japanese family yearned for!

After all, Xiang Bo Zhen still favored his youngest son …

The fates of the caged birds were like naught but a giant dragon soaring above the nine heavens, but it was bound for its entire life by a cage!

Large families also had the same grief as large families!

Lee Jiexuan, who had produced the whirlpool of events, knew nothing about it. He was sleeping soundly in a clay pot on the boiler.

Early in the morning, when the first ray of light pierced through the darkness.

The precise biological clock woke up both Lee Jiexuan and Might Wei...

"Hmm, it's another lively day!"

Lee Jiexuan climbed out of the jar and laughed loudly as he looked at the rising sun.

In just one day, his attributes had increased by quite a bit!

Character: Lee Jiexuan

Xian: 6. Essence: 0 Seal: 0 Body: 0.6. Endure: 0 Fantasy: 0. Speed: 0.6. Force: 3

His strength increased a little from two points, including the related speed and Body Technique. And all of this was thanks to that mystical Energy Potion. It was precisely because of this potion that Lee Jiexuan's training capacity had doubled …

It was easy to understand the principle of one plus one is greater than two.

"This is really good stuff!"

Lee Jiexuan jumped out of the jar and started to think. If he had over ten thousand Energy Potion and trained diligently in a cave, he might be able to reach Eight Inner Hidden Gates in a few years.

When the time came, he would punch Raikage, then step on Kazekage and infuriate him. Then he would drag out Uchiha Madara, who pretended to be dead, and beat him up.

"Hey, wake up, aren't you going to school today?"

Might Wei helped Lee Jiexuan pack up his backpack and helplessly shook his head. "Also, you've used up all your medicinal baths. Come with me tomorrow …"

The thought of being naked in a clay pot with Might Wei brought Lee Jiexuan back to reality. Forget about Energy Potion s, he almost couldn't afford to even use medicinal baths …

Lee Jiexuan took over the backpack and smiled bitterly: "You don't have to worry about the money from the medicinal bath, I will settle it …"

Hearing that, Might Wei didn't say anything more. He carried his basket and walked out with Lee Jiexuan. One big and one small figure ran in opposite directions, one picking herbs while the other entered the school to study.

However, the moment he walked out of the house, Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but grab his head.

Although it sounded good, Lee Jiexuan really didn't know where to get the money. You want to bet money with Tsunade? Furthermore, he couldn't bear to keep bullying Tsunade. Senju Tobirama wouldn't let him off, right …

Borrowing money from Tsunade?


Lee Jiexuan couldn't help but scratch his head. Why is there only Tsunade in my mind? Couldn't someone else have done it?

However, he seemed to only have one rich friend …

Whenever I lack money, I hate myself for not making more friends with the rich second generation!

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